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Published on July 19th, 2018 | by William Charles


More Details On Aeroplan Program Post 2020 (20 Airline Transfer Partners, Redeem Points For Any Flight, Chartered Flights & More)

Starting in 2020, Air Canada will launch it’s own loyalty program. Air Canada spun off Aeroplan (the current Air Canada loyalty program) in 2002 as a separate entity, Aeroplan was eventually sold to Aimia who are the current owners. They have an exclusive contract with Air Canada until June 29th, 2020. Air Canada plans to open their own loyalty program at this time, meaning Air Canada flights will no longer be credited to Aeroplan and Aeroplan will lose access to saver awards and Star Alliance awards as well.

In May we got some details on how Aeroplan plans to stay competitive and a viable option without exclusive access. Aeroplan has released press release explaining this transition in more detail. Here are the key take aways from that press release:

  • Aeroplan Members will be able to choose any seat on any airline (International Air Transport Association accredited airlines). No information on how much points will be worth.
  • Airline miles will be transferrable to 20 different airline programs + an undisclosed amount of hotel partners. No information on transfer rates is provided, this is in partnership with Kaligo Solutions. Kaligo provides miles/points for hotel bookings. I suspect the transfer partners will be what Kaligo already offers (24 airlines listed here)
  • Ability to book cars through travel portal using Aeroplan miles
  • Round trip flights will cost:
    •  North American short-haul: 15,000
    • North American long-haul: 25,000
    • Mexico and Caribbean: 40,000
    • Europe: 60,000
    • Asia: 75,000
  • Ability to book using cash + miles

Possible airline travel partners

Interestingly when they talk about these round trip flights they plan to use bulk and block purchasing, stand-alone charters & preferred airline partner relationships.

Our Verdict

You’ll notice that the only time they talk about how much Aeroplan miles will actually be worth is when they give the round trip flight prices. They talk about redeeming miles on any airline, but not about how much miles are worth when doing so. You can transfer to 20 airline partners, but what is the transfer rate? When I’ve previously looked at Kaligo for hotel bookings, I’ve found the prices to be more expensive than other booking portals so my expectations for a good transfer rate is extremely low.

My recommendation would be to keep burning Aeroplan miles sooner rather than later until we get some firm details on how much the miles will actually be worth. I’m still waiting to find out with Air Canada is planning to do with their own new program, who will win the rights to that co-branded credit card partnership for example?

Hat tip to Points Hogger & VFTW

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They can’t possibly give a good transfer rate, at least while still being a transfer partner for Memberships Rewards points.

Syam Karimojju
Syam Karimojju

Rates given here. Pretty attractive.

The following round-trip flights will be offered beginning at the following Aeroplan Miles:

North American short-haul: 15,000
North American long-haul: 25,000
Mexico and Caribbean: 40,000
Europe: 60,000
Asia: 75,000

Syam Karimojju
Syam Karimojju

“These mileage levels are the same that we provide our members today. Together, these destinations represent close to 95 per cent of flight redemptions through the Aeroplan program.”


Hoping for a 2:1. Expecting a 3:1

Would be stunned if it was 1:1 with anything.

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