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Published on May 25th, 2017 | by Chuck


FAQ about Amex Blue Business Plus Card

This card currently has no sign up bonus.

Amex released a new 2x everywhere card called the Blue Business Plus card. There is a maximum of $50,000 in spend per calendar year which earns 2x, beyond that it earns just 1x per dollar.

  • Here’s a Direct Link (non-affiliate) to the card offer.

In this post we’ll discuss the new card in more detail and answer some of the questions readers asked as well.


Does the card have a signup bonus?

Most public signup links don’t have any signup bonus. However, affiliate channels do have a 20,000 MR signup bonus offer after spending $3k. We don’t use affiliate links on the site, but you can go to your favorite blogger who does have those link and use theirs.

A reader also found a non-affiliate link with the offer: Direct Link

I doubt we’ll see a bigger signup bonus on the card (with the possible exception of targeted offers); my impression is that this is Amex’s new ‘Double-Cash’ kind of card, not something that they’ll promote with big bonuses. Good chance this 20k bonus is time-limited.

If I previously had the old Blue for Business, can I get the signup bonus on this card?

The rule with Amex is that you can’t get the bonus if you had the card previously (even if you didn’t get a bonus the first time). This card, too, has those terms: “Welcome bonus offer [is] not available to applicants who have or have had this product.”

Typically, a rebranded product would be considered a new card which means you can get the bonus on this new version of the card. I reached out to @askamex to verify and they confirmed that you will be eligible for the bonus.

Will the card count toward 5/24 on my credit report?

Amex business cards don’t show up on the credit report and won’t count toward 5/24. Further, balances shown on Amex business cards don’t hurt your credit score since they aren’t reported to the personal credit bureaus.

Can I get this card if I already have 4 Amex cards?

This card is a credit card, not a charge card, which means it counts toward your limit.

The limit used to be 4, though recently many people have been able to get 5. The limit combines personal and business cards. If you already have 5 Amex credit cards, you won’t be able to get this card.

Is the old Blue for Business card still available?

It’s been discontinued for new signups in favor of the new version. Many people still have the old version from previous signup.

What’s are the key differences between the old Blue for Business card and the new Blue Business Plus card?

Key changes:

  • The new card earns 2x everywhere (up to $50k) while the old version earned just 1.3x (after the annual bonus).
  • The new card earns real, transferrable Membership Rewards points while the old one earned an anomalous, non-transferrable version of MR points. (This doesn’t matter for people who have other real MR-earning cards.) There are now two options if you want a no-fee Amex card to keep your MR points alive: Amex Everyday and Blue Business Plus.

Can I product change my old Blue to the new Blue Business Plus card?

The old Blue for Business card should be easily product-changable to the new version. We’ll need data points to confirm. No hard pull is done for product changing. [Update: People are reporting that Amex is not allowing this now. If I had to guess, I’d say that it just takes time to be able to product-change to a new product, and in a few months it’ll work.]

The timing is also good since many people have just a few months left until their old Blue for Business card 2.3x offer ends. Just be sure to wait until your 30% bonus posts at the end of the year before switching.

If you product change instead of applying, you’ll lose out on the 20k signup bonus. While that bonus is on the small side, remember this card isn’t showing up as new on your credit report anyway, so it’s just the hard pull.

You have to decide if a hard pull is worth 20k MR to you. A year ago I’d have said no, now I’d probably do it. Remember, Amex has been approving some existing customers without any hard pull at all.

Can I product-change a different card to the new Blue Plus?

Good question.

You certainly won’t be able to product change a charge card to become a credit card or a personal card to become a business card. That leaves us with six potential candidates for product changing: SPG, one of the Delta cards, SimplyCash, and Lowes.

The best chance would be SimplyCash since it’s not a co-brand. Data points needed.

My impression had always been that co-brands could not be product-changed, however, there is one data point of someone who was able to change a Delta to a Blue last year. (They even sent me a screenshot showing the two cards with the same card number.)  If you try this, please let us know how it went.

Will I get 3x on Uber (2 base + 1 promotional)?

I don’t think so. It’s not in this list of cards.

Does the card have any fees?

No annual fee. It does have a 2.7% foreign transaction fee.

Should I signup for the card?

It obviously depends a lot on how you value Membership Rewards points. Remember, MR value will go down soon for a lot of people when the Platinum 50% rebate dies.

If you value MR at a conservative 1.5%, then this will be a 3% card for $50k of annual spend. That’s an extra $500 in rewards over a 2% card or $250 over a 2.5% card. Or we can compare it to the Everyday Preferred which earns 1.5x. You can earn an extra 25,000 MR points each year by using the business card.

