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Published on June 27th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] Last Chance For Blue Business Plus 20,000 Point Offer

Update 2: No more working links, if anybody finds one let me know.

Update: Original link stopped working. We found another one. American Express are obviously pulling links so I’d apply right now if you’re at all interested.

I was doing some research for our best credit card bonus page and noticed that  affiliate links for the Blue Business Plus card are no longer showing the 20,000 point offer. It’s still possible to get 20,000 points after $3,000 in spend by using this link (non affiliate), but I don’t know how long that link will be around for. Some people have flyers with an 8/25 expiry but these have a higher minimum spend requirement of $5,000. Sometimes these zombie links stay continually even when the affiliate links disappear, but there is no guarantee and American Express could just as easily remove the bonus on that link immediately. You can read our thoughts & F.A.Q about this card here.

Our Verdict

This card earns 2x Membership Rewards points per $1 spent on the first $50,000 per year and has no annual fee. I doubt we will see a sign up bonus greater than 20,000 points anytime soon (it’s rare for cards that earn at a high rate on every day purchases to offer a sign up bonus at all). I think this is a strong card to have in your arsenal for two reasons:

  • It has no annual fee and earns Membership Rewards points. This means you can keep it open long term giving you the ability to transfer Membership Rewards points to travel partners without paying an annual fee.
  • It earns at a rate of 2x Membership Rewards points per $1 spent. That is a strong earning rate for people that value Membership Rewards points at 1¢ or above.

Because of that and the fact that I don’t think the 20,000 point bonus will last I will be adding this to our list of the best credit card bonuses.

175 Responses to [Expired] Last Chance For Blue Business Plus 20,000 Point Offer

  1. Isaac says:

    Thanks for the heads up.
    Given that it is business card, it won’t be counted toward for chase’s 5/24? Correct?

  2. NinjaX says:

    well first of all, a few CCs like the EveryDay has 25k bonus for no AF. so its not crazy talk for no AF CC to have high bonus, but its true, we have no clue when this offer will come back. its a crazy good 2x MR everywhere. wow. wish amex didnt have the max CC rule. fuk!

    but i would think it does come back periodically just like any amex CC offer. hopefully.

    • Sarah says:

      Most -high earning- cards don’t typically have signup bonuses (Citi Double Cash, USAA Limitless, etc..)

  3. P says:

    I wish I could but I already have 4 Amex cc and the last one was only opened last month

  4. Alfredo says:

    I still have a few days before I’m clear for 2/90 and was planning to give that some buffer time just in case. Would you suggest I apply as soon as I hit 2/91?

    • WR says:

      I accidentally applied at day 89, had to call in, and at day 91 they sent it to recon, approved next day (5th cc). If I were you I would apply now before the offer disappears and then recon 2 days later. It’s not a cr hit initially anyway.

  5. bob says:

    i got an invitation from Amex for this card a couple days ago, and it says the 20K deal expires on August 5th. the email does not have an invitation code.

    And the 2x points is only on the first 50K in spending.

  6. Jake says:

    hmm I wanted to grab this to use once the first year bonus points are over for the Blue for Business I picked up in January but I don’t think they’ll approve me for another revolver as I am at 4 already.

  7. R Johnson says:

    I have had a large number of AMEX cards. When I apply for a new one they list my application status as pending. Within 2 hours I get a call from AMEX asking if I want to cancel one of my other cards for the newly applied for card. If so, the new card is immediately approved and my new card is on the way very quickly. Got the new Blue card and cancelled the old Blue. Very easy.

  8. Abey says:

    I applied for this one a week ago and was approved, I was surprised because i was declined a month ago for the Delta gold business for having the maximum cards allowed.
    This blue plus card is a no brainer since it earns 2x per dollar (up to 50K year) plus there is no annual fee and keeps your amex MR points safe. (Now you can close your Amex gold/platinum cards and so on without losing the MR points).

