Posted by William Charles on September 22, 2017

Published on September 22nd, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired]Samsung Pay: Save 10% On eBay & More

This bonus has expired, never miss a deal by signing up for notifications.

The Offer

No direct link. Find the Gift Cards tab in the Samsung Pay app to get this deal

  • Samsung Pay has again released some gift card deals. They are offering the following:
    • $75 eBay Gift Card for $67.50
    • $50 Domino’s Gift Card for $40

The Fine Print

Our Verdict

You should also be able to trigger the Discover $15 promotion by purchasing a gift card in app. Let me know if there are any other gift cards on sale in the comments.

Hat tip to Danny Deal Guru

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15 Responses to [Expired]Samsung Pay: Save 10% On eBay & More

  1. papercauldron says:

    I think you got the 10% one mixed up. It shows up for eBay not Amazon.

  2. Satellite79 says:

    I think you’ve mixed up eBay gift card for Amazon. Only ebay gift cards are on sale.

  3. king king says:

    ebay 10% for me . Not amazon. Amazon would be helpful for me to buy other third party gift cards

  4. EmergDoc87 says:

    i also see ebay

  5. Harry says:

    Man, you got to be more careful. Just wasted 10 minutes of my time

  6. Mist Soalar says:

    20% off on domino pizza, 10% off on ebay. nothing with amazon 🙁

  7. DrRyan says:

    I have no discounted offer for Amazon. It wont even let you buy more than a $50 amazon card.

  8. Ted says:

    Valid till 10/9

  9. Jtizzle says:

    What are you guys gonna do with the ebay gift cards since we can’t buy third party?

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