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Gerald (@guest_1871208)
July 8, 2024 15:08

Article in WSJ behind a paywall:
Vanguard’s Die-Hard Customers Have a Message for New CEO: ‘The Service Is Abysmal’

tuphat (@guest_1871234)
July 8, 2024 16:03
Jared (@guest_1870429)
July 6, 2024 13:43

The match isn’t worth the move to RobbingHood.
Vanguard wants nothing to do with the individual investor. I jumped ship last month.
Fidelity is easily #1.

Retired (@guest_1868292)
July 2, 2024 14:24

Robinhood support sucks. Takes forever to get someone online to ask a simple question. Can’t seem to be able to talk to a real person.

B^2 (@guest_1865131)
June 26, 2024 12:46

 Chuck – I never had Vanguard account because AFAIK never had a SUB 🙂 But the “fintech” guys sure do spend some money luring assets in. I have an offer (assume it it targeted?) for 1.25% transfer bonus with Webull. Expires 6/30, assets need to be maintained until 6/30/26. Webull also have 3.5% IRA bonus that pays out 1/5 over next 5 yrs… final payout June 2029. I’m a little too squeamish to put too many eggs in that basket for so long esp with Chinese ownership.

tuphat (@guest_1871242)
July 8, 2024 16:09

Factoid fwiw: China and other foreign countries own about 25% of all USG outstanding debt.

Bonus: IMDB link to “Rollover” (1981) —

Tony (@guest_1864786)
June 25, 2024 19:08

Chuck said that he considers transferring his IRA from Vanguard to Robinhood. Would it be too late to start the transfer and hope that it completes this week before the fee starts July 1?

Summer (@guest_1875515)
July 16, 2024 07:08

Did you find out if the Vanguard fee applies to IRAs? Very curious  Chuck

Jon (@guest_1864707)
June 25, 2024 16:22

Oh man, somehow i missed this, amazing deal. Don’t think i have time for an ACATS to complete at this point… missed out on nearly $50k!!

Joey (@guest_1865483)
June 27, 2024 09:43

You have 5 million dollars?

S (@guest_1873352)
July 11, 2024 23:40

Well, now you can get $100K with WeBull 🙂
… if you’re willing to risk $4.5M non-SIPC insured in a high-risk brokerage 😕

Chad (@guest_1864575)
June 25, 2024 12:49

Does a full account transfer automatically close the vanguard account or is that a separate action?

Sultan (@guest_1864569)
June 25, 2024 12:40

Y’all remember GameStop, right? Once you’ve lost trust, you can’t earn it back. You’ve all been warned.

Kyle (@guest_1864836)
June 25, 2024 20:46

Wells Fargo has done much worse than RH, yet we all stfu and take their money every year.

Anyways thanks for the warning but they are not earning our trust back, they are buying it. Most of us at DoC are fine with that..

raj (@guest_1864887)
June 25, 2024 22:26

Robinhood did nothing wrong in the gamestop fiasco. That narrative being promoted by “apes” was literally just a meme and steeped in financial illiteracy and the community’s vested interest in keeping the bubble going.

Ross (@guest_1864545)
June 25, 2024 11:56


RH will reimburse $75 for the cancelation fee you incurred with vanguard if you show them your last vanguard statement and it shows the cancellation fee. Take advantage of that, just chat them and they’ll handle it pretty quick, they did with me.

Lots of people having heart attacks over Robinhood and it’s all off of people who are idiots trading options with no experience and the GameStop issue. Robinhood has great product offerings, IRA match, etc. The transfer bonuses were great too. I have my assets in VOO and SCHG. No gambling problem, just daily automated investing which RH makes easy unlike vanguard.

If you are a long term investor Robinhood is a great choice and the people who think otherwise are paranoid as shit.

Summer (@guest_1864475)
June 25, 2024 09:35

Anyone know the best current IRA transfer promo?