  9. Ed says:

    I have a legitimate business/corp with a Tax ID, but my spending with the business is rather minimal. I was considering applying for this card, but I’m not sure if it makes more sense to apply with my SS# vs. my Tax ID, as I always like to keep personal/business spending separate for tax purposes. Also, I will be able to spend WAY more on this card on the personal side, vs. the business side. On the personal side I have the following Amex cards – Everyday, HH Surpass, SPG, Blue, and on the business side, I have the Amex Platinum (tied to my SS#). Any ideas as to whether I should apply for this card on the personal side with my SS# or the business side with my Tax ID?

    • James H. says:

      I’m not a CPA, but I don’t think putting “business” expenses on a personal card precludes you from deducting those legitimate expenses. Your concern about co-mingling those funds is a valid one, however (for simplicity, not IRS compliance).

      • Ed says:

        Yeah, I agree. I just don’t want to have any issues with co-mingling with my corp with personal expenses, as I know that can sometimes be an issue when someone tries to pierce the corporate veil. I would of preferred to have the card in my personal name in order to use for more personal expenses (higher spending than business spending), but I just ended up using my Tax ID and will only use it for business purposes. I was approved for the card, so it’s all good.

  10. Anony Mouse says:

    I was automatically approved for $20k CL, which seems a bit strange to me, because as recently as March 2017, Amex would only approve me for $3k on new business credit cards.

    I think applying for this card is a no-brainer, as it won’t show up on your credit report, doesn’t count toward 5/24, offers a decent signup bonus and has the potential to earn a good amount of MR.

  11. Credit says:

    Does this card keep the MR points alive? I have everyday and this card. Thinking of closing everyday.

  12. Marco says:

    It’s a good thing I just got this card with the offer about a week ago!

  13. Jelena Edwin says:

    I want to apply for this card, but also am worried about the inquiry on my report. I know it doesn’t count against 5/24, but I’ll be 4/24 in a couple of weeks and don’t want anything negative to affect my getting another Chase card.

  14. Glen says:

    Just signed up and got approved for my first business card! This is my fourth Amex credit card.

    -HT DoC

  15. O says:

    Filled out first page of application, clicked continue, and was disconnected from Amex’s website. Tried opening again and received an error. Seems they pulled the link as I was trying to apply. Bummer.

  16. O says:

    Sorry–scratch that. Worked in incognito mode. Approved. Still working.

  17. Glen says:

    I just checked my experian report and no hard pull was initiated!! I hope it stays that way..

  18. Rob says:

    The same thing happened to me that O is describing. I clicked through the link and filled out the part at the bottom “already a cardholder” thinking this would save me the time of entering my personal info. But that was a mistake since the page timed out after that and my future attempts to click through the Doc link just took me straight to an error page. I opened firefox and filled out the application without attempting to login to my Amex account and it took me all the way through the application and approved. My 5th Amex credit card, instant approval. Thanks guys, I was bummed I missed out before they pulled it. Glad to have this last chance!

  19. Blue says:

    Sweet! I was looking for something for my organic spend as I’m almost done with CIP/CSR and a couple of months away from dropping to 3/24.

  20. Rich T says:

    Thanks for posting link! Approved under the wire

  21. Jeremy says:

    DP: I have 4 Amex CC’s, I was instantly approved without needing incognito mode.

  22. Ethan says:

    Thanks DOC! There was a moment of concern after I accidentally hit the back button while the application was processing, but the application made it through and I was notified via email within 10 minutes of the approval. Just got the Ameriprise Gold Card recently as well, not too bad! Now I am trying to decide on the Hyatt card, whether to jump on the 2 night offer or wait until 6/29 for the points offer. I have an upcoming trip to Japan where I would likely use a couple of Hyatt nights.

  23. FLL says:

    Applied and was instantly approved despite already have 4 AMEX CCs (OBC,EVD,HH, SPG Biz).

    But the new “Global” site obviously is glitching again. I was at the Add Employee screen, before I was able to save the employee information, the site suddenly jumped to a screen where the worldwide countries are listed for you to choose which country you are in…

    Can’t return to original function. So that is it. Status check shown card was approved, despite the email showed it was being reviewed. This was the same case with Husband’s app a couple weeks ago. Many folks on FT reported receiving the review emails first, and the approval email came a few hours later. Hopefully the same pattern will continue.

