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Credit Card Offers

Published on January 24th, 2018 | by William Charles


Stack Two Wells Fargo Business Bonuses For $800 Without Any Hard Pull

Wells Fargo is currently offering two business bonuses that might be of interest to readers:

The problem is that the business platinum card requires you to have had a checking account for 12 months. You can avoid this by going in branch to sign up for the business checking account, while you’re doing this you can ask if you have any pre-approved offers and the $500 Platinum deal should show up. If you apply for the Platinum card then the 12 month checking requirement is waived and they also don’t do any hard pull. If you also haven’t gotten the 40,000 Wells Fargo propel world personal bonus, you can do this at the same time (just keep in mind a hard pull will be done).

Hat tip to reader Blue

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What’s with the one card per 16 month rule?

Personal is one personal per 16. Biz is one business per 12. At least according to the T&C.

Any data points on whether they track the bonus per business (FEIN), or per individual/personal SSN?

If I already opened the business checking recently can I still get the business credit card without hard pull?

As long as you are pre-approved. I did this a few months ago and will write a more extensive comment down below.

I already got the $300 checking bonus last year. So went to branch to see if if i have any pre-approval for this business card- nothing..unless the person looked at the wrong place. Any DP on HP/no HP with just applying the card independently?.

Edit: Can one apply for another business checking bonus with a different line of ‘business’.?.

I’d caution against this, i tried doing this specifically and they pulled for the CC (which I expected). What I didn’t expect for them to do is require business documents i.e from my tax return showing what I earned as my Sole Proprietor. Needless to say I didn’t go through with the application.

That is definitely not the norm with this bonus, based on other datapoints. Very few reports like yours.

This might be state specific. My banker was fine with nothing as long as I made it clear it was a sole proprietorship. He said there would be a lot more documentation required otherwise.

Couldn’t you just say you’re brand new and haven’t filed any tax returns yet?

Had the exact same experience as LC. Wells Fargo wanted very specific tax forms about my sole proprietorship to get the credit card. Had a conditional approval initially before they demanded the paperwork.

I did this exact thing last fall so I hopefully my experience can provide details that are useful to others.

A higher-up regional business banking manager was in town and asked if he could assist the local associate with my account opening. This would have been a bit nerve-wracking if I didn’t have my chase experience to help me frame my “business” as more legitimate. Instead he was able to answer a lot of process-related questions that might help some people here.

While opening the Business Checking, the WF associate let me know that the soft pull from opening the account triggered a pre-approval. I was skeptical that it was a full pre-approval and didn’t want the hard pull. I declined but asked if I change my mind after running some numbers and if I found that I could use the credit to help my “business”.

She said that the pre-approval was valid for two weeks from the time of the soft pull. They assured me it would not be a hard pull but no one could guarantee that it would not report to my personal credit bureaus.

I asked if there were any pre-approvals for personal credit cards. There was one but it was not one that I found worthy of pursuing.

I went back and opened the card. The main points:
– There must have been a reason for a soft pull to trigger a pre-approval
– You must be pre-approved for any of this to apply.
– The pre-approval expires in 14 days
– There is no additional hard pull when you open it
– The business credit card does NOT appear on my personal report

My banker called it a “little pull”, which I thought was kind of cute.

Is that kinda like a poke?!

Nah, a pinch!

I opened the Biz account a few months ago. How does WF handle closing a few month old account to open a new account shortly thereafter?

Went to 3 different branches all asked for document to open the checking.

Which state are you in, Cap’n?


Same experience same state

same here in l.a., CA 2 places

Bummer. I’m in CA and all I brought in with me was the coupon and my ID. I was told I had to register the account under a name referencing my “business” otherwise they wouldn’t be able to open a business account for me. I was very clear that I was opening it up as a sole prop for my small ebay business and they were fine with it.

Yes, the company name is your name, or your legal name must be in the company name. If it’s not THEN you need DBA paperwork.

Wells Fargo seems to be quite incompetent as far as sole proprietorship or at least that was my experience. Didn’t have any issues with Chase.

