Posted by William Charles on April 17, 2014
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Published on April 17th, 2014 | by William Charles


Quizzle, Credit Karma “No Plans To Introduce Free Identity Theft Insurance”

A few days ago Credit Sesame announced that users would have access to free identity theft insurance on an opt in basis.  Yesterday Saving Advice confirmed that Credit Karma currently has no plans to introduce identity theft insurance. We decided to send Quizzle an e-mail to see if they have any plans to offer this type of identity theft insurance in the near future to further compete with Credit Sesame. Here is their response:

quizzle identity theft insurance

It’s disappointing to see that Quizzle will not be offering free identity theft insurance. I’ve been extremely critical of this type of insurance in the past, mostly because of what it doesn’t cover (e.g funds stolen via identity theft) but when companies begin offering it freely it presents great value to consumers.

It’s also surprising to see that they won’t be offering this given that the SECURE act was recently introduced to the Senate which if passed will give consumers free access to their credit score when they pull their credit reports via

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One Response to Quizzle, Credit Karma “No Plans To Introduce Free Identity Theft Insurance”

  1. Timothy says:

    Eh, it would be nice if Credit Karma offered this, but I don’t think they really have to, especially just because Credit Sesame decided to implement it. It seems weird that just because these guys decided to offer something, everyone turns to their competitors and starts bothering them about offering the same thing.

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