It’s also good for those who are always maxed out on their 2% cards – this will be another solid, all-around card to use (within it’s $50k limit). The card primarily makes sense for someone who will max out the $50k spend or come close to it.

For me, another big advantage to this card is that fact that it’s a fee-free business card for Amex Offers! Due to all the scrutiny on how many new cards appear on your credit report, I try adding AUs to business cards instead of personal cards. The problem is that I don’t want to add AUs to a card like business Platinum which might get cancelled at year’s end. A fee-free card is a perfect candidate for AU’s.

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Damn Chuck, great succinct post.

Do you think a person will now need to have both the EDP and Blue Business Plus? In this example, consider that this person will not reach the $50K spending on the Blue.

I was looking for some cooldown card for my 5/24 status. I think this is perfect for my situation 🙂


That’s exactly why I decided to apply for this card today with someone’s affiliate link. I wanted something that earned well and could be used by my partner and me but not hit our reports.

Would this be a good first AMEX for someone? I’ve been holding off to get under 5/24 soon and ignored Amex completely so far.

Absolutely not. You will want to focus on the much more luctrative 50k, 75k, and 100k offers that exist via PRG, BGR, and different variants of the Plat card. The only way this card makes any bit of sense is if one is otherwise unable to meet the spend requirements on those bigger offers.

Thank you for confirming. Clearly I gotta lot to study about Amex.

If you’re looking for a first Alex just to get your foot in the door, I would recommend the personal Green or basic Gold charge Card. They’re pretty easy to get if you have a decent FICO score and no recent lates or excessive inquiries. You might be able to find a sign up bonus of 25,000 MR points if you look for them. Keep us posted.

Those do not meet his need to avoid personal cards to stay under 5/24 though

Ugh. Can’t believe that, literally, a few hours of waiting would of made a 20,000 point difference. So typical of my luck/life.

I don’t understand people who rush Amex apps when you know it’s once per lifetime. Like, uh…..You couldn’t wait and see if there’s a bonus? Had to apply as soon as it was announced on DoC and Reddit? Your own damn fault

“That leaves us with six potential candidates for product changing: SPG, one of the Delta cards, SimplyCash, and Lowes.”

There’s actually another one since there are two SimplyCash cards – SimplyCash and SimplyCash Plus. The non-Plus is no longer available for new apps, but many people still have it.

Would you take the SPG biz over this?

SPG Business had a 35K offer until recently (25K for $5000 spend within 3 months, an additional 10K for another $3000 spend within 6 months). I don’t know what the current offer is. There’s a $95 annual fee that’s waived for the first year. SPG points are more transferable than MR points. The big advantages of this Blue card are the 2X and the $0 annual fee.

Current offer is 25K for $3000 spend.

DP — I tried to product change from SimplyCash today and was told that would not be possible.

Amex wouldn’t let me pc from old Simply Cash to the new SC Plus – tried several times as it made no sense not to be able since same family. Little surprise wouldn’t let you pc to this card.

They won’t let you PC from a card that earns cash to one that earns MR. I’ve tried several times with my blue cash and they’re not in the same network or something.

Who is eligible for this “business” card? Can I apply it for myself?

It seems that removing the affiliate ID portion of the URL seems to allow you to get the bonus offer page without giving any affiliate credit:

OK, I am seeing the 20,000 MR point bonus offer even without any number in the URL:

I like how you pointed out the amex offers and the AU’s. Good points.
Question: does this card keep your amex points from expiring or losing them if you close the amex gold or platinum?

Yes, DoC pointed it out in “What are the key differences…” part. Now we have two no annual choices: Everyday (personal) and Blue Biz Plus (biz).

Does this get an extra point (so 3x total) on AmEx travel?

According to the benefits terms “You will get 1 Membership Rewards® point for every eligible dollar you spend on your Membership Rewards program-enrolled American Express® Card. You will get 1 additional point (***for a total of 2 points***) for each dollar of eligible travel purchases made on”.

It looks like only 2x, not 3x.

Hi my first ever Biz card is the Chase Ink Preferred which I got a month ago. I have 0 Amex biz cards. I’d like to get targeted more for the larger Amex biz card bonuses. I’ll be under 4/24 early next year so just want to stick with Amex biz cards for now. Would you all suggest getting this card as my first biz card in the hopes that a miracle happens & I’ll get targeted for Amex Plat Biz 100k/5k spend? With the help of readers here I was able to get last month personal Amex Plat Incognito 100k. Thanks!

charles chang

applied and got instant approval. This makes my amex ED card useless

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