Posted by William Charles on November 13, 2017

Published on November 13th, 2017 | by William Charles


Recap: 5+ Expensive Nights From One Bonus, Equifax Not Sure If They Are Encrypting Data & More


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Good read on the Best Western, but are they really trying to act like “SUB” is a commonly used acronym for sign up bonus?

when this promo was released, I and 2 family members applied for various BW cards and every single one of them was shot down. There should be a mandatory warning with everything that has FNBO. They hard.

Updated my post. Appreciate the DP.

Thx DoC for the link!

Equifax fiasco is the exact reason why I hate one political party in the Congress so much.

Yea they really screwed up passing that Dodd Frank


ya feel me jay?

*nods knowingly*

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