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Published on August 15th, 2018 | by William Charles


Get An Additional 500 Miles (60,500 Total) On The American Airlines Barclaycard Offer

Update 10/15/18: End date is now 10/31/2018

Update 08/16/18: ComputerPlayerOne (Mom is a flight attendant) states this offer will be ending on August 31st, 2018. Barclays frequently extends these offers, but something to keep in mind.

Update: 08/03/18: Deal is now available again.

Update 11/26/17: The direct link now shows an expiry of January 31st, 2018.

Update: The 60,000 point offer is due to expire on November 30th. I suspect this deal will end at the same time. Thanks to drew_carnegie.

Update: Now working on the 60,000 mile offer. Thanks to reader Nathan WY & Churner Club.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • The standard bonus on the American Airlines Barclaycard is 60,000 points after your first purchase. If you use an application found in flight (basically just entering the six digit number in the above link) you get an additional 500 points.
  • One reader shared the six digit number given to them (non unique, think it’s tied to flight attendant and I assume that flight attendant gets some sort of bonus, so feel free to share other numbers in the comments if your flight attendant does a good job. If anybody works for American Airlines, share the bonus structure in the comments as well).
    • All codes removed, FA are getting in trouble for posting theirs.
  • According to this comment, the bonus structure is as follows:
    • $50 per approved application.
    • $20 bonus per application when you get 10 approved application in non-revolving two months period
    • Another $20 for 25 applications approved in the same period.




The Fine Print

  • 500 point bonus isn’t mentioned on the sign up page, but readers have confirmed it posting

Our Verdict

Obviously not the biggest improvement in offers, but every mile helps so might as well get an extra 500! As always read these things you should know about Barclaycard credit cards here. We will likely add this to our best credit card bonus page next update as well.

Hat tip to reader Charles

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Some troubling stuff from the T&C: “… (the offer) may not be available if you already have or have had an account with us.”

That’s worrying. I wonder if Barclays has denied anyone under these terms.

I have a really good friend who’s a flight attendant. Greatly appreciate anyone who uses his number…

[removed by request]

Thanks DoC!

Sure Matt, I’ll use this. Any tips or tricks when getting this card? Other than standard 40k AA miles?

The 10% rebate for redeeming miles is nice. Besides that, you can upgrade to the Silver card after having the account open for at least 3 months and you will not be charged the annual fee until your first year is up. Then when that happens, you should be able to downgrade the card, although some have been told closing is the only option so YMMV. Did you get approved?

Well I tried… denied. I guess 18 new accounts in last 12 months and 4 in the last week is too much? 🙂


What bonus does AA flight attendants receive for cc signups?

Applied and approved using your friend’s number [removed by request]. Thanks.

Thanks for letting me know! He will be so happy 🙂

Are there any reports of people who already have the Aviator Red getting a 2nd card?

Yes, there was a DP on /r/churning on one of the daily posts this week.

Doc can you please add 344744 to the list?

Just to be aware- I’ve had this card a week and the app/website have been down about 75% of the times I’ve tried to log in to the account. So one must have technological patience when dealing with Barclaycard right now.

Hmm, maybe it’s something with your computer? 🙁 I have been checking my account often since I’ve been doing the 15k spend, hasn’t been down once for me.

Anyone able to apply a code retroactively? Approved last week but card has not come yet.

Does anyone know if there is a waiting period between opening a new BarclayAA account and having just canceled the same account? I had the Aviator card for several years and just canceled last month. How long do I have to wait to open another and get the bonus?


I think with any card issuer, waiting 3 months should be safe, but it also depends upon your application habits/goals.

DoC recommends 6 months actually:

Barclaycard card’s are churnable, meaning you can get the sign up bonus on cards more than once. If you get approved, you’ll get the sign up bonus. The difficult thing is getting the card approved, you’ll need to have cancelled the previous card and usually a wait for at least six months is required. In addition it’s a good idea to be putting spend through any existing Barclaycard credit cards before applying for a new card.

That’s good advice, but I think it’s a little dated. I think in addition to those factors, Barclays looks at total apps over the past [12?] months. If you are a hard churner, it’s harder to get through Barclays process now than it was in prior years. I’ve been churning at an extremely high rate since late 2013. As recently as last year I could still get approved by Barclays. Now, they shoot me down every time.

Promotion code 623979 will also work to get the bonus!

Another code that works is 667608, thanks in advance!

Used 667608 twice, one pending and one approved!


Any idea whether there’s a 50,000 miles link that accept promo code?

We probably need info from someone who recently took AA flight?

New link is (shows 50k offer with ability to enter code)

Applied at the 40k bonus 🙁

However had a target offer of 10k for spending $750 in each of the months of May, June and July. Still quite miffed but softens the disappointment.

A friend of mine got a supervisor to match. He applied within the last couple of weeks before the new offer hit.

Yup the supervisor said able to match for new accounts opened in the last 30 days. Oh well. I might HUCA over the weekend.

William, the “direct link” is broken and says offer expired. The new link is

Thanks a bunch!

I used yours, and got approved.

The Frontier Airlines card (also from Barclays) has this “feature” as well.

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