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Published on April 4th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] Safeway: $15 off Two $100 Visas & $10 Off Two $50 Visas [Von’s, Randall’s, Albertson’s, Tom Thumb, Acme]

This offer has expired, click here to view current Safeway offers.

The Offer

Direct Link to offer (login required)

  • Check your Just4U for two Visa coupons:
    • $15 off when you purchase two $100 cards ($5.95 activation fee)
    • $10 off when you purchase two $50 cards ($4.95 activation fee)

The Fine Print

  • Expires 4/17/2018
  • Limit one per household
  • Terms exclude variable load cards

Our Verdict

Fees really eat into the profits here, but if you use a card that earns at a high rate on grocery store purchases then the $100 cards in particular should still be worth doing. Keep in mind that both the Discover it and Chase Freedom cards earn 5% on grocery store purchases this quarter. Looks like variable loads are specifically excluded this time so I doubt they will work.

Hat tip to @ChurnTx

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Easy pass. A formerly good deal has morphed into a nuisance.

What is the activation fee for a $100 Visa? $50 Visa? $5.95 and $4.95? Anyone know for sure? If it is $5.95 for the $100 cards. still a $15.81 MM if you use a 6% cash back card and buy 2 $100 Visas.

Its net gain of $3.10 on the $100s and $0.10 on the $50s at POS. Dollar per dollar, the 2x $100 is better bang than OD/OM’s $15 off $300+, but liquidation becomes more tedious with smaller increments. And no bonus, it looks like these do not earn fuel points.

Yes, just did it — $5.95 for $100, $4.95 for $50

The Value Traveler
The Value Traveler

Do we know for a fact they wont work?


I bought a $500 variable VGC at Safeway today and I didn’t get any rebate. So, no, they don’t work.

you only bought one….

Does Safeway/Albertsons/Tom Thumb exclude Visa gifts cards from earning gas rewards? It seems that they say they exclude them in the terms, but I wanted to verify if this is true in practice.

fixed value and five back do earn fuel points

Last Dec. style everywhere/dinning everywhere did earn points. But in March, I got 0 points:-(

visa gift cards are excluded from points.

Do these work for the current promotion?

I just bought both the $100 and $50 fixed VGCs, at Albertsons, and did not receive any reward points.

They used to earn fuel points. But now they don’t.

Erika Hamilton

This offer used to work for the $500 gift cards, even though it said $100. Do we know if this is still the case? I don’t remember if it used to say “varriable” cards excluded.

Variable has always been excluded in the language specifically.
The real difference this time is “2 cards.” They might have changed the software for this and affected the variable eligibility.

Safeway will be my first stop today after dropping my son off to school.

Maybe 2 $500 VGCs will work?

The good thing is you can see the discount before you buy the cards. So should be easy to generate the data point. Please let us know.

Erika Hamilton

It does not work with $500 variable gift cards. It does work with $100 gift cards.

Which style of $500 did you try?

Erika Hamilton

I tried the variable ones in the black packaging issued by metabank
(which have worked in the past)– so it is possible it works with the set $500 amount?

bummer, excited in the past when seeing safeway offered vgc deal, but not this time

Don’t they also have $200 fixed ones? Anyone tried whether those would work?! The $100 and $50 cards would be quite a nuisance to liquidate; burned one place doing that last year.

However, my guess with them doing the two separate 100 and 50 denom promotions at the same time is that they probably fixed their systems to do proper accounting this time… Or not!

DP: As expected, deal did not work for 2 $500 variable Metabank VGCs. Needed to buy these anyway for min spend on an Amex card.

Be careful with Amex and gift cards, even those purchased from grocery stores, to meet any min spend. It seems, they’re very aggressive about clawing back bonuses and shutting down people’s accounts.

excluding organic spend, how does one meet the large MSR nowadays when bank funding, in-store OD/OM, mall or online GCM &GC purchase no longer counts; anyone has suggestion / tip would help here

As I noted, buying VGCs at grocery stores (and then liquidating via MO) has been working for me.

Have their been DPs about OD/OM not counting?

Plastiq is a good option.. Paying tax can be work as well. Obviously the bonus should be good enough to offset the fee.

