Posted by Miles Whip on April 13, 2015

Published on April 13th, 2015 | by Miles Whip


Offers Bot Suspended – Permanently

Offers Bot is Shutdown


It seems that Offers Bot, which was a great tool to sync Amex offers automatically with multiple accounts has been shutdown by twitter. This was a great tool that helped to cut time and effort in syncing offers before most people even knew they were available. Also since Amex Offers has limited participants this helped people sync offers before the offer reached its maximum enrollment. Seeing a tool like this go is a bit saddening, but now it is time to revert to other methods.

Other Ways to Automate Amex Offers

In our previous review of OffersBot here we also mentioned other methods to “automate” syncing Amex offers.

  • Wandering Amamean SyncAssist tool which allows syncing for 1 account for free and multiple account for $15 a year. It does seem the SyncAssist can at times miss out on offers, while OffersBot did offer a more robust search method to find more deals quickly.
  • Automating with Tweetdeck via FrequentMiler which was one of the better guides on how to best set up your twitter accounts to best sync when offers became available. But this is by no means “automated” like OffersBot, it takes your effort the find deals when available.


The service provided by Kevin Rose and the team at OffersBot will be missed. I have saved dozens of offers via their service and a couple hundred dollars. I believe that twitter shutting them down is a permanent action as stated on their twitter account. Hopefully someone comes out with a similar service in the near future that can abide by twitter and their strict rules.

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RIP! Really loved this little helper. Is there any hint why they were shut down? Is it illegal to automatically sign up for offers listed on Twitter?


It was a great convenience but I did feel a little guilty when I found myself signed up for offers I’d never use, perhaps preventing others from getting offers they would use. I imagine Amex didn’t like it; maybe they pressured Twitter?

I guess it’s back to Tweetdeck for me.


I find it interesting that Sync Assist by WA hasn’t been shut down, while Offers Bot has. I guess because Offers Bot is free it has tons of users and Twitter caught on, while Sync Assist is flying under the radar.

William Charles

I think they use different methods of finding the offers, maybe Sync Assist doesn’t use Twitter API?


No doubt the offer bot was going to be an issue. It indiscriminately signed up for all available offers. Amex probably threw a fit and brought it to twitters attention. In mean time it’d just be nice if there was some automated service that simply notified people of new amex offers ut detects via twitter so they don’t miss them.


is there any way to get auatomically emailed or something new amex offers when they come up? that way we can add to twitterdeck asap.


add Amex to your regular Twitter feed?


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