Posted by William Charles on November 2, 2018
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Published on November 2nd, 2018 | by William Charles


Purchase $200 Mastercard Giftcard At Bed Bath & Beyond & Get $25 Bed Bath & Beyond Giftcard Rebate (Limit Of 2, Starts 11/23)

IMPORTANT: Please note that this deal doesn’t start until November 23rd, 2018!

The Offer

Direct link to offer (search Visa (Blackhawk) – note this isn’t loaded in yet

  • Purchase a $200 Mastercard Giftcard at Bed Bath & Beyond and receive a $25 Bed Bath & Beyond Giftcard when you complete the rebate form

The Fine Print

More info here

  • Offer valid from November 23rd – 26th
  • Limit of two per household
  • Postmark by 12/26/2018

Our Verdict

Often the same deal is available at other BB&B brands as well, not sure if this is the case this time as well or not. Comenity Bank offers a Bed Bath & Beyond card that offers 5% back on purchases at the store, but these promotions are not frequent enough to seriously consider such a card (usually only offered in October, November & December).

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Ebates has an in-store offer for another 2% cash back at BBB as well. I don’t know what the percentage back will be when this goes live… John 3:16

It should be 4 or 6 by then – Ebates often does double cash back around holidays. However, many cards with BBB now report extra info, and will prevent Ebates from paying out on gift card purchases.

Nice offer, last year it was also offered this rebate. Even better if they get rid of the purchase fee and last year.

I still have several bb&b gc’s from last years rebates. Can I use them to buy mcgc’s?

Sears, Target, JCPenney, Walmart are. The definition is that the store sells clothes, appliances (fridge, freezer, TV etc). BBB is probably not.

Stack this with citi divident 5% cashback in department store

Bed Bath & Beyond isn’t a department store. It’s never been classified as one with Chase or Amex so probably not with Citi.

Is there a list of other gift cards that can be purchased besides MasterCard?

Anyone had success liquidating these MC GCs via Plastiq recently?

Yes I have been able to with no problem!

I used them through masterpass

How do you use masterpass?

I haven’t had any issues with MGC at Plastiq for rent or student loans. VGC has been a no-go for the last several months.

Is the $200 Mastercard Giftcard a generic card that can be used wherever, or can it only be used at bb&b?

It’s generic.

Hoping for an Amex offer to be released again before this goes live! Then again, my BBB refuses to let me split tender 8 ways anymore. 🙁

That select home furnishings offer for Amex (spend $75, get $10 back) includes Bed Bath & Beyond.

Would it be possible to pay with “happy” GCs?

I believe so . I just bought $200×2 MGC via Happy Kid yesterday at bbb.

Awesome! And thanks for the DP, Madison.

Did the happy card(s) auto-drain?

What’s the fee on the mastercards?

My “Happy” gift cards did not auto-drain at BB&B and caused me to be unable to complete my purchase. At a different BB&B, I did buy a $200 VGC a couple weeks ago by asking the cashier to split payment with my Happy cards. That worked, but it wasn’t easy (she got the manager involved who fortunately approved the transaction. This time, I tried to auto-drain and it failed. We got a manager involved, and she seemed inclined to allow me to split payment, but for some reason they couldn’t get it to work. Bottomline, it’s a difficult transaction to buy a GC at BB&B with multiple Happy cards.

May i ask what is a happy card? Is it a different version of visa gift card? Haven’t been able to keep up with the reading here for over a month due to family emergency.

A word of caution about using Happy cards. I bought 2x$200 vgcs with a Happy card. I found out that a purchase over a certain amount requires a manager override. I am guessing if I had only bought 1 vgc it would not have required an override. So I swiped my card and the purchase goes through no problem, everything is going great. Then the manager standing there asked to see the card and my license. Unfortunately I was not prepared to do a slight of hand with a bank debit card. So I handed my license and the card over. He looked at it confused and said, “this isn’t a credit card. I have never seen a card like this. You are not leaving with these gift cards.” I said, “The transaction was already approved.” His exact response was “I don’t give a shit.” There was a customer nearby that heard him say this. Then he said, “I’m calling the cops.” I said, “good, call them.” (I kept all of the receipts and was not doing anything wrong so I could care less if he called the police). Then I pointed out that on the front of the card it says the cashier should run the card as credit. Then he went into his office for 5 minutes doing something (probably checking the balance history of the Happy card). When he came back he handed the vgcs to me and apologized. He said, “there has been a lot of gift card fraud at this location.” I said, “It’s not a problem.” I think he was nervous that I would file a complaint against him. If I do buy any more vgcs in the future it will be 1 per transaction.

This deal came late or I would’ve been very “happy”

Can you buy 2 gc’s in the same transaction and get a 50 dollar BBB gc or do you have to purchase them separately?

The best part is Safeway has 8x points on Happy GC. You should be able to buy one and load with exactly $206.95 which will earn 1656 fuel points and then you can load the happy GC in ebates and further earn 2/4/6% back depending on what is in effect Nov 23.

Safeway sells variable Happy cards?

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