Quick Hit: Category 2 NYC Hyatt With Suites Available & $300 R/T To Europe

There are two deals currently available that I think are worth mentioning. Normally I’d leave them to the recap tomorrow, but I doubt they will still be available. I’m not going to rehash what other bloggers have already written, so read these posts instead:

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Of course EU flights are cheaper now that electronics have been banned in the cabin. You know, because terrorists couldn’t possibly route through another country into the US…

Kathy (will run for miles)

Residential Real estate in Long Island City has exceeded prices on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It is a desirable place to live and yes, it’s up and coming. I booked a bunch of Points and cash stays there for 2018 in the event I want to requalify for Hyatt status. I love staycations.


I would not necessarily assume that Hyatt pricing is a mistake. The hotel is apparently in Long Island City — aka, Queens, NY. It is not in Manhattan — what most tourists think of as “New York.” Over the past decade, there have been a lot of affordable chain motels built in Long Island City. I have stayed in a few for under $100. It’s very easy to access Midtown Manhattan from LIC via subway, so it’s a good option if you don’t want to spend a lot of points or cash. Cat. 2 seems about right to me for a Hyatt Place there. Certainly an attractive redemption, but not a breathless drop-everything deal.



Up and coming neighborhood in Queens, but Cat 2 sounds about right.


LIC itself is still a great area with lots of bars and restaurants and a brand new waterfront park. And you’re in Times Square with a 5 minute subway ride. Definitely a great deal.