Posted by William Charles on February 5, 2015

Published on February 5th, 2015 | by William Charles


Mogl Money, AirBnB To Pay Taxes, REDBird Updates, Christmas Markets & More

Below are a few little articles I enjoyed reading recently, I thought you might enjoy them as well. If I missed any that you enjoyed, share them in the comments.

  • The Christmas Markets of Mainz, Germany by Tagging Miles. Nice little trip report, I love Christmas markets and that small town feel. Added it to my ever growing list of places to visit (I really need to go back to Germany and not spend months in Berlin this time).
  • Airbnb Gets Smart, Starts Paying Hotel Taxes by Pearls of Travel Wisdom. I’d also recommend reading the Washington post article which has more information. I find it staggering that AirBnB has already paid $5 million in taxes in Portland & San Francisco and it’s not based on the number of guests. That sounds like a “legitimate bribe” to me. These taxes are generally used for convention and general funds. I don’t understand why this tax needs to be paid by anybody, let alone AirBnB but that’s all part of paying the political game.
  • Free Money with Mogl Cash Back by Travel with Grant. I’ve talked about Mogl once briefly before, I’ve been meaning to use it more often so thanks for this timely post by grant.
  • Target recodes REDbird registers by Frequent Miler. Looks like FM is also now writing click bait titles, don’t worry you can still load with a credit card. Multiple swipes will no longer work as it worked previously, read the most for more information.
  • The opportunity cost of manufacturing status by Frequent Miler. I don’t worry about status at all, I really don’t think it’s worth worrying about unless you do a lot of business travel. I do a lot of business travel and I still don’t worry about it. Instead of being loyal to one hotel or airline, I am as unloyal as can be and I still constantly get the same or better level of service that elites get (hint: companies will throw money and bonuses at  new customers, they very rarely do it for existing customers).

9 Responses to Mogl Money, AirBnB To Pay Taxes, REDBird Updates, Christmas Markets & More

  1. David says:


    Thanks for posting this and sorry if this unrelated but I didn’t know where to post my comments so I hope you can help:
    I just did my app-o-rama on December 2014, can I do my app-o-rama again now since I want to take advantage of increased sign up bonus on Chase United business card?
    Can I apply 1 business (United business) and 1 personal (Hyatt) cards with Chase using 2BM trick, what do you think about my chance of getting approved? I currently have 6 cards with Chase.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    • Bob says:

      Your pushing it – on the number of cards and your recent pulls. First off, Chase will unlikely auto-approve 2 applications (you will get 2 pulls for business and personal). 6 cards is getting near or at Chase’s max. You will likely be chatting on the phone and begging to move credit around and close existing accounts.

  2. XP1 says:

    Mogl is only available in California and Arizona.

    “Where is Mogl Available?
    Last Updated: Feb 13, 2014 11:10AM PST

    Right now you can play Mogl in San Diego, Orange County, Ventura County, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Phoenix.”

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