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Getting the Amex Platinum Morgan Stanley Card

American Express offers various flavors of their premium Platinum charge card, one of which is cobranded with the Morgan Stanley investment bank. The card comes with a 60,000 Membership Rewards points signup bonus, and has all the regular Amex Platinum benefits like airline incidental credit, Uber credit, etc, as well as the hefty $550 annual fee.

[Link to American Express Morgan Stanley cards.] There’s also a separate Amex Morgan Stanley no-annual-fee cobranded card which comes with a 10,000 points signup bonus.

No one ever gave much though about these cards because you need a Morgan Stanley brokerage account to get it, and they apparently have always limited their customer base to those with large actively-managed investment accounts.

Windbagmiles recently discovered that Morgan Stanley has a new investing platform called Access Investing which is basically a passive investment platform which you can set your investment strategy and they create a fund to match your goals. The account requires a $5,000 minimum and comes with a .35% fee.

Going forward, it’s not so difficult to become a Morgan Stanley client which makes you automatically eligible for Morgan Stanley’s cobranded American Express cards. There is obviously the hassle of setting up the investment account, the .35% fee, and the $5,000 float which will put off a lot of people, but the option exists. Some may find it interesting to score the sweet 60,000 MR points signup bonus; keep in mind you might be losing a few dollars on the $5,000 investment when compared to other brokerage fees. (Reader Ben notes that Morgan Stanley does tax loss harvesting for you so they might be worth the fee.)

This adds Morgan Stanley to the list of other Platinum cards version you can hold, including the regular/original version, the Schwab version, and the Ameriprise version. The Mercedez Benz version has been discontinued, and the Goldman Sachs version requires an invite.

An additional advantage of the Morgan Stanley version over the others is that they allow one authorized user Platinum card at no additional fees. Other Amex Platinum cards charge for adding a Platinum authorized user card, though you can add a non-Platinum authorized user who can use the card without getting the benefits.

It’s worth noting that there have been on-and-off rumors of Amex enforcing a one-Platinum-bonus rule across all version, meaning you wouldn’t get the signup bonus if you’ve gotten any Platinum personal bonus before. As far as I know, you still do typically get the signup bonus for each version separately.

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With this particular flavor it’s also free to add one authorized user as well…fwiw

I just got the Schawb version while having both personal and biz Plat. After meeting spend requirement, points posted.

Is there any opening bonus for Amex Platinum Schawb ?

It’s the standard 60k bonus for the Schwab AmEx Platinum.

+1 for this datapoint. Exact same situation here, in May 2018 for me

Were you able to get the 100,000 point offer with the Schwab card. I want to open it but was curious what the current offer was

I don’t think that card ever had 100k bonus, only the vanilla did.

As far as the possible one platinum bonus per customer rule you mentioned above, do you think this will be implemented soon? I was hoping to open the Schwab Platinum in December in order to triple dip the airline incidentals, but I’m beginning to think it might not be wise to wait that long before applying…

I’m opening the Plat Scwab in Dec and the checking account as well.

Was in a similar situation a month ago and decided to move forward. Seems like Amex is incrementally introducing new changes so I didn’t want to risk it. Not to mention, the Schwab version is the most valuable play card because of the generous 1.25 transfer ratio.

I was denied a MB Plat bonus for having the Schwab this month

Did you call and that’s the reason they gave? When was the bonus suppose to post?

I’m holding a Vanilla and Schwab from last year.
Got Plat MB a day or two before it was discontinued, bonus successfully posted a month-ish back.
I applied for Plat MS (this article) 4-5 weeks ago, around the time time Plat MB bonus cleared. Have around $800 spend left for the bonus, saving it for organic flights spend. Hoping the bonus posts, but will share back if I have problems. (And try to remember to share DP either way… but I’m sure I’ll be bitter at bad news and would def share it).

I chatted in 5 times. Finally, 4 months after I was supposed to receive the bonus, that was the answer I was given.

I had the Schwab for several months at that point and i also got the MB Plat a couple days before it was discontinued

I don’t think anyone knows the answer to that. I think most people tend to prefer to wait until December outside of a lucky 100k vanilla Platinum offer, and for good reason. I also don’t think most people carry more than one version of the AmEx Platinum at a time. We’ll probably find out more in December when more people apply and either get denied or approved for bonuses.

It’s a rule they sometimes enforce, usually it’s when they are looking for a reason to deny the bonus for something else (e.g leaked 100k link).

Now that this is well publicized, I’d just remind people of Amex’s behavior during the leaked 100K link situation.

I did this. I never funded the Access account, got the plat morgan stanley, got bonus, and Access account was auto-closed for lack of funding after 90 days. Went smoothly, my morgan stanley platinum card is still open.

Oh Frito……

haha, showed them who is the pendejo

It isn’t so straightforward. I read the same post a couple of months back and decided to jump in. Got the card, finished the minimum spend and paid the gigantic $550AF. Got an error while paying with my card last week, logged in to see the 60k MR clawed back. I called Amex and they transferred me to a supervisor who wanted to ask questions about my relationship with MS. He noted everything down and said will get back in touch after they verify my relationship. So not all is good here. All spend was organic, paid rent and a few bills, so no Staples/Kroger shit there.

Did you fund your MS account?

Since this is the only DP of this kind, I would treat with caution. Could well be a troll trying to discourage people from doing this.

+1, agreed. Basically their only comment on the site as well.

i opened the access account on the 10th and applied for the ms plat on the 10th using my new account number. went pending and finally got approved today. chat confirmed i’m eligible for the bonus. i did not fund the access account yet. plan on trying frito’s method.

