[NJ Only] Switch To Energy Plus For Three Months And Receive Up To 25,000 United Miles

The Offer

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  • Switch to Energy Plus for a minimum of three months and you’ll receive:
    • 20,000 United MileagePlus miles
    • 25,000 United MileagePlus miles if you are a MileagePlus credit cardmember
  • You’ll also earn United MileagePlus miles at the following rate when you pay your EnergyPlus bill:
    • 2x miles
    • 3x miles if you are a MileagePlus credit cardmember
  • You’ll also earn an additional 2,500 miles if you add your gas account as well (this also earns at the same rate above)

The Fine Print

  • For the first three months you’ll receive a special promotional rate which is 5% lower than your  local utility company’s supply rate in effect on 10/1/14
  • Offer on valid for first time customers, previous or existing customers are not eligible
  • Bonus will be awarded after two months service with Energy Plus
  • No cancellation fees

Our Verdict

If something seems to be good to true, it usually is. People report that after the first three months (sometimes the fourth month is also competitive) rates skyrocket and are 2x what is usually charged. It might be possible to sign up, wait two months get your miles and then cancel – but is it worth the risk? Personally I don’t think it is. I’d recommend reading the following blog posts (and comments) to get a better idea of the true risk you’re taking by signing up for this offer.

Hat tip to FatWalletFinance

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My wife did this 2 yrs ago a did receive full 25k miles. Cancelled it after 3rd month. That’s how long it took. You have pressure them though on 2nd month. I wanted to try in my name but the offer is for NJ only.


the link is for NJ residents. click and the state will show NJ pre selected. Couldn’t do it for IL resident