Posted by William Charles on June 15, 2017

Published on June 15th, 2017 | by William Charles


Recap: $1 Bus Tickets, Living In Doha, Trick For IHG Elite Status & More


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If you need less than 25,000 then you’d be getting >2 IHG per UR, which isn’t insanely bad. Since you get 25k IHG points when you hit Spire.

Other than that, not much of a play there.

Taken to the extreme, if you need 1k to hit Spire you’d be getting 26 IHG pts per UR!

Qatar “situation” likely to ease further now… “President” Mattis just ignored DT with a massive arms sale to Qatar. VP (*tic) Tillerson has also been quite the contrarian…. seems Mattis & Tillerson didn’t get the Saudi/UAE memo about Qatar being the root of all terror. Likely to add further (downward) pressure on energy prices…. More “bad” news.

The Value Traveler
The Value Traveler

has nothing to do with terror ; Qatar is the largest supplier of LNG in the region….and the Saudis are broke. They want in. This all happened right after Trumps meeting with the Saudis. The whole terror sham is a veil to hide the real motivation….money.

>Not a big fan of purchasing multiple $1 tickets that you don’t know you’ll use as it makes the tickets more expensive for everybody else.


Also, I despise Megabus. For the route between Boston and New York I recommend Lucky Star with tickets that are often $5 or $8 booked on the day.

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