Recap: Uber Promos, Changes To AA, Citi Spending Bonuses, Targeted eBay Promo & More


  • Alaska Mileage Plan Going Revenue Based? by Single Flyer. There was a bit of a scare yesterday, thankfully Single Flyer was all over it and this change simply isn’t true. Glad to see that Alaska was so quick to shut this error down.
  • Ebay Promo, $10 Off $50 (Targeted) by Danny Deal Guru. Seems to be highly targeted. Let us know if it works for you in the comments.
  • Citi have sent out targeted spending offers on their cards, keep an eye out for yours. Also remember you can call in and ask for a retention offer as well via reader Elizabeth K.

citi aa offer

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Mark Zhang
Mark Zhang

I tried that eBay code and it was so interesting.. I fill the cart with several items with a sum of $63 or so and entered the code (all on my phone app). The grey screen showed the -$10.00 (I even managed to make a screen capture) while it was saying ‘updating’, but when it finished updating, the grey -$10.00 was removed. Then it went back to the original amount and no error message occurred at all!