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Different Flavors Of The American Express Platinum Card

Update: We’ve added the American Express Platinum Card for Schwab.

A lot of people don’t realize that American Express offer multiple co-branded versions of their Platinum credit card. I thought it would be fun to look at each of these cards and also create a table to compare them. This is particularly interesting as American Express have moved to a one bonus per lifetime rule on their personal cards, but you should (YMMV) be able to get the bonus on each of these cards once.

The Cards

There are also a few other partners with which American Express used to offer co-branded platinum cards with: First Republic Bank & Guaranty bank.

Comparison Table

All of these cards come with the same staple of benefits, so I am only going to focus on the things that are actually different: annual fees (for both primary and additional card holders).

Platinum Card From American ExpressMercedes BenzMorgan StanleyGoldman SachsAmeriprise FinancialCharles Schwab
Annual Fee$550$550$550$550 per year$0 first year then $550$550 first year then $550
Additional CardholdersFirst three are $175, each additional is $175First three are $175, each additional is $175First one free, then $175 each per year$175 each per year$175 each, first three are waived in first yearFirst three are $175, each additional is $175
Sign up bonus60,000 points after $5,000 in spend within three months. Possible to get a 100,000 point bonus 60,000 points after $5,000 in spend within first three months60,000 points after $5,000 in spend within first three months10,000 points after first purchaseNone60,000 points after $5,000 in spend within first three months
Spending bonusNone$1,000 certificate towards lease or purchase of Mercedes Benz after $5,000 in spend$500 after $100,000 or more in spend within a card member year40,000 points after $100,000 or more in spend within a card member year5,000 MR points after every $20,000 in spend (limit of 30,000 MR points)none
AvailabilityEverybodyEverybodyMust have MS accountMust have GS accountRestricted to those with AF account, but not enforcedMust have Charles Schwab account
Additional BenefitsNone$100 certificate at renewal of your Card account (can be used for official Mercedes Benz accessories & Up to 2,000 excess miles waived at lease-end on leases through Mercedes-Benz Financial ServicesNoneNoneNoneRedeem points for 1.25¢ per point. $100 statement credit if funds $250k+, $200 if funds 1,000k+

Best Card Platinum Card

On the surface the original American Express platinum looks one of the weakest (Goldman Sachs card is by far the worst option) but you need to remember that people often receive sign up bonuses of 100,000/150,000 MR points (the best way to check for these offers is with the American Express pre-approval tool). The best option will really depend on what cards are available to you and what you value more (e.g cash or MR points) – I can see benefits to getting each of these cards. Considering you can only get the sign up bonus on each of these cards once, I’d recommend getting cards when they have increased sign up bonuses. Here is what I’d look for:

  • Original American Express Platinum: 100,000+ points
  • Mercedes Benz: Current 75,000 offer is the highest it’s been
  • Morgan Stanley: ??
  • Goldman Sachs: ??
  • Ameriprise: 25,000 points with annual fee waived
  • Charles Schwab: Hasn’t had an increased offer


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data point: I got the Ameriprise Financial one and it included a 25k MR bonus after a $3k in 3 month spend

The Ameriprise platinum waives the first 3 AU annual fee for the first year. Which I believe means you can waive 3 additional Global Entry fee’s if you have this account.

“Each Additional Card on eligible Card accounts is also eligible for one statement credit every 5 years for an application fee. To receive the statement credit, the application fee must be charged on the eligible Additional Card.”

“Add Additional Cards to your account for an introductory annual fee of $0 for the first year, then $175 for up to 3 Additional Platinum Cards.2 Set individual spending limits with Custom Limits®6 or add account alerts for more control. Eligible spending on Additional Cards will also get Membership Rewards points.”

Can confirm. 4 free GE credits and $400 to amazon, in addition to all the other perks, made this one of our best sign ups to date, even with no sign up bonus

$400 to amazon? Is this the $200/yr airline reimbursement? How does that work?

Actually ALL AU for the first year are $0 (FREE). I have 7 platinum authorized users to my platinum amex from ameriprise (applied 11/2017). I got global entry fees reimbursed for all and all got priority pass membership as well. Also not to mention hotels membership.

Only ONE uber account credit per entire account though and only one airline credit fee, but I havent checked on authorized users if they would reimburse it as well ( I doubt it)

So I have Amex Platinum for Business and was told the fee was $300/each for every new cardholder. Is this different then personal? If so, isn’t the 100k/150k for business platinum only?

yes, but there is 250k version too

[…] about this card is that it’s considered a separate product, so if you already have/had the other versions of the Platinum card you can get this card and get the sign up bonus again (remember you can only get the sign up bonus […]

Where is there a 10,000 points after the first purchase offer for the Ameriprise card? I just got it and didn’t see anything like that and don’t see it anywhere currently. Is there a link? Thanks


was wondering the same thing. doesn’t say any type of bonus in the offer

On MB – First three are $175, each additional is $175. Don’t forget Business Platinum too

Fee for up to 3 AUs on the MB version is $175.

Just registered my card and I can 2nd this

If you have multiple businesses (separate EIN #s) can you get the bonus on the BIZ card multiple times? I got a targeted offer in the mail for 100,000 points, but it has the language that if you have had the bonus before you can’t get it again. Just hoping it might be tied to EIN. Appreciate any positive DPs.

A friend has received the same bonus on various Amex cards for multiple different LLC’s, but that was before the 1x/lifetime rule was extended to business cards. That’s recent enough there might not be a lot of dp’s…

You can not. Once per life time linked to thw person. Asked them 3 times different reps back in Aug 2017. Got the same answer.

Delta Platinum: $3000 miniimum, $195 AF, 60K miles + 10K MQMs, +100$ credit on Delta purchase (in the first 3mo). Only really worth it if you’ve already had the Gold Delta cards.

Clicking on your link only shows 35,000 miles for me. Has the bonus changed?

Great post. Developing a strategy on these US a good way to maximize points and get Plat benefits over multiple years.

Everyone can get a Charles Schwab investment account.. But is there way for everyone to get a Morgan Stanley account or Goldman Sachs account?

Speaking of co-branded precious metal charge cards, there’s also an Ameriprise gold card, but I’m not sure what the difference is from regular gold. I prefer the Premier Rewards Gold, anyway.

Do all of these flavors have business version?

Has anyone tried for the Morgan Stanley account and got it without having a Morgan Stanley account?

Nice summary. I don’t see any annual fee for the additional card for Schwab Platinum. I asked Schwab. They said there was no annual fee for the additional user. Could you confirm it?

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