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Published on August 12th, 2017 | by William Charles


No, Barclaycard Hasn’t Introduced A New 24 Month Rule

Yesterday Points With A Crew posted an article titled ‘Uh oh? Just declined for a Barclaycard card for “Too many cards opened in the last 24 months”‘ and there was some speculation that Barclaycard might have implemented a new rule similar to Chase’s 5/24 rule that would auto deny you if you’d opened too many accounts in the last 24 months. Barclaycard hasn’t introduced a new rule and this is something Barclaycard has been doing for some time (denying people with too many new cards in the last 24 months).

The reason that 24 months is somewhat significant is that inquiries for new credit stay on your credit report for a period of two years (or 24 months) so it’s easy for card issuers to look at this number (interestingly Chase bases their rule on the number of accounts opened within the past 24 months rather than the number of hard inquiries). Barclaycard doesn’t have a hard limit on how many cards/inquiries you can have had in the past 24 months and this denial reason definitely isn’t new.

It’s also important to remember that Barclaycard pulls your TransUnion credit report  in most cases and depending on where you live and what cards you apply for this is likely to be the least used credit bureau and therefore a denial due to excessive inquiries is less likely (this is one of the reasons that Chase looks at accounts opened rather than inquiries as new accounts will appear on all three credit bureaus whereas inquiries will only appear on the credit bureaus where a report was pulled).

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  1. AL says:

    I am at somewhere around 20/24. I applied for the wyndham card this week and was approved. Also, 3 months ago I got an arrival+. In addition, my TransUnion is at 7/24 inquiry.

    So…I definitely concur that there is nothing new here.

  2. Julie says:

    I’m confused as to why you are confident this isn’t new? You imply that Barclays only looks at inquiries not opened accounts (hence the Transunion benefit), but the denial letter shown in the linked article clearly states ” too many bank cards opened in the past 24 months”. More than one person had corroborating DPs in the article’s comments as well.

    • DSP says:

      “You imply that Barclays only looks at inquiries not opened accounts”

      Your reading comprehension is lacking. The post says this:

      “Barclaycard hasn’t introduced a new rule and this is something Barclaycard has been doing for some time (denying people with too many new cards in the last 24 months).”

      Please re-read.

    • I’m confident it isn’t new because it’s been happening for a long time. Just because there are DP’s of it happening doesn’t mean it’s new.

      • AL says:

        I think this is more of Barclays being *quirky* with applications and people are reading too much into it. This issuer is really hit or miss with a lot of people. I make sure to put decent spend on thier cards before I close it out and they have always welcomed me back. I churn an arrival+ about once a year

    • zalmy says:

      I’ve gotten this before, for someone who wasn’t 5/24. Also, I got a Barclays card less than a month ago and I’m lol/24

  3. Jack says:

    I also got declined recently for this same note. I called reconsideration and they looked at my report, saw that I opened 3 separate cards in the last three months and declined

  4. mjs says:

    Looks like the recent “pattern” is this may just be hitting the Arrive+ card and not the co-brand cards.

    Wife and I applied last week for a Wyndham and really had no business getting approved (LOL/24, plenty of other Barclays cards applied for and closed over last year), yet wife was instantly approved, and I was approved after about 4 days.

  5. Tom says:

    Same experience, wyndham yes and 8 months later arrival no

  6. Abey says:

    This post is well said.
    I was denied a Chase AARP for having too many new accounts. (19/24)
    And ye my Experian has 41 Inquires, Trans Union 8 and Equifex 6. So since i know Barclays JB will pull TU i might have a chance.
    Also Barclays is looking if you put spend on their cards. As you can read here more and #14

  7. Dave P says:

    Chase pulls Transunion for me every single time. Maybe it’s a Michigan thing, but my Transunion pulls are way higher than my Equifax. It’s a little frustrating when so many writers online indicate that Transunion is the least used for hard pulls. Simply not true, at least in my experience.

    • AL says:

      The same issuer will use different credit reports in different parts of the country. In the Northeast many people get hit hard on Experian. There is a pretty useful credit pull database on if your trying to “even out” your pulls on different credit reports, this may help as you can search by issuer and state. There is only so much you can do though if chase, Citi and amex are hitting you on the same one.

      • Abey says:

        Well said. I live in NY and all my inquiries for Chase, Amex, TD, FNBO and US bank are on Experian.
        My Citi is split between Experian and Equifax.
        And my BOA is split between Experian and TU.
        All my Barclays is on TU aside from 1 Inquiry on Experian.

    • Really depends on the area, in some areas they are TU heavy but that’s an exception to the rule.

    • Steven says:

      I’m in Wisconsin and with Chase they always pull Experian AND TransUnion for me. Have 3 cards and so far haven’t been denied but it’s interesting to hear of the different pulls depending on where you live. Maybe someday someone will win a Nobel Prize in Economics when they figure out how Chase decides which bureau to pull for which person lol

      • Ryan says:

        I’m from WI originally, and it seemed to be very TU-heavy there. CA is very EX leaning, but for my last couple of apps Chase has pulled EX and EQ both. Barclaycard pulled TU for the approval, but I’ve seen them SP the other 2 for account reviews.

    • Electroman says:

      I’m in Wisconsin, and almost all of my pulls are on TU. All local CUs etc pull there, US Bank, Wells Fargo, etc. The only banks that stay away from TU here are AMEX and Citi, both of which pull EXP. Chase, those bastadges, pull TU *and* EXP for any inquiry of mine. I’d love for someboady to pull EQ – it hasn’t had a pull in years.

      • Steven says:

        I got Discover in April, I’m in Wisconsin and they only pulled EQ. Maybe Look into a Discover Card with 10% back catagories the first year. Great card.

  8. Harman says:

    I was just denied today for too many new accounts in the last *12 months*. Didn’t bother trying to HUCA with recon given Barclaycard’s reputation.

    I only began churning last September, so that is probably why I didn’t get the 24 month language. Either way, it is annoying and was a waste of a pull (even if it was just TU).

    • Ryan says:

      I’ve ready on a couple of other discussion boards that Barclay can be VERY sensitive to new accounts. If they were a person, I’d think they had severe jealousy issues 🙂 I’ve been fortunate (knock on wood) that in the year I’ve had my Arrival+ I’ve opened a couple of new cards, an overdraft LOC, and a new lease and they haven’t given me the dreaded CL slash yet.

  9. Mj says:

    I’m on my 3rd Hawaiian in 2.5 years. Just got the 3rd bonus

  10. Peter S says:

    In Chicago, Chase, BOA and Barclay use Transunion.

  11. Steven says:

    I just got approved for the Barclays Arrival this morning and I’m 8/6 and had no problem. And yes that’s 8 cards in the last 6 months. 3 Chase, 2 AMEX, Discover, CITI, and some stupid gas card. I’m sure what helped me is they pulled TU and I only had 2 pulls on TU from Chase in the last 24 months although they could clearly see my new account spree. No, they don’t have a new limit lol

  12. Sexy_Kitten7 says:

    There is a typo: “a denial due to excessive *accounts* is less likely” should say HPs.

  13. Renee says:

    Denied for Arrival today even after recon. Only reason according to them, too many new accounts in 24 months. (Only 2 hard inquiries on TU)
    I’m 7/24 and my most recent card was in April? 771 score.
    I’m bummed out. Feeling rejected 😫

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