Posted by Chuck on July 17, 2017

Published on July 17th, 2017 | by Chuck


Reminder: Use the Old Amex Interface to Check your Amex Offers

Direct Link to old Amex interface

We’ve written about the problems that the new Amex credit card interface has. The biggest issue is that on the new interface an offer saved on multiple cards in the login disappears after being used on one card. This is not because it won’t work on the other cards. It’s just a function of the new interface.

Use the old Amex interface, especially when checking your Amex Offers. A lot of people might like other things about the old interface better as well. Actually, the new interface got a bit better since I last wrote on the topic, but the old one is still better overall, in my opinion. Another option is to use the mobile app.

Note, the new interface works fine to SAVE the offers. It’s only when referencing the offers after they were saved that you’ll want to be using the old interface specifically.

Direct Link to old Amex interface

I’d thought most people were aware of this already, but time and again we’re bumping into comments, Tweets, and forum messages by people stumped with what’s going on with their Amex Offers, so it’s was worth a reminder.


25 Responses to Reminder: Use the Old Amex Interface to Check your Amex Offers

  1. Brian C says:

    Worried for when they finally take this down 🙁

    • Atricus says:

      You can also use the mobile app to check the offers

      • Chuck says:

        Good point, I’ll add that.

        • Brian C says:

          ya but you can’t do the multiple add from the app! that’s what i’m afraid of losing

          If we lose access to the old site, do you know of another method to add offers to all cards, like boxed, which i added to all 7 of to my cards.

          • James says:

            I have every single card by itself in a separate login.

          • Steve F says:

            You can still add the offer to multiple cards by opening a new tab for each card even with the new interface. The problem is that the new interface stops showing the added offer AFTER it is redeemed on one card. The offer is still there available to use on all the cards, it is just no longer visible in the new interface.

  2. Randy says:

    Now I’m confused – because I’m using the old interface but having no problems loading multiple cards. I AM opening completely different browsers.

  3. Paul says:

    How do you multi-tab the old interface?

    • Chuck says:

      Same as with the new interface.

      Anyway, the old interface works for SAVING the offer. The issue is viewing it later. I’ll clarify the post.

      • Paul says:

        Got it to work but the previous method of creating a new tab by clicking on the “Home” icon on the website no longer works as it launches the new interface.

        • Chuck says:

          Ah, yeah, unless you login to each one separately. I guess it makes sense to SAVE using the new interface and view using the old one.

  4. jnrfalcon says:

    Or app

  5. Corridor says:

    I am using the new interface and I believe I am able to add offers to multiple cards. I just copy and past the link to different tabs and the open the offers for each card and then add the offer. I was able to add the Marriott offer to multiple cards this way?

    • Chuck says:

      The issue is viewing the offers AFTER they are saved. New interface should work fine to save the offers (and sometimes will work fine to view the offers too).

      I’ve clarified this in the post.

  6. fathiss says:

    Thanks! I would have thrown away one of my $10 Walmart offers had I not seen this.

  7. James says:

    It’s a bit of a hassle, but I went ahead and created separate online counts for each card when I first noticed this after the updated website. I only have 4 cards, so it isn’t that big of a deal for me.

  8. Adam says:

    This brings tears to my eyes. So beautiful. I missed thee so.

  9. Joe says:

    I just compared my three accounts across both interfaces. No problems at all. Same available offers, and “my saved” offers were all there.

  10. kt says:

    on the new site just keep sending the page feedback telling them how inconvenience the new interface is, hopefully they will make changes.

  11. Parkerthon says:

    I’ve had no problems registering. In fact doing so on multiple cards with browser tabbing is less clicks now I find. So the problem is the offers don’t appear registered to allthe cards after you have enrolled?

    • Chuck says:

      The main (only?) problem is that after using one card, it sometimes (always?) disappears from the other cards, even though it’s still fully registered on those card.

  12. Dave C says:

    Now all my cards on new site show 0 available and 0 added to card.

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