Posted by William Charles on September 18, 2017

Published on September 18th, 2017 | by William Charles


Recap: FTC Probes Equifax, Moviepass + Theater Rewards Programs & More


9 Responses to Recap: FTC Probes Equifax, Moviepass + Theater Rewards Programs & More

  1. Credit says:

    There are more Equifaxes out there. This what happens when people vote for the business friendly party. Lax regulation and oversight.

    • Ferris says:

      Both parties are bribed with tons of money. Lobbying should be illegal, especially from corporations – this is the real cause of the issue. All the tech companies are liberal dominated and yet still spend tons of money lobbying for more profits.

    • Glenn says:

      Look I’m as liberal as they come but this is a stupid comment. Equifax had lax security before this year. They didn’t just suddenly stop paying for upgrades when Trump got elected. They were always bad at security. You might argue they’ll suffer less for the breach with a conservative party in power, but otherwise it probably had little to do with this.

  2. Evan says:

    You never had to log in your Twitter account to get the referral link with Chase.

  3. TPdL says:

    I can second the moviepass + theater rewards program stacking. I’ve been a subscriber to that damn company since 2012; it’s been through so many ups and downs. The $9.95 price-point seems last ditch, but i’ll hang on to the bitter end. I might have a movie problem.

  4. Jo Vo says:

    With the recent Equifax issue putting more focus on identity theft, do you take any additional steps to safeguard your savings/investments besides 2 step verification that a lot of financial websites offer? Even having accounts with different mutual fund companies doesn’t seem to alleviate much risk when it seems that only Vanguard and Fidelity offer any type of “reimbursement” if funds are wiped out by unauthorized access. And even then, the way their policies are written doesn’t give me any comfort that they would actually make me whole if someone hacked my account. Where is a secure place to invest?

    • Elmer says:

      Put your savings in a bitcoin account based in North Korea. They don’t seem to be hacking/raiding accounts in their own country.

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