Posted by Chuck on April 22, 2016

Published on April 22nd, 2016 | by Chuck


Mega Roundup: Chase Shutdown, 250k MR Offer, Citi Premier MIA, 1800Flowers, Plastiq, Giftcardmall, and Much More

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I’ll be away next week so posting may be lighter.

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Churnbase Admin

Hah did not expect to see this when I opened up DoC this morning! I’m the creator of churnbase (/u/vcjohnson). Thanks for the shout out Chuck, if you/anyone has requests/issues please let me know, would love to get some feedback from the community so I can make the tool better for everyone!


ummm suggestions… limit of 500 chars for comments is too short… if you use sql, increase the value to like 2000 because it is a good place to specify how you applied and other information like retention call info that you basically just asked for with you comment. Skimming through the large comments after a while will probably give you amazing ideas of what to add to your questionnaire as i forgot a couple of my suggestions while writing this.

Fields I would add to the questionnaire
Average age of credit

I cant tell which blue cash is which, as in legacy blue cash or old one, and the current blue cash non preferred. I am sure I could figure it out if i tried hard enough… but too much work… you should add the word old or legacy to it to differentiate.

“New Credit Accounts” needs to be broken up into 3 one for each bureau because if the bank pulled 1 report, they should only see one bureau, but they could have done soft pulls of the others or even 2 pulls. having all the info would be better in my mind.

you should add something like Credit relationship under banking relationship to signify if people have other cards with the bank or loans because they can definitely see your entire life with them and if you have no bank account but you do have loans / cards, they will 100% look into your payment history. maybe even add a box for missed payments that takes an integer value.

good luck with this project, I am all for it as I wish I had know about this 6 – 10 months ago before I applied for and got 3 new business cards and 5 new personal cards. =)


-Business –

Ink +
Amex Simply Cash (no pull)
Amex Business Gold (80,000k offer no pull)

-Personal –

Blue cash legacy/old (no Pull)
Citi Double cash (1 pull)
Upromise World Master (1 pull)
ATT More Access (750$ offer) (no pull)
Fidelity Amex (1 pull)

Blue cash upgrade to preferred (no pull) (start at 2k upped limit to 4k no pull)
Discover me Xfer into Discover It (no pull)

I think someone at AMEX loves me because I haven’t been pulled since my very first card.


so if I have same offer on two different cards, will I get 20,000 MR points? Amex has only one MR account for all MR eligible cards and that might just restrict me to 10,000 MR points. Any insight?

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