Have you seen any DPs about clawbacks resulting from GCs purchased at grocery stores? I haven’t. Simon Mall seems to be a problem, and possibly GCM and as well, but I’ve had no problem with grocery stores.

im curious about this too – hoping that grocery stores may be the last GC option still available for this.


They didn’t claw back, they just rejected my Hilton HHonors signup bonus for safeway VGCs.

How did they know you bought a GC?. Does Safeway send L3 data or did you tell them you bought a GC or was the amount very predictable like 505.95, etc.

I have BCP as purchases at vons does not give details but stater bros and cvs does show detail. It’s not itemized.

wow, so none of hilton pts associated with those purchases posted?

On my Hilton card, I had tom thumb, kroger VGC and I got my bonus.

When was this done? I just checked and I had few Tom thumb VGC on my card and I got my bonus.

i love still reading comments about pple wanting to fuck with amex on obv GC routes. go right ahead cowboy…

so do u currently or recently have a few amex cards to meet msr? if so, what’s ur suggestion for low-cost ms that still work other than gc? instead of criticism, may be better with some contribution

Look at it this way. Since this quarter’s bonus is grocery stores for Freedom and Discover, you can buy these get 5% back and then use them other places to effectively be getting 5% back anywhere. This is still a great deal. If you are gonna pay $7 for the $500’s anyway. Might as well buy these also for a negative $3 and don’t worry about liquidating them.

fee for $500 variable is still $5.95, right?

Is there a data point that discover 5% grocery cash back works with Safeway? I know it doesn’t work with Fred Meyer.

Another factor to consider is the offset of the activation fees with the potential fuel points earned.

I purchased both the $100 and $50 VGCs and did not earn any fuel points this morning.

YMMV. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Explored this for awhile a few weeks ago and the research showed that sometimes specific card packaging triggers the fuel pts (ie the $100 card in the black package worked but gold didn’t). Not sure why, just saying what has been reported.

I hate the new and updated ACME app. Guess must be the same for other family apps as well. Very slow and cumbersome sort order. Anyway, i was able to do the deal without issues. As expected, no gas rewards printed on receipt. I thought the fixed value VGC’s still got the gas points. Used discover for the Q2 5%

bummer, this offer or system fix this time around is bad (fixed amt & 0 fuel pt) comparing to that of other chains’ like S&S or Giant; unfortunately none of those stores in the area

still, buy 10 of $100 & make $15; matter of considerably more time consuming & effort

Got 2×100 with the 6% BCP, for ~$14 profit. It’s becoming a giant PIA to find a Albertson-owned grocery store willing to sell GC using CC payments. One won’t even allow Apple Pay for VG purchase.

This could be a bad deal for many out there but for me is a great deal, here is why:

3 x $500 = $1500 – 2 x $100 = $200

VGC Fees: $14.75
MO: $1.76
Total Fees: $16.51

Using my 5% CC gain will be – $69.23
Using SPG will be 1715 SP at ~ 1 cpp

I already have $2 discount (expiring on April 30) and $2 (expiring on May 31) from the Kroger deal couple of weeks ago so gas on this one in a “i don’t care”, also i used some of the Lowe’s spend $50 get $10 back Amex’s offers to buy Kroger GCs so there is a $10 gain there when i need gas (i do the 35 gal every time i go), i understand that many don’t MS and doing this from your bed is priceless but for me doing this will take me no more than 30 mins, Safeway and WM are crossing the street, and the $16.51 fee is like paying for a haircut if i decided to go for the SPG route, because i cut my hair myself i’m still winning with this deal.

lol, will do… slow & steady for folks that don’t have a few to meet msr

I have some trouble following your “math” but I believe you base this off $500 variable load cards. Those are excluded and it has been reported that the terms are enforced.

3 VGCs x $500 + 2 VGCs x $200
VGC: $1700
Fees: $29.75
Discount: $15
Total: $1714.75

so 200 VGCs worked?

Can you confirm whether $200 VGCs worked for the $15 discount?

Sorry for the confusion, here what i did and it worked: 3 VGCs x $500 + 2 VGCs x $100, don’t know if the $200 works for the $15 discount.

Did the 2x 100VGCs at Safeway, they asked for an ID, which was a little uncalled for. Paid 196.90$, didn’t earn any gas points

Does Amex get level 3 data from Safeway?

I don’t see the offer in my JustForYou account. Am I the only one?

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