Maybe this was just my luck, but they’re quite incompetent in general. First, I wasted almost an hour with some girl who was trying to convince me that I should have all the documents I don’t have and can’t have. Her manager was clueless, too, as well as a few people up the chain on the phone. Eventually I left telling her I’m not convinced that what she’s telling me is true and I’ll visit another branch and call Wells Fargo. Five minutes later she called me and said she “escalated” my case and finally found somebody who told her how to do her job.

After wasting another hour with her (because starting the hassle from scratch with somebody else wasn’t worth it), the account was finally open, but with the WRONG CODE! Good thing I always assume 90% of the people are incompetent, so I checked. Then she tells me she can’t give me another printout of the application, but she’ll fix it in the system before submitting it and her manager can vouch for her. Mmmm, no, girlie, you’ll give me some record! Then she goes into some internal editing screen, changes the code and gets to some drop-down stating 10 debit card purchases, instead of 5. Looks like nobody knows what they’re doing there. Ha, I gave up the $200 personal checking bonus because I can’t be bothered with 10 debit card transactions for 3 months each, and now you want to stick me with this…?! She overwrote the terms in some text field and printed the screen, telling me she’s doing me a favor and she’d not supposed to print internal screens for clients. I should feel flattered I got a record because of her mistake! To make the long story short, I do have records and I can raise hell later, but the fact remains – chances are pretty good getting this bonus will be a hassle, too. The story takes place in AZ.

Yep, did exactly this a couple of weeks ago including the Propel World application. Had a personal checking account that had been open for about 4 months.

One nice additional benefit is that the biz account also has 9 months interest free on purchases, so I am using that to fund some other bank account bonuses.

Edit: and big thanks to Doctor of Credit because I stitched al the threads together from earlier posts on the blog.

Edit2: And even sweeter the Propel World HP was for Equifax (Texas)…first credit card HP on that report for me in over two years.

It isn’t specifically mentioned in the post, unless I misunderstood, but did it have to be a business checking account open for 12 months, or could it be a personal account that had been open for 12 months? I ask as I currently have both with them.

Anyone aware if you can call to check pre-approvals? Really kicking myself for not applying last week.

Can not call in; must walk in branch in person … same deal with Chase Bank now.

I’m pissed at them because I’m not getting the $300 bonus for signing up for a simple business checking account last fall. I called and they said oh, that only applied to our other business checking even though the branch guy led me to believe that I would get the bonus.

As always, you gotta read the fine print. I almost did this until I re-read the page I printed out which only had 2 options for accounts.

one more reason to get some more money from them

Can you get pre-approvals over the phone? I don’t have any branch near me.

I should have read all the offers first — business checking offer requires in-branch anyway. I’m going to make the Trek this weekend.

I recently was denied for a cc from WF because I’m not a permanent US resident

To all my temporary immigrant churners, please stay away from WF CC

Aby, how long did you get this turn down? You can call the credit department and ask them to verify the pull. You can say your ss card should have prevented the agent from applying (if you applied in branch that is). I’ve been a good Credit-Tester with them…. and I do think you can remove that pull.

When I click on special offers in the app it takes me to the website and this biz card shows up (still logged in). Does that mean I’m pre-approved?

I opened biz checking account last month, I went to branch to see if I pre-approved for the card, unfortunately no, so I applied it, had a hp on my EX, and now it is pending ) :

I had an old wells fargo business checking account that I had removed myself from last year to be eligible for the checking bonus. (applied as sole prop).

Logged in recently to my account and found a pre-qualified offer which was for 50k points or $500. My choice. I applied and received the card today. No notification from Credit Karma regarding a hard pull thus far and EX is frozen. So seems no pull was done.

Interestingly, the pre-qualified offer was for the original business which I was no longer a signer on. It had the business name hard coded in.

Where did you find the offer once you logged in? I can’t find any offers when I log in and I have personal and biz checking accounts.

It popped up and also appeared in a small box of revolving offers on my account.

Did u online or at the branch? Thanks

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