Posted by William Charles on October 19, 2017

Published on October 19th, 2017 | by William Charles


Ibotta 5 Year Birthday Bonuses: $5 Grocery, $5 Mobile & More

The Offer

  • Ibotta is celebrating their 5th birthday. They are giving the following bonuses:
    • Earn a $5.00 bonus on qualifying mobile shopping purchases.
    • Earn a $5.00 bonus on qualifying grocery purchases (requires a purchase of X rebate specific items)
    • Earn an extra $5.00 for each friend you refer ($10 instead of $5)
    • Increased cash back at 35 retailers

The Fine Print

  • Valid until Wednesday October 25th, 2017

Our Verdict

If you don’t already have an Ibotta account you can use my referral link, very much appreciated if you do (share your own links here). Keep in mind Ibotta also offering $1 back on all Uber rides. You can read our full Ibotta review here.

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Love both DoC and Ibotta. The $5 grocery bonus offer requires purchase of 12 branded rebate items by 10/25. Not impossible to do if you organize, but not exactly the easy birthday “gift” they imply.

Mine is 8 offers. Maybe it varies by account?

Holy crap, mine is 18 rebates! Not cool, Ibotta. 🙁

Stack with Amex’s Amazon prime offer possible?

I didn’t see this on ibotta for me 🙁 any idea why?

Never mind, I re-read launched the app and it’s there.

almost all Ibotta offers are customized. Old users get $0.25 less on many offers. Then there’s the number of rebates variation. I don’t like it.

I deleted the app to download iOS 11 and haven’t missed it. I found it to be more of a waste of time once the eBay portals quit tracking and they took away the $3-4 6-pack beer coupons

I uninstalled the app recently.

Can anyone share what the $5 shopping bonus? Can you make any purchase online and get a $5 bonus?

You have to shop through their Mobile Shopping offers in the app. iTunes and UBER offers are excluded.

I think the number of offers you need to redeem in order to trigger the bonus may vary. Mine is at 2.

I have a free $5 for 2 offers and a free $5 for one mobile offer. I deleted the app a month ago and re-added it today.

Ibotta is currently 15% for Boxed, a nice complement to the Amex Offer out.

I got a funny feeling when I read this: “f you don’t already have an Ibotta account” lol

LOL, I’ll fix that.

Pruthvi Manjunatha
Pruthvi Manjunatha

Over $60 in the last two months alone! If you can strategize the offers to use, this is almost as good as any credit card offers. [Edited]

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