Posted by William Charles on June 18, 2017

Published on June 18th, 2017 | by William Charles


Groupon: $15 For $40 In Google Express Credit (Down To $7.5-$12 After Discounts)

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Groupon is selling $40 in Google Express credit (new Google Express users only) for $15. You can further reduce this with coupon codes:
    • TAKE50 (makes it $7.50 but doesn’t work for everybody)
    • WELCOME (makes it $11.25)
    • HURRY20 (makes it $12 but does work for everybody)

The Fine Print

  • Only valid for new Google Express customers
  • Promotional value expires Aug 31, 2017

Our Verdict

Should be able to go through a portal as well, not sure if that will stack with the coupon codes or not but always worth a try. This will be of particular interest to people who were also targeted for the Discover Deal as well for another 15-25% back.

Hat tip to Slickdeals

18 Responses to Groupon: $15 For $40 In Google Express Credit (Down To $7.5-$12 After Discounts)

  1. Wes says:

    It looks like there is a limit of 2 coupons per household. It wouldn’t let me purchase any more of the groupons, even after trying different credit cards and groupon logins.

  2. MarcoPolo says:

    Thanks @William
    Only HURRY20 works but still a great deal. You can buy another one as a gift.
    I used it to buy some Costco items. Even with 10% surcharge it worked out well especially with shipping.
    Google express is also offering a 3 month free trial.

  3. Taylor says:

    Used Promo Code WELCOME to get it at $11.25. TAKE50 didn’t work for me.

  4. Anony Mouse says:

    If you’re planning on making an order closer to $200, you might be better off not getting this Groupon and instead just opening up a new Google Express account and using the code ‘GET50’ for 25% off your first order (up to $50), which is a bigger discount than this $25-off offer (or $32.50-off if you can get the ‘TAKE50’ code to work on Groupon). Unfortunately, you cannot stack the GE ‘GET50’ code with the Groupon $40 credit, and both offers can only be used on your first order, so you have to pick one or the other.

    Given that there is no public offer for a free trial of Google Express nowadays, meaning that you’ll have to start a $10/month membership, as well as the fact that there is a public coupon code (‘GET50’) that offers more money off your Google Express order than this Groupon does, I’d avoid buying this Groupon.

  5. maddie says:

    Use code 95OFF when buying the groupon (today only) Will give you 95% discount, making the deal $0.75 for $40 credit

  6. Jesse says:

    Fyi, none of the codes worked for me.

  7. Joe S says:

    None of the codes worked for me either.

  8. Flea says:

    In case this helps someone else: apparently it was tough for Google Express’s partners to pledge to fill an order for me, including in Target’s case, a simple canister of Archer Farms snacks… funny, I would have thought that since that’s their house brand, they’d have cases of the stuff – anyway, as a result of the fact that they didn’t actually honor my substitutions either (I swear I chose them), they instead rendered me a merchandise credit for the missing amounts.

    …Or, so I thought.

    You won’t be able to tell with the naked eye if Google Express has indeed applied the credit, after you hit “Apply”, because the code disappears. You won’t be able to see in the order payment breakdown, if the code has in fact applied – because there is in fact, no payment breakdown.

    Because due to the above-mentioned inventory issues, as I learned when I went to fill out the complaint form asking “hey, where do I see my promo code?”, Google Express won’t actually assure you that your make-good credit applied to your order… until they issue you an invoice 7-10 days after the order is placed.

    I’m not thrilled with a business module that can’t make good on inventory, which as a result of these issues, keeps obliging you to show up and make extra orders and spend extra money with them.

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