Posted by Chuck on April 28, 2017
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Published on April 28th, 2017 | by Chuck


New Amex Business Platinum Cardholders will get 50% Benefit for One Full Year

Amex will lower the business Platinum redemption rebate from 50% to 35% in June. However, new cardholders who signed up for the card since the new benefit was announced on October 5th will continue to receive the 50% rebate for one full year. And there won’t be any 500,000 limit.

The same goes for new cardholders who apply now for the Platinum card until May 31.

I speculated this earlier today, and it’s been confirmed by @AskAmex Twitter support to numerous people.


32 Responses to New Amex Business Platinum Cardholders will get 50% Benefit for One Full Year

  1. AsherO says:

    Will grandfathered account holders who get the 50% rebate for a year be subject to the 500k/year limitation? Will they also have to wait many weeks for the rebate to post?

  2. P says:

    Yes! That’s a relief. I have 364 days of this benefit

  3. A says:

    What about if you UPGRADED to platinum? Does that count as new?

  4. Sams says:

    Will upgraded cards get same year??

  5. Mike L says:

    Amex should just change their slogan to “one step forward and two steps back”. I think Chase will eventually nix some the Sapphire Reserve benefits, but at least they’re giving it a honeymoon period…

  6. Chucks says:

    Hmm, I bet Amex is realizing this isn’t a sustainable benefit. A frequent traveler who is racking up 5x flights on a personal platinum and redeeming at 2cpp is cleaning them out.

  7. Jf says:

    This is immensely depressing! Thinking of shifting my focus to us bank

  8. P says:

    i would be fine with this if the rebate was changed to include all flights and hotels redemption

  9. Sam says:

    I guess it is time to apply for the 150 mailer I found and get the 150K. Looks like AmEx can’t figure out how to actually compete with other cards.

  10. asdfasfd says:


  11. Louis says:

    So would you still recommend the card? For what reasons?

    • Depends on your circumstances and offer you receive. I know some people would pay $400 just for the lounge access, but that depends on how often you fly and what your home airport it is.

      • Louis says:

        Have a couple of major purchases coming up. Best offer I can get from AMEX is 100,000 Points for $10,000 spend in 3 months. Fly all the time. Home airport is LAX. Don’t think much of the AMEX Lounges as they are crazy overcrowded.

        Was more wondering along the lines of the cut in the 50% points back feature. I know it lasts a year, so was wondering if you still think the card it worthwhile.

  12. Nun says:

    How difficult is he approval process? I’ve had simply cash for 4+ years for my eBay sales but not a significant business that id expect they’d want for the platinum card. Thanks.

  13. Dan says:

    Is there an offer for Bus Plan that does not require 20k spend?

  14. Ave says:

    Oh shit….gotta go book my flights, but the flight I want to book isn’t in their system UGH!!!

  15. Jeff says:

    Make damn sure your airline is changed 48 hours previous

  16. Jeff says:

    Amex is looking for ANY excuse to NOT honor these rebates!

  17. Arny says:

    So I cancelled my business platinum today (1 of 2). The rep on the phone said that they would be clawing back the $200 airline fee that I used earlier this year. She said that even though the fee is per calendar year that if you cancel in the same year you used the credit that they will claw back the credit. She was pretty feisty and commented on a lot of the cards I have and have had. She wanted to know why I was applying for these cards. Hope I wasn’t flagged. Anyway, is this a new policy or was I just not aware of this?

    • Chris says:

      Good DP Arny – I feel like Amex has a very large gap between their ‘nice’ and ‘feisty’ CSRs. How many cards did you have with Amex at the time? Did they actually claw it back? I canceled my Plat Benz last week and used PreCheck, Amex Offers, and $200 for SW GCs all in that last month with no issues.

      • Arny says:

        Good question…I meant to follow up. I went through with the cancellation and nothing was clawed back…no Amex offers or airline fee reimbursement. I’m assuming now that I’m a couple weeks out that they wouldn’t all of a sudden claw it back now. The $450 annual fee had already posted maybe a week earlier and that was reimbursed the day after I cancelled. I had 4 cards with Amex at the time, 3 business (I have 3 legit businesses…one card for each business) and 1 personal (Hilton), but I had cancelled 3 Amex cards over the last year that I had only kept for one year (Starwood Personal, no fee Blue Cash, Premier Gold). By the way, my wife also cancelled a personal platinum card at the same time and also had a pretty aggressive CSR. He actually read her a list of all of the Amex cards she had ever had, even those cards that were older than 24 months. He commented that she appeared to have had close to every Amex card out there and reiterated that the bonus was once per lifetime. Before this month, cancelling Amex cards (and we have cancelled many) has been simple and easy. I’m not sure what happened. I have 25 hard pulls on Experian, and my wife has 20 (which Amex pulls). They didn’t mention this, but I wonder if they had access to that on the call. Last time I applied for a BOA card (Merrill +…not approved even with stellar credit), the rep actually mentioned the 25 hard pulls as the reason for denying me. Unfortunately, in our experience/location, Citi, Chase, Amex, and BOA all pull from Experian, which of course, is a major bummer.

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