Posted by William Charles on February 11, 2019

Published on February 11th, 2019 | by William Charles


Recap: Expedia & United Stand Down, 100k Hilton Points For Military & More


Deals expiring at the end of today or starting today (view the full deal calendar here):

Deals expiring at end of tomorrow:

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Ouch, wonder how that would effect Chase/United/Expedia ecosphere. Since Chase user’s Expedia for it’s back end and also issues United cards (exclusively).

Suprised if Chase didn’t have a dog in this fight, wonder if Micheal Vick does (haha). I digress – granted UAs website is better for finding seats if you hold the Chase card, so granted the UR portal is not always you best value.


The military Hilton article is very oversimplified. I applaud the author for getting the information out there and creating awareness, but he missed a lot of key points.

– For starters, to me, transitioning military makes it sound to only apply to those who recently left or preparing to leave the military. No such time restriction is in place, per my contact with my state POC.

Plus, per my state rep, “Individual must be a veteran, transitioning service member, national guard or reservist, or the SPOUSE of a veteran or active duty service member”. That’s a huge deal and should have been mentioned, because often the military spouse has had to move from job to job because of being in a military family.

Now for the hoops that you must jump through, as it’s not just a handout –

Individual must be a resident of the state

Individual must be registered as a job seeker with your state employment commission

Individual must have job search activity scheduled. Points will not be awarded for an anticipated or potential future need, but only for a confirmed event

Location of job search activity must be far enough from your current place of residence to require a hotel stay

Must provide confirmation of event/interview that you are attending, including time and location

Qualifying Job Search Activities:

– Job interview
– Training/Testing for a new position (not regular mandatory training for a position currently held)
– Skills upgrading to be more competitive in your job search
– Housing Search for a new position you have accepted that requires re-location

This is based on what information I received from my state rep – very possible different states have different requirements. If your state is not listed on the article, I suggest contacting a listed nearby state POC and ask for your state POC. Overall, a very cool program to help those military VETERANS and military SPOUSES who are looking for work.

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