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Published on February 17th, 2017 | by Chuck


Now Live: BBVA 5% Cash Back Everywhere

The BBVA NBA card 5% promo is now live.

The 5% offer 12:01 EST today (2/17) until 11:59 PST on Sunday (2/19). You can get the 5% rate on up to $5,000 of purchases.

Please read our previous post for tips and warnings:

Let’s hope there aren’t fraud alert issues this time around. Way back it was a huge issue, but I think last time they fixed it so hoping for good experience this time as well.

30 Responses to Now Live: BBVA 5% Cash Back Everywhere

  1. Jeff says:

    Could you please add a link for the application? I did not find it in the old posts. Thanks a lot!

  2. Aahz says:

    Hadn’t used my NBA card since October and it sailed through a $750+ Raise order without a fraud alert at 12:01am. Pending authorization is showing with 2/17 date

  3. Jake P says:

    DP: Haven’t touched my card in months. When I called the CSR to mention a $5k purchase at the grocery store, they said no problem–since it’s all star weekend. I had them authorize anyways, and it went through no problem.

  4. AB says:

    I haven’t filed my taxes t, and they’ll probably owe me a few dollars. Can I prepay $5k towards this year’s 2016 taxes (not estimated for 2017) and collect it all as a refund next month?

    • jason says:

      AB, yes you can

      • Eric says:

        Isn’t that going to look very suspicious to the IRS? I don’t think it’s a good idea.

        • calwatch says:

          Not really. I’ve done it before. Besides, you shouldn’t be cheating on your taxes anyway.

          • Eric says:

            I’m confused by your comment. What I meant was I would think the IRS is going to wonder why you would suddenly pay $5K only to claim it as a refund a month later. What did I say have to do with cheating on your taxes?

          • calwatch says:

            Many people file 4868’s and overpay in order to get their refund as I Bonds, to get $5,000 more out of the limit. If you are thinking it will increase your audit risk, it might, but that’s up to you since no one knows what the magic algorithms are that increase audit risk.

  5. Mr. PTM says:

    So far so good with two Plastiq transactions for $1,800 and $3,200. As a precaution, I groomed the card with a $10 Starbucks reload last night.

  6. stampman says:

    This card also has cashback offers for additional savings. The offers are limited, but it is possible to save a few dollars. These are separate from AMEX Sync deals and have to be loaded from your account. I’ve saved a little money using the restaurant deals. They are called Simply cash offers on the BBVA website.

  7. JP says:

    does everyone still have non-chip card? they haven’t replaced mine and I haven’t asked to be replaced. most if not all CC companies have replaced their cards by now.

    • Jon says:

      I called a couple of days ago and asked about the chip card. I was told that first batch of 100,000 chip cards would be shipped over the next week. When you will receive yours would depend on how often you’ve used your card. If you routinely use it, you are likely to receive the chip card earlier. But they don’t wait until your expiration date to send a new chip card to you.

      • Adam says:

        Interesting, I just got off the phone w a BBVA NBA CSR who told me the exact opposite. I know you gotta take their word w a grain of salt but I mentioned to him that it was odd this card still doesn’t have a chip – and he said: yeah it’ll be replaced/upgraded when your current card expires & a new one is sent over. That timeframe is about a year and a half way at this point.

        To me this just screams how cheap this bank is in all reality if they won’t even send out chip cards when the law changed. I figure they’re ok w taking on fraud risk & weighed it against sending out new cards into their decision matrix.

        • Atricus says:

          I email them in January and told them my card is falling apart cant barely use it on the cc machines and they sent me a new chip one.

  8. lumangoy says:

    I forgot how I used my rewards last year, can it be used to pay the current balance?

    Some cards don’t allow it.

  9. John says:

    DP: I just ‘discovered’ after calling BBVA that ALL transactions at Sam’s and Costco do NOT receive the 5x points–only one point. According to the CSR, see the T&Cs.

  10. Charles Chang says:

    Anybody saw the bonus points? all I see is 1pts/$

  11. JP says:

    I think we should wait few more days. It takes times to convert 1x into 5x points. IIRC it took around 7 days last time. I am not giving up hope just yet.

  12. chris says:

    Got 1x as well here for all 3 of my charges. Bad idea to pay taxes with it I guess

  13. Alienviking says:

    Got the 5X credit for Saturday and Sunday purchases. Friday purchases still showing 1X. Will give it a few more days to see if the Friday purchases convert.

  14. Aahz says:

    With the BBVA Compass NBA cards 5x points from All-star weekend posting don’t forget that BBVA won’t give you statement credit for the “change” portion of your redemption.
    So, if you cash out 23500 points or 23599 or 23501 points all will equal a flat $235 statement credit. But those last two decimal places of points will still be used.

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