New Blue For Business Offer – Up To 25,000 Points (10k After First Purchase & 15k After $5k)

The Offer

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  • American Express have launched a new offer on their Blue For Business credit card. You can get up to 25,000 points, broken down as follows:
    • 10,000 points after making your first purchase within the first three months of card membership
    • Additional 15,000 points after you spend $5,000 within the first six months of card membership

blue for business

Card Details

  • 1x Membership rewards points on purchases
  • 2x points on Uber and on bookings made on the American Express travel website
  • Receive 30% more points with the annual relationship bonus
  • Annual fee of $0 and additional cardholders can also be added for free
  • Standard American Express OPEN benefits
  • You cannot transfer these points to transfer partners unless you have another American Express card that allows this

Our Verdict

A previous offer just expired offering the following:

  • Get 10,000 bonus Membership Rewards points after making your first purchase within 3 months
  • Get 10x MR points at restaurants for six months; max $2,000 in spend for 20,000 points
  • Get 2x MR points for a full year on all purchase; max $50,000 of spend for 100,000 points

I can see some people preferring the old offer and some people preferring this offer depending on what your spending habits are like. This new offer is probably a lot better for those with limited restaurant spend and those who won’t really be able to take advantage of the 2x points everywhere for the first year (really 2.3 with the relationship bonus). It’s good to see that American Express are keeping an increased bonus on this card as well.

If you’re thinking about applying for this card, I’d recommend reading these things everybody should know about American Express cards first.

Hat tip to SJ0

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Kkkk (@guest_359482)
February 24, 2017 07:43

Applied Blue cash preferred, gold rewards, business green and blue for business yesterday. All approved.

Kkkk (@guest_359483)
February 24, 2017 07:46

Now, I have Hilton, delta gold, spg personal, spg business, blue cash preferred and blue for business. 6 credit card from Amex.

HB (@guest_359334)
February 23, 2017 22:49

25,000 MR points from a no-fee Amex card is always a great deal. Today I received the 25,000 MR offer on Google Chrome incognito for the Amex Everyday card for $2,000 spend in first three months. Normal offer on that card is 10,000 MR and the improved offer that normally shows up on incognito is for 15,000 MR, so I jumped on the offer tonight and was approved immediately. First time I have had this card, and it’s my 5th Amex credit card right now, also confirming that maximum number of Amex credit cards at one time has increased to 5 as others have previously reported.

Jan W
Jan W (@guest_360216)
February 25, 2017 13:28

Where/how can I get the 25,000 MR after $2000? Also, is there a better offer on the Everyday Preferred? Thanks.

Red (@guest_359215)
February 23, 2017 19:22

Annual relationship bonus makes it better than the Everyday for non-bonused spend. But worth it to keep both, no AFs for the pair and the Everyday unlocks the MR transfer partners.

Abey (@guest_359176)
February 23, 2017 18:55

The timing for this card is off with the SPG business 35K offer.

MH (@guest_359366)
February 23, 2017 23:47

It’s not off for everybody.

I got the SPG Business last March to make 5 Amex CCs, I got the Blue for Business two days ago under the last offer, closing my BCP after they phoned me to tell me 5 was limit. I knew that but wanted to see what they would say.

Brendan (@guest_359165)
February 23, 2017 18:34

Is this under the 2/90 rule?

Robert (@guest_359242)
February 23, 2017 19:48

Whats the 2/90 Rule?


JP (@guest_359153)
February 23, 2017 18:22

Will they match points for people who got in other offer? I guess what is the probability?