Posted by William Charles on July 9, 2018

Published on July 9th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Dead] Google Express: 25% Off With Promo Code EXTRA25 ($100 Maximum Discount) Works For Existing Users

Deal died as some people were getting a ‘Sorry, the limit has been reached for this promotion’ error. It’s now working again.

The Offer

  • Google Express is offering 25% off when you use the promo code EXTRA25. Maximum discount of $100. You can only use the code once so keep that in mind.

The Fine Print

  • Expires 7/17/18
  • Valid for new & existing users
  • Code can be used once per customer

Our Verdict

No current AmEx offer to stack with it unfortunately, let’s hope one gets released soon. I think this is the biggest discount we’ve seen on Google Express, looks like they are targeting Prime day with that end date (same maximum discount as Amazon/Amex deal as well). Feel free to share any interesting deals you find and we will list them below:

Keep in mind sometimes things are priced higher on Google Express than in store/direct with the retailers. Usually it’s not an issue but always worth double checking.


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this is the only time Google Express makes sense, barely. their value prop of “busy families” “no time to drive/shop” is total BS to me but i guess its true and valuable to some. if so, stop reading. but im not going to consistently overpay 25% PER ITEM for the “convenience”. thats not enough value add for me.

here, i can speak to Costco price hikes in SCAL since I live inside 24/7:

Arm and Harmer 8315 Laundry Detergent, 250 FL OZ
In-Store: $10.99
Google: $12.99

All Free & Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent – 237 oz
In-Store: $10.99
Google: $13.79 (From $17.79)

Kirkland Signature Create-A-Size Towels – 12 pack, 160 sheets
In-Store: $15.99
Google: $18.69

i have many more examples, but as you can see, this is absolutely fukn BS. i dont use Google Express for Costco and very rarely for anything else. however, i want to give a shout out to Walmart. because of the eCommerce war, their prices are totally identical. they have scale. if you shop at WM with this 25% discount, you will win.

Only time this is worth doing.

6% sounds so good… 9.25% down in TN

Out of all the major stores, Google Express only has mark up on Costco. However they don’t seem to reflect sale prices often.

The discounts @ Costco vary by the day it seems. Obviously they’ve jacked up the prices this time to compensate for the 25% discount.

The whole thing is algo’d out bro. I’m still gonna bite on an $80 order because the #’s add up and my family f’n loves Costco goods. End of the day it does add up to a 5% savings and no trip to the warehouse, we’ll take it. Tho Here in the midwest these offers are move valuable in the winter when the weather sucks and driving is more of a pain.

But the whole thing is still totally algo’d out. google/costco playing those #’s like a six string guitar.

yea dude. i totally agree. so if its working for you then do it. its always a personal choice. some are willing to pay the price to play. totally understandable.

There are a few times where Costco prices are the same but they are few and far between. However, stores like Whole Foods are the same price so I can usually grab a few pantry items there.

I’ve found there are certain specific items that make sense. For example, Starbucks coffee from Walgreens for $5.99 a bag. When one of these offers hit I just order these items at max quantity allowed.

Here’s a Deal:

$100 off the Xbox One X dropping it to $399.99

They (Target) are currently running a Buy an Xbox One X Get a $50 GC Promo I wonder if GE just pockets that or…what happens? Since it’s hard coded both online and in store there’s no way not to get it.

its hard coded for consumers. obv not for google. Target is not going to give Google the $50 GC promo for every xbox sold thru its platform. B2B is not B2C. totally different set up.

I thought the deal was they (GE) had someone physically go into the store, buy one and deliver it. That was my understanding of how GE works…

I thought this because I’ve read several forums and people talk about “where the item was physically purchased from” in determining the tax rate that should be applied an so on.

yea thats true. but thats purely from a “logistics” perspective. the google “innovation” aspect here is that instead of google or target creating a new shipping platform and adding stress to existing shipping methods, they just hire people to actually go into the store and buy it like a normal person, but these guys are buying “as a business”. not as a consumer. meaning certain promos do not apply but store discounts are included such as price differences and instant rebates (includes issues such as out of stock). for example, if Target had BUY 3 GET 1 FREE, and Google had 3 orders of something from 3 different customers, then would Google just rake in the free item for resell? no way.

I have a couple of Frys Electronic sales items in my cart, . Then Google Express alerted my items changed prices. I then find out all the Frys Electronic sales items are back to normal price on GE even though they are still on sale on the Frys Electronic site. I don’t know who flips on the switch to filter out sales price in this case 🙁

sorry to hear that dude. but it could be done in various ways by the merchant. but this is a KEY lesson. you have to buy ASAP. u cant wait. retailers realize they need to raise their prices due to this promo. its no different than eBay. happens all time. nobody should wait until the 17th.

Target Nintendo Switch link doesn’t work.

Does this work on gcs?

This is a great opportunity to buy things made by premium brands which are always sold at MSRP and regularly excluded from merchant-specific sales.


Like Apple AirPods from Target for example 😉

Thanks, doc — I swooped in and bought a TV this morning from Target. An hour later, they were sold out!

Keep in mind there are people that live an hour or two from shopping, or who are elderly and unable to make the drive or the shopping itself. Or have to pay someone to do their shopping. For those, this is a deal and not BS.

Those people should use Amazon for most of their shopping.

That would be an interesting DOC article: Prime Now vs. Google Express. Factoring in membership costs, price jack-ups, delivery times, etc. with how algo’d out they both are it might drive us all insane imagining all of the possibilities/variables tho..

My gut tells me prime now isn’t that great. Don’t like how they limit no rush credits to $5 per order, that’s wack. And I haven’t dealt with ‘tip shaming’ (ie $5 suggested tip) like that since having my first girlfriend freshman year of high school.

I don’t care for Walmart products but from a pure dollars and cents standpoint, Walmart @ google express seems to be the best value proposition.

Can this be used on more than one order? (I’d like to ship 2 orders to 2 different addresses.) Thanks

Picked up 4 new area rugs from Overstock (1 runner and 3 approximate 3×5’s) for $125 all told, so I’m counting this a good deal (old ones were from pre-smoking quit days, and also yours truly is such a plonker I’d torn several tassels out of the hem with the vacuum). Thanks DoC!

Sorry, the limit has been reached for this promotion.

Looks like this one might have died. Getting a “Sorry, the limit has been reached for this promotion” error and I haven’t placed an order.

I know the costco thing is frustrating on google express here, but look like the house hold stuff is increased a lot, some of them are remain the same, such as sensodyne toothpaste is the same price in the store( $21.99), some others are a dollar more, after the discount still consider better than shop in store. I am in LA, so Costco always packed like a zoo.

Trick on this is to find the good deals in your local area on staples and load up when one of these deals hits.

Did a straight $400 purchase before taxes (Costco,Walmart,Homie Despot, and couple misc suppliers). Even with a couple items costing 2 or 3 more, can’t beat the $100 credit with any other method.

Credit card used earns another 3.75% cash rebate so that compensates also.

Kaptain Insano
Kaptain Insano

Which CC earns 3.75% on Google Express?

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