  24. Jonathan says:

    Applied this morning and application went pending, with 14-day notification language. The weird thing is that the page title in the browser says “Application Cancelled,” but that’s the only place this language appears. Anyone else seen this or know what it means?

    • Jonathan says:

      Application does not appear on the application status check page. Damn. Should I re-apply?

      • Raj says:

        Did you apply for this card before? It may have been canceled as a duplicate. Another possibility is that you’ve already gotten 2 Amex cards in the past 90 days.

      • Son says:

        Same here. Doesn’t show up in the application status page. But It is probably because I applied for 2 AMEX on 4/1 😀

        Oh well. As long as there isn’t a hard pull. Worth a try. I got an email with the ref# though.

    • Jonathan says:

      Sorry…I think this was dumb user error (2/90) on my part. Never mind…

  25. David says:

    Wife and I were both auto approved. I already had 4 non-charge cards, although 1 was a business Delta gold (not sure if that matters).

    Thanks Doc!

  26. David G says:

    DP: Applied and approved for 5th Amex CC with no HP.

    Thank you to the good doctor!

  27. Josh says:

    Thank you DOC for the link! Signed up for an approved. Approved for the SPG Business on 3/27 and now this for my last 2 amex cards.

  28. JA says:

    Instant approval for BBP followed by Ameri Gold. No HP. Amex is new fav.

  29. ed graham says:

    Yes, I too got instant approved for this card! Used the link above for the 20K MR points. (The AMEX site no longer lists the MR points.)

  30. eclipsor says:

    auto approved, no HP! 🙂

    got a low CL but I can just move over my CL from my personal cards through their website so np

    • Peter says:

      No. Can’t move between personal and business.

      • eclipsor says:

        you can with Amex, even yourself through your online portal

        • NinjaX says:

          hahaha… this guy…

        • MarcoPolo says:

          How do you do that? I chatted with a rep and he said it has to be a business card.

          • eclipsor says:

            he must have been misinformed. you can actually do it yourself through credit management section online. that’s what I did originally and it errored out so I didnt know if it went through. then I did the chat to try in there and they were actually going to do it for me but noticed I already had the request in. the credit line finally got moved over today though a week later. you can go from personal to business but you can’t move it back

          • MarcoPolo says:

            Thanks @eclipsor
            I can’t do it online since all my Amex cards are under separate login (to take advantage of Amex Offers) so the only option available to me is via chat.
            That’s the reason I chatted and he apparently “confirmed” it from somewhere and came back to tell me that it has to be from a Business card.
            Luckily, I have a Small Business Card and he managed to transfer part of the credit line from that card.

  31. Rox says:

    Declined. Went to pending and when I check the status a few minutes later, I was declined. Called CSR and she said she will forward it for manual review. Reasons mentioned in the decline letter.

    The following are the key factors that contributed to your score:
    Our evaluation of the inquiries on your credit report based on the number, type and recency. (TransUnion)
    The tenure of the company’s old financial record, provided by the Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE).
    Your credit report indicates few or no credit card accounts. (TransUnion)
    Number and type of accounts opened recently. (Trans Union)

    On June 23, 2017, your FICO score was 733. The FICO score ranges from 300 to 850. The following are the key factors that contributed to your FICO score:
    The length of time your accounts have been established.
    There is no recent information about installment loans on your report.
    There are too many accounts with balances.
    There are too many credit inquiries on your report in the last 12 months.

    My Credit profile
    Credit score to CK: 740
    Recent accounts: CSR – Aug 2016, UMPE – Apr 2016.
    Total Account: 4 (CSR, UMPE, Discover, CIPreferred)
    Closed accounts: Delta Amex Gold
    Credit Utilization: less than 10%.

  32. DW says:

    I got the Blue For Biz back in Jan and getting 2.3% for 6 more months makes this hard to justify. Granted after that this would be a better card. I think I’ll wait and see what pops up then.

  33. Hank says:

    Crap! App went to pending review, called and was told to wait for decision in mail.

  34. Robert says:

    Thanks DoC! Applied and was approved instantly!

