How to Stack Amazon Discount Deals With Subscribe&Save Discount (Plus, No Rush Shipping)

Amazon often runs various discounted offers, such as $15 off $50 on household items or $10 off $50 on grocery items. These can be stacked along with the Subscribe&Save discount, but it’s not easily apparent how to do so. I just ran through this for personal use, so thought I’d share the options here. (Affiliate links below.) I’ll use the $15 off $50 household deal in the examples below.

  • If you don’t have a single item that meets the minimum spend requirement, for example, you intend to buy two things of Bounty for $33 and 2 things of Kleenex for $17 which brings you to the $50 minimum. In this case, you can not stack the $15 discount along with the 15% S&S discount, but you can stack it with the 5% discount. You also can stack this with the no-rush-shipping credit.
    1. Add the items you want to your cart as a ‘one-time purchase’, NOT the S&S option.
    2. In cart, you’ll see the option to S&S to save 5%. Choose this option one item at a time. (You have not yet subscribed, that’ll only be completed when you get to the checkout screen.)
    3. At checkout, you’ll see both the $15 discount and the 5% S&S discount.
    4. You’ll also likely see an option to get a no-rush-shipping credit.
    5. Your first order will ship out immediately. Future orders will ship out on your monthly S&S order date, along with other S&S items. You’ll get the 15% discount on future purchases if you meet the 5-item criteria, and on the first purchase you’ll get 5% plus the $15 discount.

  • If you have a single item that meets the minimum spend requirement, for example, you intend to buy three things of Bounty for $50.07. In this case, you can choose the S&S option immediately on the item page, along with a quantity of three. You’ll get the $15 discount PLUS the 15% S&S discount on your first order. In this case, your first order will not ship immediately, rather it’ll ship on your S&S date, along with your other S&S items. In this case, you can not get any no-rush shipping credit.

If you already have a subscription for an item, you can simply cancel that one and create a new subscription with both the 5/15% discount, plus the other discount on top. For example, I have a monthly subscription on Bounty Paper Towels from Amazon. I cancelled that one, and ordered 3 of these 8 Bounty rolls, and paid just $27.56 (full price is $50.07) since I got both the $15 off, and the 15% discount. (Though the 15% discount brings my total below $50, the coupon still works since the ‘real’ cost is above $50.)

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Manabi (@guest_1460385)
October 7, 2022 18:10

You don’t have to cancel your existing subscribe & save to create a new one. At one point I had four different subscribe & saves for Cerave lotion: The one I’d set up initially, two more I set up when I needed an extra tube early and was offered the discount at checkout, and a fourth I set up when getting a buy three pay for two deal + s&s discount. I just set the additional ones to every six months, giving me plenty of time to delete the extras.

Ruger (@guest_911902)
February 17, 2020 21:53

120 trash bags for $12.77, score!

Ho (@guest_863176)
December 31, 2019 10:16

Is there a minimum requirement for how many month or delivery before I can cancel the S&S?

Waqas (@guest_863072)
December 30, 2019 22:49

Idk if this has been addressed, but you can use gift cards to purchase with AMEX / Discover offer for any amount without having to buy $1 AGC to trigger it.

Here is how it works. (Desktop browser or amazon website in desktop mode)

If you have plenty of gift card balance and have AMEX points or any other offer, make sure you make that card as your default purchase card. Then, once you add items in cart and go to checkout page, it will try to use your gift card balance with default AMEX payment method. Within the checkout process, there is a drop down to use points. Use that to apply one AMEX point and it will automatically give you the offer discount with remaining balance charged on the gift card.

This way you do not have to worry about holding a gift card to load later and risk GC theft.