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Published on June 16th, 2014 | by William Charles


MetaBank Gift Cards Available Online ($1,000 Denominations) $4.95 Fee

Update: It looks like none of these cards are available for purchase anymore. We will update this post if that changes.

Reddit user dtimm93 was the first to post this, somebody then quickly posted it to FlyerTalk. It looks like you can purchase four types of cards from MetaCard online and in much higher denominations.

  • MasterCard gift card: $1,000 limit, $4.95 activation fee
  • Travel MasterCard card: $1,500 limit, $6.95 activation fee
  • Reloadable Visa card:  $1,500 limit, $6.95 activation fee & $3 monthly fee
  • Youth card:  $1,500 limit, $6.95 activation fee & $3 monthly fee

It looks like you can also do ATM withdrawals with the travel card (cost of $1.50 per withdrawal), this could come in handy if you have any owner/operator fee free ATMs near you. To view these cards follow these instructions:

metabank $1500 gift cards


Is there a shipping charge?

No, shipping is free for all four cards.

What merchant category code is used?

It posted as SIMPLEXES ONLINE SALES. Currently unaware of anything that will earn a higher than normal category bonus on these purchases.

[Read: Find out what a MCC is & how it’s used out what MCC is used]

What credit cards can be used?

Mastercard, Discover & Visa only.

What cards code as a purchase & what codes as a cash advance?

As always, this information is accurate as far as we are aware. Use this information at your own risk, we recommend setting your cash advance limit to $0.

  • Barclay Arrival Plus: Worked with cash advance limit set to lower than $1,04.95 purchase

What limits are there?

Your shopping cart cannot exceed $1,500 at any time.

How do I set my PIN for these cards?

Call the number on the back of the card & follow the prompts. You should also be able to use the last four digits on the card as the default PIN.

MasterCard Gift Card:

These look to be your standard MasterCard gift cards. You can set a PIN but cannot use this card for ATM withdrawals.

We will be doing some additional research on these cards to see what can & can’t be done. Obviously buy these at your own risk.

MasterCard Travel Card:

This card comes with a $6.95 activation fee, but you can fund it with up to $1,500. It’s also possible to set a PIN and use it for ATM withdrawals.

  • Domestic withdrawals: $1.50
  • International withdrawals: $3

There is also a $0.5 fee when you use your PIN to spend money which may make it an unattractive option for those looking to load this onto something else. It’s possible to do online reloads (presumably a credit card can be used) but this comes with a fee of $10.

Because of the load fee, I’m assuming that MetaBank is only envisioning that people hold a maximum of one of these cards. Purchase does require your SSN so be careful of purchasing multiple cards at this stage as it might lead to shut down. There is also a hard limit of one travel card per order.

metabank travel card fees


Reloadable Visa

This card is similar to the travel card but it’s a Visa instead of MasterCard. It also has a monthly fee of $3 (waived with direct deposit). Another key difference is that this account does not charge you $0.5 per PIN transaction. Online loads and ATM withdrawals all have the same fees attached though.

reloadable visa fees

Youth MasterCard

This looks to be the exact same product as the Reloadable visa, except it’s a MasterCard instead. The fee structure is otherwise exactly the same.

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Arielle Bianchimano

Can only be purchased with Visa, MC, and Discover. No amex 🙁 Post says MC and Amex


Does the travel card run as a debit card? I.e. can you use it for loading BB or money orders?


Some more info as I’ve bought 4 of these cards over the last few months:
Bank of America and Chase cards run as purchases.
Citi and US Bank run as cash advances.
Customer service sucks, took 2 weeks to receive a card to CA and I called to say the card was lost in the mail and they charged me $5 to send a replacement.
I believe you can ACH the funds off the card via PayPal and Bluebird, but they don’t like that.
Personally this card isn’t worth the hassle and wait times to save a few bucks, I’d rather go to CVS and Walmart and do my MS in under 20 minutes than bother with MetaBank.


I see that the online reload fee is $10 but what is the maximum amount that can be reloaded at once?


Only $1,000 per online load for a 1% fee. I believe it shows up instantly.


Did you have to set cash advance to 0 on chase or would the purchase just go on as a cash advance but change to a purchase?

Emmanuel Ruiz
Emmanuel Ruiz

Has anyone who have received any of these cards ever tried loading BB via WalMart Koisk? (Not Teller). What was the result?


How did you set cash advance limit less than $1004.95 with Barclays Arrival Plus MC? I couldn’t find any option on my account, so I sent a secure message to Barclays. They responded that it is not possible to adjust the cash advance limit, that is something preset based on a percentage of your line of credit. Just curious how you went about adjusting your cash advance limit.

Also how do you cash out MC GCs at Walmart? It’s always been a problem for me at the Walmarts I go, no way to change from credit to debit in order to use a PIN. Thx.


Thanks for sharing. Is it possible to buy a travel card, empty it through ATM withdrawals/Evolve Money and then repeat the process by buying a new travel card each time?


Hi! I just tried purchasing using my CITI AAdvantage MC, and got an email that the order was not processed.
Is it because I had set my cash advance to ZERO???
Probably Metabank is processing it as a cash advance.


What is the advantage of this card over Visa Buxx? TD $1 for $1000 and can even use Citi cards. No CA fees. Can then use for MOs and any pin transactions.


For cards that can be used, I think you mean VISA, MC, and Discover. I don’t see option to use AMEX.


Has anyone tried buying these with the DIY Home Improvement gift card? I ask because it supposedly acts like a Discover Crdit Card…?


Can I use AMEX gift card to buy those gift card?


I tried purchasing with Chase CC today and it it did not go through, though I was able to purchase using Chase CC 6 days ago without it being processed as cash advance..


Grant or William
Is it possible to just buy these Travel MasterCards then cash them out at a fee free ATM per the description below? I dont like dealing with Walmart (and dont live around any) with BB or MS, but if these cards can be cashed out at an ATM – I’d consider trying it out.

It looks like you can also do ATM withdrawals with the travel card (cost of $1.50 per withdrawal), this could come in handy if you have any owner/operator fee free ATMs near you. To view these cards follow these instructions:
Travel MasterCard card: $1,500 limit, $6.95 activation fee

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