  35. NinjaX says:

    looking for DP from anyone who got approved for 5+ lending CCs! please tell me its possible! haha…

    man. i hate the amex limit. its like they adopted 5/24 -> 5/Lifetime

    • Jake says:

      @NinjaX at a friends suggestion I applied for this earlier today even though I am currently floating 83% util on the Blue for Business’s 0% period, already have 4 Amex revolvers and was denied a 5th several months ago.

      Was approved 43 minutes after applying, for a very small limit but I will just combine the Blue for Business into it later.

      For everyone else, if you are considering applying for it just give it a whirl. You really have nothing to lose and it’s a great bonus considering the inherent value of a 2MR/1$ card with no annual fee.

      • Phong Chau says:

        I’m doing the same. I’m soooooo excited for this card. 2x MR/$ is like worth 3 to 4 cents/$ spent. That’s just crazy worth it. Plus I just got a $22,000 credit line on a 0% APR card for 15 months. I got three other 0% APR card. One is the blue which has 10k limit after using over limit charge and the other is 2k and 3k. This should allow me to not have to worry about flipping my item that I sell quickly anymore. Sometimes for a loss, just to pay off my credit cards. Plus it’s a charge card :). I get like 30k total. Obviously I’m going to spend wisely, but these 0% cards have helped my business tremendously woot woot.

    • Chuck says:

      I just got #5 without a problem. I’ve heard a few DPs of people getting 6, YMMV.

  36. TanT says:

    Amex Offers are very limited in this card’s account (and all AUs). I got like 2 offers since I was approved (last month). The only existing one now is $10-$20 Turbo Tax. Anybody has the same situation?

    • Eduard says:

      Same boat, had two offers, and one of them is the Turbo Tax one. 🙁

    • Tom says:

      No Amex Offers for me on this card either. Did sync card with twitter and those are showing up now, example #AmexBoxed.

      Was wondering if no Amex Offers is common for Amex Business Cards or just this one?

  37. captainsave says:

    Applied and approved. 4 down 1 to go.

  38. Shane says:

    This offer is dead

  39. Jason says:

    Applied & Instant approval with the latest link (6/27)! Thanks!!

  40. Lantean says:

    I really don’t think this card is all that… with AP going to sheet, MR lost a lot of value to me.

  41. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for the new link!

  42. MrDioji says:

    Thanks for the new link! This convinced me to go for it. First Amex biz card – instant approval 🙂

  43. Taylor says:

    First Amex biz card and instant approval as well!

  44. Don says:

    I clicked the “submit” button, got an “app received” (i.e., app pending) email about 5 seconds later, and then the app refreshed and said I was approved.

    Only a $2,000 CL, although I have over $50,000 of available CL on personal Amex credit cards plus a Platinum card.

    Thanks for the new link.

    • Kitty Litter says:

      Same for me. The website stated that we have received your application.

      Then the website asked if I wanted to add additional employees, I checked no. Then it said I was approved for a $2,000 LOC.

      After that, I was offered a Balance Transfer offer, I declined that as well.

      Hopefully, as others have shared, we all receive the 20,000 Membership Rewards points!

      Thanks to everyone for the great information!

      • Don says:

        Interesting. Thanks.

        The weirdest thing about the $2,000 CL is that just a week or two ago, Amex was offering me the Biz Plat and the Biz PRG in my personal account’s offers. (I know the charge cards can have very low spending power, but you wouldn’t think Amex would be pushing those cards to people they only trust with another $2,000 of spending ability.)

        • Kitty Litter says:

          For my situation, could the low limit be because I do not have any AMEX cards/accounts?

          All of my other credit card accounts have higher credit limits, including store/ retail accounts.

          • Don says:

            Could be. Amex seems to like people having a history with Amex, although I’ve seen plenty of people get big limits with Amex right from the start.

            With this card, it seems like most people have gotten a $9,000 CL, while a lot of others have gotten $2,000. I’ve only seen one big CL ($20,000).

          • Blue says:

            I got $14K. But my other three personal AMEX cards have low limits.

  45. Robert says:

    Can I get this card if I already got the regular blue for Business card?
    Is the plus a separate card?

  46. Davezilla says:

    I clicked through and it said your application has been submitted. I added 2 employees and then it said application approved. Does adding employees have any bearing on approval??

