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Samsung Pay: 5%/20% Back Online at Best Buy, Walmart, and eBay

Update: Some people are now seeing 20% back at Walmart. 20% back at Walmart is in very select categories (Clothing/Fashion/Patio & Garden)

Samsung Pay is offering many users 5% cashback on,, and purchases. You need to click through Samsung Pay to get the cash back.

It’s in place of using another portal, but 5% is still a solid portal offer since these merchants portal rates are usually in the 1-2% area. Be sure to check other portal options (currently, it looks like there may be better alternatives for Walmart).

Be aware that standard portal exclusions apply to this offer. Standard Best Buy portal exclusions are: Best Buy Gift Cards, Warranties, Apple Desktops, Apple iPhone Hardware, Apple Watches, All Desktops, All Laptops, All Tablets, All Gaming Hardware & POSA Cards. Check Walmart and eBay for their exclusions as well.

Stack the Best Buy deal with the $30 off $300 Amex Offer deal. 

In November, they ran a 30% cashback deal, and they actually pulled through and paid out on that one, from the reports I’ve read.

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You might want to add to the article that the terms specifically exclude promotional items, meaning anything that’s on sale. This was the case with the 30% promo as well

This isn’t necessarily true. I bought a Samsung 50″ 4k TV that was on sale for about $320, and I still got almost $100 in cashback. But in any case, I’d say YMMV of course


Not true at all, got more than $300 in Cashback and everything was promotional items.

Interesting. My orders didn’t qualify due to the promotional clause. I guess it is ymmv

Cant see 5% ebay, still at 1% for me. Anyone else?

Same, only seeing 1%.

Scroll to your right

I see 20% for Walmart but only for Clothing/Fashion/Patio & Garden

Let me make it clearer.

I have 10% CB for

Can we add chase PAY to samsung PAY through only the GEAR app . My phone is older which doesnt support samsung PAY.

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