Posted by William Charles on March 11, 2018

Published on March 11th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] HelloFresh Deal: 6 Meal Servings For Free & Pay $2

Ibotta back down to $10, so no longer a money maker.

Reposting as Ibotta is currently offering $15 back instead of Swagbucks $10. This makes it free food and a money maker, enjoy!

The Offers

  • It’s currently possible to stack a few deals for HelloFresh and get 8 meal servings for $2.

Our Verdict

If you use the first three then you can do the classic or veggie plan (2 people for 3 meals), total cost would be $19.94 after the $40 discount. You’re then getting another $23 back and making $3 out of pocket. If you want to try to take advantage of the American Express offer it’s much more difficult. If you do the family plan for 3 recipes per week you’re total cost is $104.88 ($64.88 after $40 discount). You then get $15 back from American Express and $23 from Swagbucks & Drops, your out of pocket cost is $26.88 for 12 servings. Not really worth it when compared to the other deal. I’m also pretty sure that the referral bonus gives you $40 off your first order, if that’s the case feel free to share your referrals in the comments.

Hat tip to reader PA

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I placed an order yesterday through swagbucks and points are pending in drop. May be swagbucks and drop does stack.

I don’t see HelloFresh as one of the offers under Drop. Do I have to add it as an offer before using a linked CC?

Yes, you definitely need to add it before using a linked CC. Even with that it is YMMV.

Information Booth
Information Booth

Go through Ibotta for an additional $10 back… Jesus loves us all.

I never understand the amount of food. 3 recipes for 2 people, is that really 6 meals? Basically 3 days worth of dinner for a couple, for $2?

Correct. I think the 8 in the title is a typo, or left over from a draft of the family plan (2 meals x 4 servings) which would be very cheap but not $2.

Drop terms say you have to use the provided link, but I didn’t and I still got the points. I’m an existing HF customer and the usual weekly charge on my Amex satisfied the offer.

If you look around, there are people giving away $60 vouchers… i found one and got my first box free… :]

Do you have one?

What’s the $60 code?`I’m only seeing $40 off first purchase $20 off second purchase

For all these meal services, “established” customers will get a limited number of completely free boxes to give away to friends. Not sure where the OP got his, but that’s what he’s referring to I’m almost certain. I’ve gotten them with blue apron (super easy) and green chef (highly limited) as well as others I’m pretty sure. This will be my first time trying hello fresh.

I have one! No way you can do both of these though, right?

jaque rudolph


Terms and conditions on Drop say you need to go through the link in their app…how can you do both Drop and Swagbucks?

drop is not enforcing that at least for some readers as always YMMV

William Charles after sending the email I realized that Drop may not count, as other people have mentioned here


Been using Hello Fresh for the past 8 weeks, so far pleased with the quality and variety of food. I will admit that the quantity of food isn’t usually enough to fill me up, so I can’t recommend paying full price. Therefore please use my link for $40 your box and I’ll get $20 off my next one.


Used the code. There is indeed an option for a free first week delivery with 2×2 plan.

Not sure that you can actually stack both Drop and Swagbucks. The Drop terms say you have to enroll via the link in app. Has anyone been able to successfully stack the two?

You are right. I think they cannot stack. DoC you may need to change this.

If this sort of service interests you, I’ve tried Sunbasket, Martha & Marley Spoon, BlueApron, and HelloFresh. We eventually chose Sunbasket as the better of the programs. [removed referral link. Don’t just post random referral links to other programs]

Sun basket is good if you are more lazy or don’t have as much time to dedicate to actually cooking the meal yourself… they usually give you all of the ingredients already pre-made (sauces, etc) and you just dump everything together and cook it a little bit… very low effort, but low reward in my opinion. Also, their recipes do not come on nice little cards that can easily be saved in a 3-ring binder, so good luck trying to save and recreate their recipes on your own in the future. You should also try Home Chef, they are like Hello Fresh but slightly higher quality in my opinion. Same price.

SunBasket recipes come in a magazine style book which contains all their recipes for the week, not just the one you ordered. I get that it’s not a 3-ring binder or whatever but you can quite easily just save the magazine. For many people that don’t have a 3 ring binder this is likely better than a bunch of random cards floating around.

In case you are still hesitated, if you choose 2 person with 2 recipes, the price drop to 0.

It’s always good to try something out for free.

That option doesn’t exist for me (I’m in San Jose, California in case that matters).

Is this ture? I think there isn’t this option to choose.

Classic plan, 2 person, 2 recipe. They will add shipping fees but somehow the promo code will deduct the whole amount ~$45.

I’m in Texas and my friend also got it working.

I’ve been using hello fresh for the last 2 months and sadly started paying almost retail but hey, earns X2 lol. Here’s my promo

Swagbucks, Ibotta, and DROP all need to be purchased through their respective links, so this comes to $10 (=60-40-10). Anyone see it differently?

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