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Published on July 31st, 2016 | by Chuck


Office Depot Sells $200 ‘Dining Anywhere’ Visa Gift Cards for $204.95

Via travelingwellforless, Office Depot now sells a new kind of Visa gift card called the Dining Anywhere gift card. It comes in a $200 denomination with a $4.95 activation fee, a bit of savings over the standard $6.95 fee.

Use your Dining Everywhere Visa® Gift Card for restaurants and bars, everywhere Visa debit is accepted, even online.

It’s mainly meant for using at dining locations, but as of now, it’s an ordinary PIN-enabled Visa gift card which works anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. (Didn’t work for travelingwellforless on Bluebird, for some reason, but worked everywhere else as debit.)

[Update: A few readers say that it’s not working everywhere, whether with a PIN or without one.]


The card is issued by Metabank, and the default PIN is the last 4-digits of the card number.

The card can be found at some Office Depot locations, and the system there allows payment with credit card. Although a brief ‘Only cash purchases allowed’ message does pop up, the system allows credit card payment, without any sort of override. (Note that if you buy $1,000 or more at a time, your driver’s license, date of birth, and address are required.)

Let us know if you this Dining Anywhere card at Office Max or anywhere else in the wild.

Like everything, this probably won’t last forever. They might stop allowing credit card payment. They might increase the fees. Or they might limit its usage to dining only, similar to what happened to those home improvement cards. Use it while you can, just make sure to unload quickly since they might be able to limit its acceptance to dining-only.

It’s also worth noting that these Dining Anywhere Visa gift cards are variable-load $20-$200, versus the standard fixed-value $200 cards. We usually want the highest denomination, but I’m sure the variable-load option will be useful sometime, someplace.

Hat tip to Milestomemories where I first learned about this.

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Title just needs to be edited

Can these be unloaded at Walmart?

they sell these in StopandShop also. But with the fee and using a 6% Amex BC Preferred, still not worth it.

Very true. Nothing will compare to using a 5% or higher cc reward to buy 500s for what this 200 cost, but maybe someone who already maxes out their better rewards cards couldturn to this to gain some UR points. But, for those looking to liquidate please realize it’s not as easy liquidating small denom cards compared to larger ones like 500s. In fact, most feel it’s too time consuming and also it looks bad when trying to liquidate a lot of these small cards to certain cashiers. Best to know the cashier before trying multiples of these, if these even work at your local store. Terms warn this card may not work in all locations including some dining establishments. As always test the waters carefully or youcould get stuck.

Can we just let this stuff exist on the lesser blogs or are we trying to kill it? If the latter, you don’t need to say anything, just keep the post up.

(What are you adding?)


He’s informing his readers of something good, can’t blame him for that. Not everybody reads the “lesser blogs”

I agree, but most blogs don’t rely on ms methods like the lttle people do since their sites make money in other ways. They also feel an obligation to their readers as if without their reports/reblogs no one would ever know about xyz, and clearly some would not. Of course, some of us go to stores regularly on our own always with eyes open. Before I read any blogs this week about this card I already had my mind on this chain and figuring if it was worth more attention compared to my other, easier methods. You’ll never be able to discourage most bloggers from killing a deal, it’s in their nature to out it as fast as possible and as wide spread as possible. Personally, the demand for these is nothing great because liquidation is more limited compared to some avenues. Plus, many don’t have an office supply 5% category card, which is the only way this would make any sense. After figuring fees, liquidation fees, and cc rewards it’s more like having a 2% rewards card. People tend to get too excited about their 5% office supply category card, but don’t properly subtract all the fees and any liquidation costs. If you aren’t alreafy maxing all other 5% grocery category cards in your possession then you shouldn’t waste time with this one.this just isn’t that big. Now, an instant discount on $300 in vgc at OM would be big. They haven’t had a promo like that since late 2015.

is this eligible for MO purchase

Picked up one of these from Office Depot as a test case. The phone tree is definitely the standard metabank one, but I’ve been having issues liquidating-two separate MO locations told me that the transaction was declined, even after phone pin changes. I’ll try a test debit purchase later after setting the pin online.

Could just be a bad VGC; had this happen before with Metabank where a grocery story VGC would only run as credit. I don’t think these guards are necessarily a bad deal if you have a 5% office supply option (less $/point to the Staples $300’s and no need to wait for shipment), so hopefully my liquidation issue is an isolated incident

My local OM carries similar $200 VGC ($204.95 /each) called Style Anywhere issued by Meta Bank. I picked up two to test in Walmart and Grocery stores. It does not work. I called Customer Service and was told this only works at department stores, fashion or shoe stores based on merchant MCC. I doubt the Dining Anywhere would work at grocery and Walmart for MO. Do we have more DP to support this?

Just got declined for an Amazon reload, so I’m becoming less hopeful that this will work at USPS

Stay Away. The Dining Everywhere and Style Everywhere are not working as intended for MS. Both cards denied amazon gc reload and other online tests. Doubtful they will work for MOs.

Tried card at a variety of merchants today, only went through at a sand which shop. Looks like at least some of these cards work like they say on the package- food purchases only. Gonna be a pita to liquidate organically once it is down to a few bucks.

Dining cards got denied for paying bills online and other online attempts so it really is dining only.

The original blogger showed a picture of MO purchase of below $50 – does she ever know about even Vanilla card could be liquidated below $49.99 at WalMart because the amount is so small, therefore the PIN is not needed?

Hope no one get stuck with these cards which more and more DPs show that they only work at intended places AND even so, they do not work at all intended places as the package gives clear warning.

A blogger has no clue and then thinks she finds a gold mine… and the blog got spread like wild fire…

Chuck, suggest next time on things like this, either has a big warning up front or better yet, use some logic to deduce why she does not need to use a PIN at WalMart for that tiny amount MO… Then you might not even reblog this piece.

Bought one above $50 as a test case. I had an “Authorization Failure” at the Post office. My local Safeway (Reston, VA) takes cash only for a MO. Just for grins, I asked at a 7-11 (no, they only take cash as well). CVS, Rite Aid, cash only. I will try Walmart later today, but it’s a bit of a hike to get there.

Not looking so good to liquidate

I was finally able to unload the style everywhere and dining everywhere cards by using discount gift cards on

Not too back unloading there where otherwise only 1x anyways. Still not good options to buy anymore though!

thanks for that idea. I will try unloading some style cards at I would not have tried there – interesting that it worked.

Edit 1: *buy discount gift cards*
Edit 2: *not too bad*

I tried buying 185.00 bestbuy printable gcs at giftardzen and got transaction declined. Tried several cards.

what did you buy?

what could I be doing wrong?


I bought Sprouts Farmers Market gift cards with both, Dining and Style Everywhere cards.

Thanks for this tip. I got stuck with some style cards and was at least able to liquidate to Amazon. To Linda, try registering your cards at giftcardmall with a zip code and then going back to GCZ. Mine didn’t work until they were registered.

Can this kind of vgc load serve onevip?

I have heard somebody have purchased MO with this vgc in USPS store

Big thx to RT for the GCZ idea!!…I was about to revert to plan C until I read his post. The takeaway for everyone interested in this thread is to stay far, far, FAR away from StyleEverywhere and only go with Dining or GasEverywhere if you truly want to use the cards via traditional spend in those categories (again, for us here, not a spectacular use of time or spend).

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