Posted by William Charles on May 26, 2018

Published on May 26th, 2018 | by William Charles


Samsung Pay: 12,500 Points ($50) For Pre-Approval Quilification (No Hard Pull)

The Offer

No direct link  (to get the promotion to show, open the app, click promotions, click better mortgage, click learn more)

  • Samsung Pay is offering 12,500 points (now worth $50) when you complete a pre-approval qualification for ‘better mortgage’. This includes entering name, address, SSN, income etc.

The Fine Print

  • Must be looking for a house in one of the following states to be eligible: az, ca, co, ct, dc, fl, ga, il, nj, nc, or, pa, tx, wa, you can select one of those states even if that isn’t where you currently live

Our Verdict

To get the 12,500 points you need to get to the stage of receiving the pre-qualification e-mail. As I said before there is no hard pull done and you get more points if you go further through the process. Should take about 5-30 minutes for the points to post to your account. I’d expect some a lot of calls regarding mortgages if you do this deal, but might be worth it for some people.

Hat tip to Slickdeals

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The Value Traveler
The Value Traveler

Bank of America did something similar back in 2010 I recall. Good thing is no hard pull, and easy $50. Thx DoC

Any way to do this on an iPhone?

Step 1 smash your iPhone with a hammer.
Step 2 go get yourself a Samsung.
You can thank me later.


I’m really more of a renter at SoCal cap rates, and not actively seeking to become an out of state landlord either.

But I can do this just in case I find the deal of a lifetime on a house and that qualifies as “looking?” Or no, need proof?

Any details on how you prove you’re looking?

Thanks!. Worked for me. These Samsung rewards cards are such a PITA though. You have to use them at a point-of-sale location (not online; you never see the account #), which is inconvenient for me.

What can I get for 12,500 points? Gc?

$50 Samsung rewards visa which gets added to Samsung pay. Other gift cards are also available.

You can use them for amazon gc if you prefer that

Is this separate from normal mortgage pre-approvals? I just closed on a house last month and there was definitely hp’s form all 3 bureau’s for my pre-approval.

Thanks Doc! Easy 🙂

Found this site a month ago and have been hooked ever since.

Just did this offer and the points posted within 5 mins. There was one small issue where the site crashed(?) and I had to enter the soft pull info twice. But otherwise, it was an easy $50. I was looking around for mortgages anyway so I figured there was no hurt.

Awesome website and community. Much thanks!

Thanks. Worked for me)

Worked for me and got the points instantly after email arrived. Thanks Doc!


Doesn’t work with Transunion frozen

Thanks! FindingMyPossible I wonder if you can do with a Temp freeze lift. I might try later tonight, try to update if succcesful

Points posted almost immediately

To save anyone else the agony and frustration I went through using my card (stupid pin issues) if you have a costco membership, go to from your galaxy device that has Spay + visa checkout and use the rewards card to buy a $50 costco cash card.

Thanks! @tobago_88
The Spay idea is great idea also could be used at, Newegg and a few other online places that take it.

As to the Phone calls open a Google Voice, connect to landline or mobile, setup screening, you can block calls and numbers, then on DoNotDisturb for certain days times.

Google voice is awesome, I have Voicemails I can still download from 2005 or 2006 before Google bought them they were Grand central.

Glad this is a holiday weekend, take sometime for it to get shut down, hopefully it’s not SSN sensitive, have multiple S-pay accounts

Just use a fake phone # and get the points. No hassle.

Thanks Doc! Used my old address & phone# since I didn’t want to get spammed and still got pre-approved. Got 12500 points instantly!

Also, you don’t have to verify your e-mail when Better Mortgage sends you the e-mail but you still get points.

Did Samsung get rid of $5 referral code? Can’t find it anywhere…

Just did this offer. Thanks DOC!

Tim I was wondering the same thing, as my youngest got a handme down S8, and has been earning Bixby points (under 18 so might no have been targeted in Spay email welcome).

In my search “IAMNEW” was the last active Generic (1/2018 reddit), But also saw “HEALTH” and one or two others unknown if active, I did see on u/tweettranscriberbot posting a personal referral code for S-Pay (but your still limited to $200 in referrals). I don’t have time to look for my TOS from last year when I signed up to see if it had a fixed offer period. Current referral promo does it runs 3/15/18 ~ 6/30/18 i’m not sure if it is just for the “new S-pay” users to be referred and to refer.

I’ll try to follow up have a new Samsung IMIE I can try.

IAMNEW still works. I just did it.

TatyG Did you get a personal Referral code to use after you used that one?

I used that code June 2017 with a new S8 and new to S-Pay, The referral code might be in the App or the e-mail you used to sign up for S-pay.

I found an email that had this text – I just can’t remember how I sent it to my inbox.

“New to #SamsungPay? Enter my code “123ABC” before your 1st purchase to get $5 in rewards” – Not actual code.


No, I didn’t. Checked my email but didn’t see any. Found the generic code REWARD in the app.

TatyG It might be under promotions submenu three dots top right – may see a promotion refer friends for $5…. or might show in the side scrolling Promotions at the top of the app – you might have a personal referral code listed there. Also have you added a debit or credit card (and confirmed with bank/banking app login) and/or used in store?

The three dots have notices, promotions, enter promo code, settings and help. I searched the app but not a sign of the $5 referral code, although there is a place to enter someones referral code which means they still issue them. I added two credit cards but didn’t make any purchases yet.

can we do this offer multiple times on the same phone?

james I’m Not sure if it is tied to the SIM card (i.e. Phone Number) or the IMEI# (Phone). I do know that it is tied to the e-mail. I’ll try to update when I find out.

I add two new lines and have two new S9+ and a S3 Gear watch (S-Pay on non-Samsung phone- BTW on Sale @ Costco $239 (BT Version) S-pay was awesome before the recent devalue.

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