Posted by William Charles on October 11, 2018
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Published on October 11th, 2018 | by William Charles


Issue With Wells Fargo Propel American Express Cards – Cards Being Replaced

Update: Problems seem to be persisting so they are sending out new physical cards as well. Card number will stay the same, but expiration and security code will change. Hat tip to reader P T


Some Wells Fargo Propel American Express cardholders have recently had issues using their card. Reader Nicholas reported being unable to use his card at both a Sheetz and Macy’s, it’s unclear what exactly caused the issue but it seems like Wells Fargo/American Express have identified the issue and it has been resolved. As compensation for the issues they were also given 5,000  points.

The reader involved did inquire about why the transaction was denied, so it’s unclear if only those who did so are being extended the courtesy points or if all cardholders affected will receive the same e-mail and 5,000 points. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

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is the Propel World still available by phone?

It was on September 5.

I’ve also had issues at Macy’s with the Propel, called customer service.
CSR told that WF approved the charge, but Macy’s declining it.

Tried after a couple of days, still denied at Macy’s with Propel. Received similar email offering 5000 points (after 2 days for decline), the points are not posted yet.

But the transaction went through with Propel World without any issues.

Same exact issue, denied at Macy’s even though they claim it was approved on the WF side (which clearly wasn’t the case). Gotta love it when everyone in line looks at you like a poor schmuck living beyond their means and getting denied by their bank…

Same issue @ Barnes & Noble

What do you mean by “But the transaction went through with Propel World without any issues.”? Does it mean you have successful purchase at Macy’s after the email? I appreciate if you could specify a little bit. Thanks.

Nope, the transaction failed before and after the email. The transaction didn’t go through with the Propel card at all.

Finally I made the transaction using a different card (Propel World) which is also Amex issued by WF.

I see. Thank you for the clarification.

2 propel world cards used successfully at Macy’s, Staples, JCP, and OfficeMax. all bonus points posted successfully.

Kmart only sells gift cards for cash in store and i tried ordering online, but did not trigger the bonus points.

Buy third party gift cards and use the regular cash counters instead of the customer service hub.

I was also denied stating cash tender is the only option at the customer service, but used the normal cash register after a couple of days.

So far no email and I have not done any purchase with that card at Macy’s so may be only those who were affected are being offered points

i was denied a charge at agoda a couple days ago (was paying for multiple flights/hotels in asia so i assumed they just flagged it)

no email or points yet (and haven’t asked)

I got the points, and I do not remember having any issues using the card. I did not complaint to WF about anything either.

Don’t have the Propel or a Bank/Credit relationship with WF before 2018, but with issues I’ve encountered and were resolved tho not quickly, albeit very generously ;).

Seems liket WF has swung far the opposite direction to the benefit of customers and churn-sumers. Just wish they had a larger portfolio of card offerings.

Same Here macyes bad and yes WF does appear to attempt to approve the transactions, because they all appear as pending in the app after each attempt but they officially drop off later,because nothing was actually bought at macys due to this issue…….. shame I cannot take full advantage of the 50x bonus offer at macies but ahh well at least I basically got a free $50 out of it (more if redeemed for travel with the visa signature, card, but thats more pro level stuff

I just literally applied for the Propel Amex a few minutes ago. Of course, it went to pending but interestingly, I haven’t received any alerts that a credit inquiry was done.

Same I never got a hard inquiry for this card.

What’s the phone in bonus offer on the Propel?

Christine Chappell
Christine Chappell

It is not fixed. My son is still having issues with his card as of 9/28. He was told they had to replace his card.

Just FYI. I think this happened to me when I went to get chinese food and my card was rejected. Got this same email about getting 5,000 points.

Interesting. few days back they called about a fraud charge for Skype from Amsterdam..It was def a fraud. So they denied and now sending a replacement card. I don’t know if some goofup happened in WF.

Ditto. I have this fraud charge for Skype 2 times in a row now. Two Fraud transaction in last 2 month. Earlier this week they send the replacement card again after this new fraud alert. Not sure what’s going on.

The only time i used this card is for the 15-50% promo pts in Staples, OD/OM,JCP, Kohls. Not sure if any of those places got hit and they are not aware. Or someone got access to WF systems and they don’t know.

I think, may be Wells Fargo system has been compromised. This is a sock drawer card for me. I never used my first replacement card which they sent earlier and still got the Fraud alert text for Skype transaction.

I received the letter today and called to confirm there would be some sort of compensation. My card has been declined/rejected twice. The rep said they’d apply $50 worth of reward points to my account. The letter didn’t state as much, but she said it would if I got the letter and she would notate my account. I’ll be watching. I’m half way through my pre-spend.

5,000 pts posted on 10/27.

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