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Published on August 13th, 2017 | by Chuck


[Expired] Staples: Get $15 Rebate with $300 Mastercard Gift Card Purchase [8/13-8/19]

The Offer

Direct Link

  • Buy $300 in Mastercard gift cards and get a $15 Staples gift card via Staples Easy Rebate

The Fine Print

  • Valid Sunday 8/13 through Saturday 8/19 (starts Sunday)
  • In-store only
  • Limit one rebate per household

Our Verdict

This week (through Saturday 8/12) there’s a similar – but better – deal to get a $20 prepaid rebate with $300 Visa purchase; starting Sunday 8/13, the deal will be for Mastercard gift cards with a $15 Staples rebate. You can do each of these Staples deals once per household.

Learn more about Staples Easy Rebates in this post. As always, be sure to use a credit card that earns bonus points for office supply stores.

A lot of people buy two $200 Mastercard gift cards to rack up more INK points. You can alternatively buy one $200 and one $100 if liquidation is hard/costly for you. Also, check if you were targeted for 10% or 5% back on your Bank of America cards as another payment option.

Hat tip to Tacos

51 Responses to [Expired] Staples: Get $15 Rebate with $300 Mastercard Gift Card Purchase [8/13-8/19]

  1. bob says:

    dang, staples is doing what OM/OD did last year. Just one good bonus deal after another. Too bad they’re all in-store, and i have no stores anywhere near me.

    • Paris says:

      I think ODOM provides better deals. Because they are direct discounts and no limits about quantities you can do per household. 🙂

      • Mike says:

        The ODOM deals are better for those reasons, but they have severely curtailed the number of those deals so far this year

  2. broseph says:

    Please correct:

    – but better – deal to get a $20 prepaid rebate with $300 Visa purchase;

    should read as $15

  3. T says:

    What advantage is there for Staples to promote these deals I wonder? And why do their staff treat people who do buy these gift cards like criminals or at least look at them with suspicious eyes…

  4. Captainsave says:

    $20 staple gc maybe. $15 staples gc nahh not worth the trouble

  5. dan says:

    won’t have much use for staples gc; wish they did back-to-back vgc even for a $15 rebate

    • dan says:

      well, they did have the vgc offer for a $15 rebate last week, but passed / missed out as the rebate wasn’t found online; just saw a dp from others sent to DOC that the rebate was manually corrected & honored

  6. Grr says:

    Not familiar with these MCGCs, are they same as visa ones in terms of turning to MO?

    • paz says:

      It’s reported on Flyertalk that Staples MCGC could be liquidated at most but not all USPS locations. Staples VisaGC (issued by Metabank) can only be used to pay for the MO fee at USPS but not for the MO itself.

  7. rick says:

    Might want to clarify in the post that the rebate is for $15 Staples GC, not a $20 Visa GC rebate like it was for the previous (this week’s) promotion.

    If it was $15 for Visa GC? I’d probably still take the $15. But Staples GC instead of Visa GC isn’t worth it for me personally… I just don’t need much stuff from Staples.

    However, thanks for the post, DoC!

  8. Anse says:

    I think Staples just want to see how many gift cards they will be able to sell with $15 staples gift card versus $20 visa. I will stay away from this kind of deal. If a lot of people purchase $200 MC for $15 rebate, they might reduce from $20. I would recommend to ignore this delay to avoid rebate reduction in future

    • T says:

      Staples gc is just not as good as Visa gc. Demands will drive supply. Don’t buy these so that the message is clear. Give us rebates in the form of $20 Visa gc please

  9. Jeremiah says:

    Don’t feel like MasterCard gift cards are secure enough. They are easily hacked.

  10. DanV says:

    Warning! This is only for MetaBank issued Mastercards. My Staples only sells U.S. Bank issued Mastercards. If you buy U.S. Bank cards the rebate form won’t print because the SKUs don’t match the rebate. (I was able to talk to the manager and he gave me the rebate on the spot, but some managers may not do that).

    • Ruby says:

      Rebate form also didn’t print for me. But on the weekly ad, it says “The Mastercard® Gift Card is issued by U.S. Bank National Association, pursuant to a license from Mastercard® International.”Don’t know what’s going on here…

    • chaseaholic says:

      “Item: 763603
      Valid 8/13/17–8/19/17. Subject to availability. See gift cards for details, terms, conditions and (if applicable) fees. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Product may not be available in all states. The gift cards featured are not sponsors or otherwise affiliated with this company. The Mastercard® Gift Card is issued by U.S. Bank National Association, pursuant to a license from Mastercard® International. Mastercard and the Mastercard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of Mastercard International. Offer valid in store only.”

