Posted by William Charles on May 8, 2016
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Published on May 8th, 2016 | by William Charles


Luxury Card Remove Sign Up Bonuses From Their Titanium, Black & Gold Cards & Send Out First Luxury Gifts

No More Sign Up Bonuses

Luxury Card launched three premium credit cards in January of this year: Titanium, Black & Gold. When they launched they came with the following sign up bonuses and annual fees:

  • Titanium: $195 annual fee and 10,000 point sign up bonus ($100 cash or $200 in airfare)
  • Black: $495 annual fee and 25,000 point sign up bonus ($375 cash or $500 in airfare)
  • Gold: $995 annual fee and 50,000 point sign up bonus ($1,000 cash or $1,000 in airfare)

It looks like all of the cards no longer come with a sign up bonus, if anybody knows of a link with the sign up bonuses please let me know in the comments. The benefits on the cards are OK, but no way do they justify the massive annual fees. These cards were awesome for active duty military members as they are able to get the annual fees completely waived on Barclaycard products (and these are issued by Barclaycard).

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I wouldn’t even recommend military members sign up for these cards anymore. Let’s hope that Luxury Card sees sense and brings back the sign up bonuses. It looks like they removed the sign up bonuses on these cards sometime in late April (I think April 28th)

Luxury Gifts

One of the benefits of both the Black & Gold card is that it comes with Luxury Gifts. They don’t let you know how often they will send out these gifts or what the gifts are, but people have reported receiving their first gift. Primary cardholders and authorized users have both reported receiving gifts (although keep in mind their is a $195 fee for adding an authorized user to the Black card and $295 for adding an authorized user to the Gold card). Everybody that received a gift (and it doesn’t look like all cardholders received one) reported receiving a customized pen or pencil (including their full name, which hurts any resell value) from cross valued at around $125.

Images are via vinto923 on /r/churning.

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What a joke lol.
If I wanted a $200 pen with my name on it I would order it for far far less.


Should read if I wanted a $2 pen for $200 I could go to Staples.

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