Posted by William Charles on October 7, 2018
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Published on October 7th, 2018 | by William Charles


How Anybody Can Get The 40,000 Mile Alaska Link

Bank of America and Alaska Airlines are currently offering a sign up bonus of 40,000 miles on the co-branded card. This offer has been showing up on the website, but only for people in certain areas. Reader Calvin noted that the direct link is as follows: The problem is that link won’t work unless the referer header is

You can change the referrer fairly easily. For example if you use Google Chrome you can download Refer Control. Then just copy and paste the above link, click ‘custom’ and enter ‘’. It should look as follows:

Then just load the link and the offer should show. I’d recommend just disabling the plugin after that. You can of course just use a VPN to change your location to the West Coast as well, but this might be easier for some people.

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Being on the west coast alone doesn’t solve this problem. I can confirm that referer control works

can I apply for this card on top of an already existing Alaska card I already have? also sofa always tells me that they don’t issue Alaska points that is handed by Alaska directly is that true? could boa issue Alaska points or only Alaska ?

Did you try applying for a second BOA alaska card? I am thinking whether to try or not

approved. well over their 4/24 rule so not sure how i got approved

got one for the girlfriend too, who has more boa accounts open in the past 24 than i do. they must be opening the floodgates again. we were not getting approvals in the past year for boa. i did manage to squeak in one VA card 3 months ago with a $2k limit. today’s approval was for $21k limit. tempted to go for #2 today for each of us.

So can you get approved for this card if you’re already holding another personal Alaska credit card?

Yes, of course

Well hopefully no approved in error later.

Last year I was approved, credit line and all showed up but it was retracted a couple of days later … Totally disappeared. Although it was the 3rd one on the same day 🙂 so I could hardly complain.

Can you share your stats? How many in 2 months, 12 months, and 24 months?

so bofa 2/3/4 rule doesn’t apply to this offer?

Used this approach and got instantly approved, 16k CL, thanks DOC!

As side note, this extension is also available for Firefox.

open to “anybody”? Even if I have 3 already? Think it’s worth a hard pull?

Wish I can similarly get the link for the Biz card.

can somebody explain the load site process ?

once you have configured it exactly as shown, paste the bofa application link in the URL and good to go.

I already have Alaska Personal card with BOA. Can I apply again for this without canceling the card? I am just 2/24 as of now if that helps.

Sophia, it always used to work. I got 3 last year and now I just applied for this one (crazy, I know), so I will let you know what happens as I was not immediately approved (big surprise). It helps to have a banking relationship with BOA and I am counting on that.

Opening on Chrome browser:


404. That’s an error.

The requested URL was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

The link didn’t work, so I did a google search for “Referer Control” extension and got it.

I just used the firefox version, since I never use it, and if the extension ends up being sketchy, it won’t have much data to take.

Approved using refer control. I’m 2/12 w/ BOA, 3/12 if you include a HP for a card I was not approved for (Merril +)

I entered all the text in the fields as shown above and selected custom. When you say “load the link and the offer should show”, I am lost. What do I do when all the text is entered???

I am getting this using referer control,
“Alaska Airlines Visa® Credit Card
Thank you for your interest in applying
You have reached this application through an invalid path.

Unfortunately this promotional offer is by invitation only.

If you would like to apply for a credit card please visit

Finally got the referer control to work. But got denied. I’ll call reconsideration line.

How did you figure it out? I still am stuck

Me too.

I’m still stuck too.

Earlier this week I was able to get the 40K miles offer by using the Chrome extension as explained in this post. Did not get instant approval, but it was reviewed and approved in a few days. Thanks!

any chance BoA will match? I just got the card for the 30K/$1K offer.

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