    Also it’s very odd – I only have a 2k limit with a very healthy biz revenue and personal income….

    Tx for the link, Will

    • Don says:

      Adding employees shouldn’t affect approval at all, but I just had a similar experience — delayed “instant” approval plus a $2,000 CL even though I have over $50,000 of personal CC CL with Amex.

      Not sure what to make of it. I hope these “new” links from today aren’t sort of like those leaked links from last year.

  47. P says:

    When I applied for my fourth Amex CC, Amex reallocated credit from two of my cards. Those two are more than one year old. Now most of my credit are on two cards that are less than one year old. I wonder if Amex would take credit from those for the new card if I get approved for this card.

  48. ihg newbie says:

    thank you, DOC. just got approved using above link. and i took screen shot on every step. it’s my 5th non-charge amex.
    i just got to figure out a way to spend 3k organically.

  49. Don says:

    For people approved using today’s new link, did you get an approval email? All I’ve gotten was the “application received” email, which was rendered moot by an online approval about 20 seconds later. Thanks.

    • Jonathan says:

      Yes, for me the approval email came right after the application received email (timestamps are one minute apart), from the same address.

      • Don says:

        Thanks. My approval email just came, two or three hours after the approval.

        • loren says:

          I got approved but didn’t see anything about account login or anything. Also have not received the approval email 3 hours later….Should I be worried?

  50. Pat says:

    My wife owns an LLC / sole prop. and has 4/24 and I just opened it up for her. I know its been said the 5/24 doesn’t apply, but it didn’t ask for the EIN # it only let me put it her SS#

    Did I screw it up and cost her 5/24?

    • Don says:

      No. Amex business cards don’t report to personal reports unless they go delinquent.

      • Pat says:

        Awesome Thanks!

        • Pat says:

          So technically we could both get one with her business?

          • Don says:

            I don’t know. Technically, a sole proprietor only has one owner, right? Not sure how Amex would track this, though.

          • Electroman says:

            You could be an AU on her account – that’s probably how AMEX sees your question. I’ve certainly had more than one business product from the same bank for the same business (Chase Ink+ and Ink Bold, for example) but that’s both cards to the same individual.

            I’ve never heard of any two people having seperate cards for the same company, though. Obviously this works with corporate cards, but those are a separate kid of card.

  51. Payal says:

    Thanks, just applied with instant approval. Was devastated when link stopped working earlier today….

    all is well that ends well.

    BTW, does Capital one business card count towards 5/24 and is reported to Personal report or not? Please reply at the earliest…………Also write about their business cards and put a post as bunch of Cap. One business cards have good bonuses right now……..

  52. ihg newbie says:

    someone above mentioned no hard pull with this application.
    i applied while logged on to my exisitng amex account. will there be a hard pull? any other DP on this?

    • Don says:

      No hard pull for me. That seems to be the rule for most Amex customers for this card.

      • ihg newbie says:

        hopefully, that will be the case for me. thanks.

      • Matt K says:

        The day after auto approve (5th by the way) and I don’t see any inquiry on my wife’s Experian. Didn’t even know we’d be dodging an inquiry until reading this today. Extra bonus!!

    • Taylor says:

      I applied over the weekend through a saved application, while logged in. It went to pending, but I never received an email, and the application did not show up on the application status page. I figured it was an error or something, so I applied again through doc’s updated link (and didn’t log in), and was approved after about a minute. Both applications have not had a hard pull yet.

  53. ihg newbie says:

    i found something odd after registering my newly approved card. i can’t find “Transfer Points To Frequent Traveler Programs” section under benefit. does this mean i can’t transfer MRs earned through this card to airline partners?

    • Don says:

      Believe that is correct — no transfers to airlines — but not positive.

      • ihg newbie says:

        if that is the case, is there way to combine MRs earned with this card to my main MR program?

        • MH says:

          It should link to your MR number.

          Amex transfers from the MR account.

          MR points go into the MR balance not individual cards like Chase.

          You see the same balance when looking at every MR earning card.

          • DGS says:

            That is correct! I have 5 MR earning Amex Card accounts and they all show the same point balance no matter which one one that I click on. You must have your business and personal Cards on the same login in order to combine points earnings.

