Posted by William Charles on December 7, 2018

Published on December 7th, 2018 | by William Charles


Google Express: Up To 70% Off Some Items

The Offer

The Fine Print

  • Unknown end date

Our Verdict

Some items have already sold out (e.g Chromecast audio for $15). Should be able to stack with other Google Express deals. Share any interesting deals you find.

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This has got to be a joke. Look at what they’re claiming the original prices are on some of these items. A pack of lightbulbs for $60? An Energizer headlight for $80? A roll of electrical tape for $55?

Ditto. SanDisk 64GB SD card (same model) is selling for $26.99 on Google Express, but $23.40 on Amazon and $23.49 on Newegg.

Google needs to dump whatever relationship they have with Overstock. A roll of electrical tape for $19, marked down from $900?! $17 for a $2 air freshener. $30 for a $12 pack of canning jars. I wish there was a way to select every store except Overstock, or at least report ridiculously overpriced items, what a joke.

Overstock is obviously basing its prices based on yesteryear’s Bitcoin pricing

All items in tools can be purchased for less on Amazon

Concur with the criticisms below. A few good deals, but most are beyond the absurdly funny stage…. 12 oz single can of WD40, regularly $131.04 (gasp) on SALE by golly, at 85% off, for only $19.09 – plus shipping. (but then on the right column, you see the exact same product sold elsewhere for $5.59 — $4.79 at your local walmart.)

Google Express is going to be the same smashing success that Google+ was.

just wasted my time looking for a REAL deal

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