Posted by William Charles on July 17, 2017
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Published on July 17th, 2017 | by William Charles


Recap: Travelex, Star Wars Hotel & More


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Higher payouts for drivers mean higher fares for riders mean fewer rides mean fewer drivers. Careful what you wish for


RE: Immersive Star Wars Hotel

I am very skeptical. Amazing idea, but execution will be nerfed and warped into something boring and sustainable for the public that will be 100 degrees off the original “disney” path.

Who knows what exactly they have in mind here, but if they are super serious about “immersion” with guests who have their own story line, this set up would require the public to role play as well and go along with the story line. Would be awesome for people who enjoy LARPing (Live Action Role Playing). LARPs take cosplay to the next generation. Many dont even know that its a thing, but they are super serious.

So as soon as I heard about this from Disney, I immediately thought about the target audience. 99% wont play along and just enjoy the “environment” which is how all themed park guests do. They take in the scenery and enjoy their vacation. I am not sure how exactly they plan to execute this concept or if its just going to be a “normal” themed hotel. TBD.


btw, if the technology comes out for WestWorld, Total Recall, and Inception, im staying away from that crap. too dangerous.

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