          • pete says:

            actually my blue for biz card is on a different login but shows the same amount of MR points as my personal everyday card does in my personal login.

    • ES2Burn says:

      I had the same concern but I later found it under the me!version reward -> travel section.

      From there, you can link partners’ reward accounts in order to make the transfer.

  54. Mia T says:

    Thanks Will! Saw this post and jumped on it tonight. I was approved instantly with 15K credit limit. This is my 2nd Amex Biz card.

  55. shirley says:

    Thanks again DOC. Just applied and get approved with the new link for both me and husband. But when I tried to add the card into exiting account, it showed “We apologize for the inconvenience. This Card cannot be added to your existing Online Account. Please set up a new Online Account by completing the fields below.”

    Anybody else has the same problem? what does it mean? And can this 20,000 points be transferred to airline partners?

  56. Rakso says:

    I have a personal Amex Platinum with 100K+ MR points balance that I want to close. Was just about to liquidate the points. Would this card keep the points alive even thought this is a business card?

    Thanks in advance and apologies if this specific question has already been asked and answered.

    • DGS says:

      Good question! In order to keep your MR balance alive without an annual fee, simply link it to a Blue for Business Plus, Amex Everyday Card or the standard Blue Card (not Blue Cash or Blue Sky). Another option is to downgrade your Platinum to a Green Card and not lose your history with the account.

  57. Dave Lanton says:

    Legit LLC, already have some AMEX business cards. Was denied 3 months ago for SPG Business because I had 4 CC’s (mix of personal and business), closed one and reconned for approval. Just applied using link here and instantly approved! So now I will have 5 CC’s. Don’t know what was different this time around for them increasing my limit from 4 cards to 5.

  58. pete says:

    about 4 months ago I got the Blue for business card, with 10K MR bonus and 10X restaurant spending for 6 months..its a good no fee card for one year, but its 1X after the 6 months so not worthwhile to keep. I’m still earning the 10X bonus so I want to keep using it for another couple of months, but this “blue for business plus” card is clearly better in the long run since it has 2X and a nice bonus and no AF.

    any reason I can’t have two “blue for business” cards? I just closed a credit card so currently I have 3 total credit cards so i’m under the 4/5 total card limit.

    • Rebekka says:

      I got the Blue for Business last Oct with 12 mos 0% interest on all purchases, so I am getting closer to my 1 year. I just applied for this Bus Plus and received instant approval. Credit limit is only $1k less than BforBus. I’d go for it!

  59. Sam says:

    Doc looks like the link is dead

  60. Joe says:

    DP: For Amex, I currently have 2 personal CCs, 2 business CCs and 1 charge card. Applied while logged in using the new link. Have Experian frozen and was instantly approved. As mentioned above, I am also having trouble linking new card to my account.

  61. Loren says:

    Does Amex care about how many biz CCs/charges u have? I have SPG pers 3/17, SPG biz 4/17, and BGR 5/17. Would I be okay to apply for Delta Gold biz and Blue Biz? I am out of 2/90.

    • Traveler says:

      5 Max, combining personal and business cards but excluding charge cards.

      Just received my call back and was approved, just had to drop one of my old personal credit cards to do so. Thanks doc!

      • Rakso says:

        Do AU cards count toward the limit of 5? As in me being AU on one of my spouses cards. Would that AU card count toward my 5 max?

  62. Bobby says:

    Another data point: applied around 11 AM eastern and got approved instantly with 20k limit. However, encountered the same issue as others, cannot link this card to my existing account. I plan to call them once I get the card. Thanks Doc and readers of this site!

  63. Metal says:

    Clicked while logged in and was approved, looks like no hard pull. I have 3 other Amex Credit cards (one Delta personal, one Delta business and SPG business)
    I was not able to link the new card to my account.

  64. Ernie says:

    Bummer, just went to the link and looks like they pulled it 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  65. Wtah says:

    Anyone have a picture of the offer from the new link? Just want some insurance just in case and got too excited while applying to take a screenshot. Thank you.

  66. yaks says:

    second link expired!!

  67. pete says:

    link no longer working?