      Looks like USBank to me. This is from the Staples website & store that whoever posted above.

      I don’t think I’ve seen Staples sell non USB MCGC, personally I’ve never seen any.

      Actually come to think of it I don’t even think I’ve seen non-vanilla Meta MCGC period, where the heck do they sell those? I’ve seen everything else but not that.

      Are you sure you didn’t just miss the rebate start date?

    • fauxblogger says:

      multiple possible problem scenarios here:

      1) Since the US Bank SKUs not not exist in the Rebate_SKU table, this rebate will be held up on the back end until that table is maintained to include the US Bank SKUs or until staples rebate desk manually overrides for each customer calling in.. I am placing a call in to rebate help desk to get the US Bank $200 SKU 193254 added to table. Presumably (?) excluding this sku was an inadvertent oversight. I submitted online using the transaction number at bottom of main POS receipt and won’t know if passed the first approval gate until overnight processing.

      2) SKU 193254 might be part of same SKU family of SKU 192695 (which is in the rebate SKU table)- My store manager said this was true but I don’t buy it.

      3) The Rebate ID 17-20548 is classified as “Mail In Rebate” and not (?) eligible for “Easy Rebate”

      See this 2016 post when the “missing SKU” elements of this problem occurred most recently:

      Of late, Hawk Incentives putting energy into the rebranding at the expense of managing day-to-day promo quality. Makes me wonder if Chase Pay also a client.

  11. Ruby says:

    Also weirdly enough, on the staples easy rebate website, this offer(17-20548) is a mail-in rebate as of now…

  12. Deb says:

    Same here – purchased but no rebate form – ad does state mastercard us bank. Submitted anyway on-line. Time will tell.

  13. SRIKANTH says:

    I bought the gift cards this morning and submitted rebate online with the receipt number under barcode.

    On rebate site it is mentioned that you can submit by mail or online

  14. DT says:

    I purchased (metro ATL) $400 USB MC and rebate did not print.
    However, I was able to submit it online and got message that eligibility will be determined.
    Well, whatever.

  15. Sexy_Kitten7 says:

    Bought some USB this am and rebate receipt did not print! Seems to be another “fake rebate.” Buy first, ask questions later. What a shitshow… lol!/store/2278331/promotion/Staples-170806

  16. Hari says:

    In my apartment I can swipe my debit card to pay rent and there is no fee for debit card ( where as 3% fee for credit card). Can I use these visa / master gift cards to swipe and pay rent??? Will there by any fee???? I am new to buying visa master gift cards.

  17. Darin says:

    As with others, rebate receipt did not print and earlier today when I tried to register online, I got the “eligibility will be determined” message – I stopped there and did not attempt to complete the rebate process. I just plugged in the receipt number to easyrebates again and it now shows a valid rebate offer and allowed me to complete the process online. Sounds like they might have fixed this.

    • Sexy_Kitten7 says:

      My rebates from Sunday still say “Your eligible rebates are still being determined” 🙁

      I suppose best-case scenario is to wait until the system is updated, then the rebates will process without intervention right? The timebar on submitting rebates is 60 days so we can be patient…

      • Albert H says:

        As of Tues the 8/15 i got the same message. I did however was able to proceed to the end. Im not sure if that means it good.

        I did get the rebate printout though. I guess i can send it in as well.

      • Sexy_Kitten7 says:

        Update: All of my rebates are now recognized by the intake system so I submitted. Looks like they updated the SKUs 🙂

  18. Mike says:

    Can confirm that as of 8/15 early evening rebate forms were printing at register. I bought 2 x 200 MC (U.S. Bank).

  19. Hai says:

    Can we buy MO with master gc? I don’t see pin on the master gc

  20. calwatch says:

    Of course this a fraud prone USB card so liquidate ASAP. I bought them a couple days ago to dump to Kiva and I found out that $130 was already gone from the card. I am disputing it through US Bank, and the purchaser bought products from Go Daddy which should be easy to reverse, but it still is a pain.

  21. Jeff says:

    Let me get this straight

    1) only $15 rebate instead of usual $20
    2) staples gift card instead of cash/visa/mc
    3) these are prone to fraud
    4) the rebate system may not recognize the rebate


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