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Published on November 8th, 2018 | by William Charles


New American Express Business Gold Rewards Card Now Live

As predicted, the new American Express Business Gold Card is now live.

Card Basics

  • $295 annual fee, not waived first year
  • Sign up bonus of 1 year free of G Suite basic for 3 users and up to 1 year of ZipRecruiter Standard
  • Card earns 4x points on the two categories your business spends the most each billing cycle, from the following list (up to $150,000 in combined purchases each calendar year):
    • U.S. purchases at restaurants (this is an added category over the old Business Gold Rewards card)
    • Airfare purchased directly from airlines
    • U.S. purchases for advertising in select media
    • U.S. purchases at gas stations
    • U.S. purchases for shipping
    • U.S. computer hardware, software, and cloud computing purchases made directly from select providers
  • 25% points back after you book a flight with pay with points

Our Verdict

I’m trying to stay open minded with this new card, but this just seems absolutely awful to me? The annual fee has increased by $120 and categories have gone from 3x to 4x (although you do get two categories instead of only one) plus the 25% back on points. For some people this card might be worth keeping long term, but the sign up bonus is absolutely awful. I’m so glad we were able to warn readers about these changes and suggest they sign up for offers of 60,00075,000 points yesterday. I can’t see this offer being a long term winner for American Express.

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Restaurants are also a 4x MR category.

Oh, nice, at least something more added here. Added to the post.

The larger and 1st year not waived AF makes this card not even attractive to get just for the sign-up bonus. So, getting it yesterday with no AF, 50K sign-up bonus and 15K self-referral MR points was a win. Throw in a year of 4x on some purchases that I don’t have another card to match that rate, and it wasn’t a bad way to get your once in a lifetime bonus from the Amex Biz Gold card.

Tried to apply yesterday as well, but they removed it a minute later from the site, and the application errored out 🙁

You wouldn’t get 4x if you got the old card. Still would be under the 3/2x MR structure.

Yeah, we didn’t know that when I made the post early this morning.

Thanks to the heads up from William Charles I was able to get on the sign-up and referral bonus with no AF for the 1st year.

It’s a race to the bottom, and they’re the only one in the race.

Do you know if they will convert existing biz gold cards to this new one?

I think Amex is going to need only one hand to keep track of their new sign ups.


Man, what a drop in signup value compared to the $1,500 G-Suite credit plus 50K offer for no AF.

It now covers g-suite for a year rather than 3 months…

in the T&C, G-suite bonus is given in the form of statement credit, and only up to $200 a year

Agreed. And that $1500 G Suite credit was able to be liquidated into ~$1400 cash if you knew how to do it and didn’t need G Suite.

Any way you’d be interested in giving us a hint on where to find out how to do this?

It’s no longer possible, Google has caught on and refuses to issue refunds for prepaid balances, citing the AMEX offer.

It’s on reddit as well. Buy, wait for credit, cancel and ask for refund.

Indeed! Or a bit less if you are willing to wait it out to be safe….

Does G Suite purchase count as one of the bonus categories?

Yes it used to be under advertising category

Data points on Reddit indicates that it does not qualify for bonus spend.

Thanks for the heads up yesterday. Only use I could even think of for new card is MSing at gas station.

Wait this doesn’t have any sign up bonus? The biz green is a better card than this now!

Thanks for yesterday’s post. A household member was able to refer me for 15k mr, and I got the last day of no af and 50k/$5k bonus.

This is still early in the rollout- something tells me there will still be a regular MR signup bonus on this card. I just can’t imagine that they rolled this out with no points signup bonus at all- that would be unprecedented for AMEX I believe. Let’s give it a few days and see..

There was a period of a few weeks earlier this year where the $1500 G-Suite credit was the only sign up bonus, no points.

They added restaurants which, afaik, is the only business card with bonused restaurant spend. This is great for my travelling employees! I’m very excited about this card and will now use it a lot more.

How much are they paying you?

Haha! I spend roughly $20k/year on Microsoft Azure which was bonused at 3x before. So I now get a free 20k points for the 3x->4x switch, which more then covers the increased AF, plus I get bonused restaurant spend. Bonused business restaurant spend was a big hole in my biz card lineup. I’ll keep my advertising, shipping and travel with Chase Ink Preferred. Doing this I should get 3x-4x spend on nearly all business spend.

I was kidding of course, but ya it will clearly work out for some. Congrats

Amex SPG business has 4x on restaurants.

SPG (Marriot) pts are worth roughly half Amex MR pts (IMO) — but that still a nice bonus!

To me they are worth the same. I just use MR points for gift cards.

Ink cash is 2X bonus spend on gas and Restuarants no AF 12 mo 0% and 50K UR with MSR.

But not 4X on has Dining/Gas but it sounds like your AU are employees.

I kinda of wished I had time last night to have applied had it on my list.

Yeah, I forgot about that card. Thanks! We looked at it but the $25k/year limit was, well, limiting. 😊

Thanks Doc! Yesterday I picked up 75k offer for my wife and I self referred on the 50k offer for myself.

Talked to Amex about what it means for current cardholders and was told I had the option to upgrade to the new card, but would be charged the annual fee.

“I have checked and I see that your current card annual ,membership waived off for first year, however if you upgrade your card in New business Gold card, the annual member ship fee will be billed from your next month statement once you upgrade it.”

I applied and was approved for this card yesterday, since the waived annual fee seemed like a better deal overall. Was able to add the card to my account already, too.

Couldn’t pick my 3x category yesterday, but I wasn’t sure if it was because the card is new or not. I also have a lot of AmEx offers available on the card, but I can’t add any because it says they’re already on other cards, so the whole new card integration seems very glitchy for me.

Still shows as being able to pick a 3x category today, but when I try to do it it loads endlessly, so not sure if I’ll be able to pick one or if it’s going to switch over to the 4x structure for the new card.

Not too upset about it if it’s just a 3x on one category situation, though. The 50k + 15k referral bonus and no annual fee, even with only 3x points for one bonus category that I want, is going to be a lot better than what they have currently.

same here on erroring out on the 3x caregory. hope thats a good sign

The old BGR links were dead around 11pm last night when I tried to apply. Lesson: don’t wait until the last minute

Same happened to me unfortunately (got busy with work and kid & forgot). The links were dead even earlier (around 9.30pm ET) for me. Oh well

Me too around 8pm on the West Coast. I was still able to call in and get the 50k offer by phone though. Had to wait own hold 15 minutes.

Me too! 🙁 🙁

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