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Published on November 6th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] American Express Business Gold Rewards 75,000 Signup Bonus for $10,000 Spend Via Phone [Rumor Last Day 11/07/2018]

Update 11/08/18: Card has been updated and this offer is sadly no longer available.

Update there is a rumor that the last day for this offer will be November 7th. This matches up with something else we’ve heard regarding some changes being made (unsure on specifics and if it even applies to this card) on November 8th.

Reader Ken was able to get the following bonus on the Business Gold Rewards card:

To receive this offer all he had to do was call American Express and ask. This isn’t the first time something like this has worked, in fact the same method is working for getting a bonus of 100,000 points on the Business Platinum card. The following directions should work:

  1. Call 1-800-971-6736
  2. Choose option 1, “apply for a new card”
  3. You’ll be redirected to a customer service representative.
  4. Ask for the offer
  5. Hope for the best

Card Details

  • Annual fee is waived the first year; second year and on there is an annual fee of $175.
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 3X points on one category of your choice from the list below:
      • Airfare purchased directly from airlines
      • U.S. purchases for advertising in select media
      • U.S. purchases at gas stations
      • U.S. purchases for shipping
      • U.S. computer hardware, software, and cloud computing purchases made directly from select providers
    • 2X points on the 4 remaining categories
    • 1X points on other purchases
  • I believe the once per lifetime rule applies to this card, would be surprised if it didn’t.

3X and 2X apply to the first $100,000 in purchases in each of the 5 categories per year, 1X point per dollar thereafter.

Our Verdict

We have seen similar offers on this card before with lower spend requirements ($5,000) but this is a competitive offer. Fingers crossed they send out targeted spending offers of 50,000 points at some stage for people that apply now as well. If anybody goes for this bonus, please share your experiences in the comments below. Since this now seems to be confirmed as working for a lot of readers, I’m adding it to our list of the best credit card bonuses. As far as I know and from the data points I’ve seen it’s not possible to match to this offer (but always worth a try in my opinion). Before applying or asking basic questions in the comments I’d recommend reading these things everybody should know about American Express credit cards.

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someone posted a DP on reddit of picking up a 150k/$20k biz plat by calling in.

also I believe DP’s of AmEx doing hard pull for BGR even if they no longer do a HP for AmEx personal cards in case anyone is in a similar boat as myself and doesn’t want to potentially miss out on their Q2 months Citi cards.

i didnt get a HP on bgr

Called to apply for my business which has been open for 1yr and with very low revenue. They asked for my Platinum rewards RSVP code. I asked about the Business Gold Rewards 75k/10k offer. They asked for RSVP code. I said I didn’t have one. They asked for my address, gave them my home address. I assume this was to check to see if I was targeted, which I’m sure I wasn’t, but they said they could offer the 75k/10k for whatever reason.

Approved instantly. This is my first Amex business card.

Thanks for the DP! Congrats.

Forgot to say, thanks DoC!

Also, very few questions were asked about the details of my business, and the revenue brackets were huge so I assume I was approved solely based on personal income and credit score. I’ve had almost every Amex personal card already.

Hmm applied/approved on June 28th, wonder what the odds of being matched with this offer by calling into a manager.

If I decide to try I’ll report back.

Of course I applied for this card yesterday online! 😉 Oh well, 50k MR is nice too.

Seems like calling up, then providing the the Biz card RSVP code works. But has anyone tried calling up then providing a RSVP code that has expired (but didnt use it back then)? Wonder if that will work ? Address will be the same

lifetime language?

I guess the call-in offer wouldn’t bypass the once in a life time bonus term, right?

You’ll never know, be upfront about it. I closed one last year and am wondering, in fact I won’t lift my freeze otherwise.

Pls see my comment below – I was reassured on the inbound call from Amex that I will receive it on a different business with different EIN.

I called and was offered only 50K/$5K. After giving my name and address 75K/$10k offer become available.

Hmm is this offer restrictive? As in does it have lifetime language associated w it or is the bonus available to those who’ve had the BGR previously?

I asked for both this deal and the biz plat 100k. Both times the reps insisted that since I didn’t have the code best I could get is 75k BP or 50k BGR.

I’ll just keep trying I guess but it’s certainly frustrating seeing these DPs and getting rejected as I have spend I need to hit.

My wife’s account is targeted with the 75k after 5k spend in the amex offers section. Looks like I’ll have her apply today. Thank you!

Actually, just realized the offer is on my account and this is a card I have had in the past. Even though I am targeted, would I still be eligible to get the bonus as I had it 2 years ago? I thought AMEX had a once per lifetime bonus rule.

Called in, was offered 75K for 10K spend on the BGR. Instantly approved.

$10,000 without gift cards and MS, however Amex defines that, Ouch

Tried again, apparently third time is the charm. Again had to deal with the no other offers and only 50k/5k and 75k/10k. I asked if she could check my address and she put me on a brief hold and came back with the good news that she could get me the 75k/10k BGR but not the 100k Biz Plat. Instantly approved.

Thanks DOC!

Persistence is key! Congrats!

Any data points on how far back chase systems go?

I was able to get Delta Gold again last summer after cancelling my last in 2010.

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