Posted by William Charles on June 1, 2018

Published on June 1st, 2018 | by William Charles


Recap: AA Lawsuit, $5 Radisson Rooms & More

  • MoviePass Parent Company Acquiring Emmett Furla Oasis Films (EXCLUSIVE) by Variety. I guess this is the acquisition they were hinting about? I don’t really know how MoviePass or Sinemia plan to survive long term at this stage but will be interesting to see.
  • New Class Action Lawsuit Over Airfare Pricing by View From The Wing. I couldn’t disagree with Gary more. I’ve seen airlines price something at say $197, then you get to the payment stage and the price goes to $297. So you decide to look for another flight and start over, then the airline is still advertising the flight at $197 even though it’s already corrected that fare on check out. I don’t think anybody is saying that American Airlines should be sued because the booking experience is bad, but you can’t advertise a price that doesn’t exist regardless off how hard IT is. It’s hard to comment on the specifics of this case and I won’t but there has definitely been booking instances where I think companies have been engaging in intentionally deceptive practices.


Deals expiring at the end of today (view the full deal calendar here):

Deals expiring at end of tomorrow:

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Jonathan S
Jonathan S

Re: AA class action suit related to price changes

I don’t experience this frequently when booking flights for cash, though I notice this frequently when booking Delta award flights. I’ll click on a link that says 35,000 miles, but then the next page (which takes about a minute to load) may show a much higher price. In fairness, sometimes it works in my favor, too (a higher price will drop to a lower price on the next page). I’ve spoken to Delta reps over the phone, and they’ve said they will honor screen shots of the lower price, though I’ve never taken advantage of the screen shot method.


Data point: Called June 14th 3pm CDT. Eventually got through after 28 redials (3:07pm) . Wife got through after 50 redials (3:15pm). We each got a $99 cert. Came to $113 with tax. I asked how many certs there were. There were 30 $5 and 30 $99 certs.

A room advance purchase standard member rate is approx $185-$225 including tax depending on the dates and if 2 queen or single king bed.

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