  68. Justin says:

    Is there a link for the one with $5000 spend? I might settle for that.

  69. Nicky says:

    Doc, thank you, so much. I was thinking of applying yesterday when I got home from work, and by then the link was dead. I saw a reddit comment of yours that you were going to try to find another link so I kept refreshing your page, and you totally came through. Really appreciate all you do.

  70. Red says:

    Dead for the second time.

  71. sonia says:

    broken. like my heart. </3

  72. Kevin says:

    I missed it by a hour or two. Finally decided to go for it then the link stopped working. Not meant to be.

  73. Phineas says:

    Can you please post a link for the $5,000 minimum spend offer that you referenced in the post?


  74. Tavosa says:

    Applied at 2am EST on 06/28, instantly approved for $9,000.

    • Tavosa says:

      Forgot to mention…
      Applied for AMEX Business Gold Rewards immediately following, instant approval.
      BGR nor Business Plus had a hard pull. A miracle!

      AMEX Cardholder since 2013, held Simply Cash Business and Starwood Personal when I applied. Just to throw some more DP’s in the thread. Thanks for the help Doc, I was wavering on apply before the first link went down, but decided to pull the trigger once it did, and made it in on the second link! Welcome to 2x MR, yippie.

  75. plungerjoke says:

    Applied even though I was over 2/90 the day before the link died. Fell below today, called in for application to be processed. Placed on brief hold… “Congratulations you’ve been approved.” My first business card with Amex…2k Limit. Didn’t get any pings from free credit monitoring emails, so I feel fairly confident in saying no HP too.

    • plungerjoke says:

      5th Amex credit card, too. Had a previous denial for too many open CC’s when sitting at 4. I guess they like me…

  76. VL says:

    Just talked to Amex New Accounts. Tried to see if I can get this offer over the phone. Talked to a very nice lady, who said that this product launched approximately 3 weeks ago, and had this 20K bonus offer for 6-7 days. Apparently it is common for Amex to give such incentive for a very short time when a new product launched.

    The product itself is not designed with a bonus in mind. Its strong marketing points are no annual fee, 2 points per $ flat, 0% for 15 months on balance transfers, and the card being hybrid credit/charge… which means you can pay over time (credit), but also can go over your limit without requesting a limit increase or being charged over the limit fee but would have to pay that “over the limit” amount on a very next statement.

    With this being said she could not say for sure that this card will not ever have a bonus attached to it again, but from her many years of experience it is unlikely to happen. From her point of view for customers who value MR points will be attracted to this product anyway especially with no annual fee.

    So congrats to those of you who got 20K bonus in addition to a pretty good card, which is also a business card and would not show on your credit report.

    Good luck.

  77. plungerjoke says:

    Opened account via “reconsideration” after applying through link when over 2/90. Getting message from them that welcome offer is not tied to my account. Just cautioning others who tried too.

    • JF says:

      I also opened after initially getting declined but calling recon, so my account actually opened July 5th. On a chat with CS I asked to verify that the promotion was attached, and the CSR said there is no promotion showing nor was there ever a promotion on this card.

      I clicked through the non-affiliate link on this site to apply, I know initially the only links with bonuses were affiliate. I don’t want to push the issue on this if the offer was targeted and not meant for public, could get flagged by AmEx for future accounts. The chat agent just gave me a phone number for new accounts if I want to pursue any further. Any input/experience on how to handle?

    • Adam says:

      Same. Ticked off that I used this stupid zombie code link. What a waste. Shoulda just used a referral since it was guaranteed.

      Otoh first time ever I’ve encountered this sorta glitch. I’ve used plenty of almost dead links before. Bonus always posted. Either Amex is cracking down or OP/Reddit used garbage code to generate a garbage app link.

      Then again Amex bungled up the launch of this product too. So many things w the blue biz plus card are broken. MRs don’t work w amazon. Amex offers don’t show up, not a single one. Then something abt how it might use a diff version/tier of MRs that are different from premium MRs.

      What a mess. On top of that Amex is giving me, a long time customer, the runaround. Over a measly 20k pts. Sigh

  78. Plungerjoke says:

    They said I should have a resolution by August 16th.

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