[Expired]Rite Aid: Get $8 Plenti when Purchasing $50 in Gift Cards to Best Buy, JCP, Sephora & More

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The Offer

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Rite Aid is offering a number of Plenti gift card deals:

  • Buy $50 in Best Buy gift cards and get 800 Plenti points (worth $8); limit 2
  • Buy $50 in Sephora or JCPenney gift cards and get 800 Plenti points (worth $8); limit 2
  • Buy $25 in Domino’s or Fandango gift cards and get 500 Plenti points (worth $5); limit 2
  • Buy $25 in The Cheesecake Factory gift cards and get 500 Plenti points (worth $5); limit 2

You can even buy the limit-2 in a single transaction on a single card. For example, if I’d buy in a single transaction a $100 denomination Best Buy gift card + a $100 denomination Sephora gift card + a $50 denomination Domino’s gift card + a $50 denomination Cheesecake gift card, I’d get $52 in Plenti.

The Fine Print

  • Valid 11/12/17 – 11/18-17

Our Verdict

A lot of people don’t bother with Plenti deals, for those with an Exxon/Mobil nearby these deals can be a nice win. Best Buy will easily be the most popular – a 16% discount on Best Buy is excellent. I don’t find it worth going out of my way to get these, but if I were in a Rite Aid I’d go for the Best Buy and Sephora.

Hat tip to SD

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Debi (@guest_515060)
November 14, 2017 10:57

Correct me if I’m wrong but Best Buy sells gift cards right? Buy $200 of Best Buy GCs then go to Best Buy and if no items tickle your fancy you can get $200 worth of GCs in something you’ll more likely use.

Kent (@guest_517815)
November 17, 2017 12:39

I don’t think Best Buy allows you to buy GCs with a GC.

Lantean (@guest_514493)
November 13, 2017 10:59

Best Buy is a rip off even after factoring Plenti points.
Bets Buy is the most expensive electronics retailer. Their sale prices are often higher than regular prices elsewhere.

Frank (@guest_514507)
November 13, 2017 11:15

That means you don’t know how to play the game. Best Buy has price match and beyond that you can 5-10% off as a reward certificate with the right status and payment method.

Alex (@guest_514545)
November 13, 2017 12:15

2nd this

Price matching plus the 10% off via Amex offers (or 5% cb with a dividend card or the us bank card that allows you to choose electronic stores) plus their reward system (including gamers club), plus shopkicks plus portal payouts so many opportunities to stack at Best Buy

Peter (@guest_514551)
November 13, 2017 12:29

As mentioned by Frank, just have them price match. Make sure you signup for the rewards program. I’ve found they are often the best prices on movies in their weekly ads and have the best cell phone deals. Best Buy will usually discount the price of the phone itself on device payment plans whereas other stores and Verizon direct will provide the discount via 24 monthly credits. The monthly credits require you keep the same phone for 2 years because the credits stop when you pay off the device payment plan. Best Buy’s promotion type also saves you money on taxes charged since the device price is discounted directly.