0.35% on $5000 is only $17.50 a year but it obviously isn’t ideal if you’re going to hold actual money in there.

well, the idea is that the customized fund would actually generate some level of return > 0.35%, hopefully 0.35%+ > S&P 500 gains.

Any decent mutual or index fund should easily be able to cover that spread.

No. Any decent mutual or index fund would track their market. If the market goes up, as it often does, during the period in question you would cover the fees. If it goes down, it wouldn’t.

The 35 bps is only worth it if you’re a clueless person who doesn’t know the first thing about fund allocation. That’s what you’re paying for.

True, sorry forgot to mention in our current market conditions when I wrote that.

AMEX Rewards Team
AMEX Rewards Team

Thank you! Love my job, so easy having you bloggers lol

Hello troll, bye troll.

I tried to apply for the standard platinum card a few weeks ago, and was told no sign up bonus by the checker, even though I’ve never gotten a “welcome bonus” before on that product. I have gotten a gold card bonus many many years ago, which I then upgraded (for no bonus at the time) to the platinum. Apparently that’s made me ineligible.

However, since the gold card changed names years ago, I can get the bonus for that one again…

Fun times.

It is a Known Fact that upgrades make you ineligible for new card bonuses.

Similar boat. Did you have your Gold card open while doing the Plat application?

I hold both the Ameriprise Plat (to get some immediate travel benefits and try it out) and the Schwab Plat (long term keeper since I can dispose of points for cash if needed/wanted).

I have noticed that in my AMEX account, the Ameriprise Plat lists as “Platinum Card®” which is presumably the same way it would appear for the vanilla Plat; the Schwab card lists as “Schwab Platinum Card”. Given the other data points I’ve encountered re: challenges in getting the sign-up bonus for the vanilla Plat after having the Ameriprise version, I wonder if what I’m seeing isn’t indicative of how AMEX views the different versions.

this is a strategy I’ve often considered. Get the Ameriprise as a trial, then go for the Charles Schwab for investment bonus, and finally the Morgan Stanley because of the barrier to entry and the fact that I may not keep it long term.

can you get the amex personal platinum morgan Stanley card & the schwab card both at the same time? If I get one will I be stopped from getting the other amex card?

Don’t see why not.

Edit- nevermind.

This was an interesting email notification to receive… for those of us that saw the original post, can you explain why you “neverminded” it? Was the information inaccurate? Or just second thoughts about posting that information?

Agreed. Just wondering why. I’ve never heard of this anywhere before…

The latter.

What was the original post?

JB from San Diego
JB from San Diego

Its been 19 days since my unfunded MS Access account was closed and my Amx MS Plat is still opened.

Here’s the story:
At the beginning of May, I was able to open my MS Access account per Windbag’s instructions. At the end of May, I applied for the Amx MS Plat and was approved. By the beginning of June I hit my $5K spending and received my 60KMR. I also used $100 of my airline credit. After 80 days, I received an email from MS that my MS Access account was going to be closed in 7 days if remained unfunded. In total, after 88 days, my MS Access was closed with a confirmation email from MS.

As of today, 19 days since my unfunded MS Access account was closed, my Amx MS Plat is still opened.

Before applying for the Amx MS Plat, I already had the Amx personal Plat and by the end of March, I had my Amx MBenz Plat (applied and approved as DoC notified of end of this card coming to an end). On July 30, I applied and approved for the Amx Bus Plat w/100KMRs (called as suggested by DoC).

As of right now and among my 21 cards that I hold, I have 4 Amx Plat cards.

JB and I hit this months ago. Lesson is let it the account marinate at Morgan for a few weeks before applying for the card. Will go much more smoothly.

I applied for amex plat morgan stanley the day after my Access account was approved. No delays in opening

No way Jose

why would I even lie about this?

American Express New Acc. Inbox Your American Express Application was Approved! – for Morgan Stanley Member! Welcome to Platinum Card® from American Express exclusively for Morgan Stanley Membership May 3
Morgan Stanley Inbox Your Account Has Been Opened – Morgan Stanley” border=”0″ class=”mCS_img_loaded” height=”64″ src=”” style=”border: currentColor; border-image: none; text-decoration: none; ” width=”192″ /> Wealth Management Morgan Stanley Access Investing Your Account Has Been Opened Congratulations! We’ May 2
Morgan Stanley Inbox Please verify your email address – your Morgan Stanley account, so we need to verify that this is the right place to contact you. Please confirm your email address May 2

He was just messing with you mane….

sorry 😛 its hard to detect sarcasm in text

Frito stop munching those chips!

Work at morgan stanley. Still in shock that whoever runs this site thought we were same company as JPMC.

That said, i dont have the MS AXP platinum card or CC, and not many do…neither employees nor clients. What high net worth person with solid fico, signs up for charge card anyway in 2018?

Id love to see the details of the Platinum, in all its flavors. How many new cardholders in past 2-3 years meet these 4 criteria: citizen, fico over 720, legitimate income 6 figures or more, over age 25? AXP wont share those stats, because the truth aint pretty. Theyve morphed Plat into something akin to prepaid debit card for those w/ crappy ficos or no credit history, who are willing to chuck $550 to feel special.

Actually, you might be a bit surprised by how high the number is.

Of course, they’d all be churners.

Nah. The self-described ballers are more than willing to pay 550 for a status symbol of 1982. Those whose peers would legitimately describe them as such, not so much. They most likely hold CSP, CSP, Citi Prestige/Premier etc.

What person who is UHNW hangs out in airport lounges? not many. It’s mostly posers. The legitimately rich guy will avoid airport lounges at all costs.

And churners, almost by definition, are not ballers or anything close to it. Million/billionaires dont give a shit about this crap. Truth.

Is there a HP to open the access account?

No way Jose

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