All You Need to Know About Staples Easy Rebates

Staples Easy Rebates

Staples has a rebate system, called the Staples Easy Rebate, which allows us to get rebates on select items purchased from Staples by submitting the rebates online, without the need to mail in any UPC symbols, or anything at all for that matter.

It’s, well…easy. Once your Staples Rebate login is setup, all your personal info (name, address) is prefilled, and it takes minutes to submit a rebate online. It does, however, take a month or two until the rebate comes in the mail.

One of the more popular rebates is $20 back when purchasing $300 in Visa/Mastercard gift cards at Staples; this offer comes up many times over the course of a year. There are many other rebates offered by Staples as well.

Rebate Options

Rebates are commonly issued in two forms. At times, Staples will offer a prepaid Visa card which can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Other times they’ll offer a Staples gift card which can only be used at a Staples store or There used to be a check rebate as well, but we haven’t seen that recently.

The prepaid Visa cards get hit with a $3 monthly fee after the first 6-months, so be sure to use it up before then. On the other hand,  Staples gift cards never expire.

Frequentmiler noted that even when the advertised rebate is for a prepaid Visa, they’ll some times offer a choice to get a Staples gift card rebate (of the same value) instead. Choose this option if you prefer the non-expiring Staples card over the soon-expiring Visa card.

Miscellaneous Facts about Staples Rebates

  • Submit a rebate here. Track a rebate here. Search for a rebate here. Check the balance on your rebate card here.
  • For support, contact Staples Easy Rebates here; there is a chat option and an email option.
  • You usually have 60-days from the purchase date to submit a rebate (purchase date + 59 days).
  • All rebates have a limit per name/address/household. If you can get someone else at a different address to submit it for you, or if they allow you to submit it under their name, it would be possible to double your limits. (More on this in a previous post.)
  • Many rebates have a limit of one. For a rebate that has a limit of more than one, you’ll get one large prepaid card for all the rebates purchased in one order. For example, if you buy three items in one order (online or in-store), and the item has a $20 rebate with a limit of three, you’ll submit one rebate form, and you’ll get a single $60 rebate card for all three rebates combined.
  • All rebates come in the mail, usually within a month or two. Cards come in the mail already active.
  • Rebate offers typically run 7-days, from Sunday – Saturday, and they’ll show up in the weekly ad which can be viewed online at
  • You can choose to submit the rebate online or to mail it in; we recommend the former.
  • For online (or kiosk) orders, you’ll need the following info to submit a rebate: the order number and the delivery zip code. The order number can be found in the confirmation email and on the packing slip that comes with the delivery.
  • For in-store purchases, a special rebate receipt will print out automatically at the register, aside from the regular purchase receipt. To submit the rebate, you’ll need the Easy Rebate ID number, which is a long string of numbers that comes printed on the rebate receipt. From memory, the Rebate ID number can be found on the regular receipt as well, so don’t sweat it if the special Rebate receipt doesn’t print out (happens occasionally). Here’s an additional tip.

How to Liquidate Staples Gift Cards

Rebates that come in the form of a Staples gift card are regular Staples gift cards; they can be used at Staples or, and they don’t expire. When using online, there is a limit of five Staples gift cards that can be applied to each order. In-store, you should be able to do more than that in one checkout.

If you don’t think you’ll need the Staples gift card, consider selling it to a gift card exchange. You can usually yield over 80% of the face value on Staples gift cards though the prices fluctuate. Also, bear in mind that some exchanges (Saveya and Cardpool) won’t accept gift cards with small values. See The Complete Guide to Selling your Unwanted Gift Cards for Cash for more details on selling gift cards.

How to Liquidate Prepaid Visa Cards

The prepaid Visa cards work anywhere Visa is accepted. For online transactions, your mailing address (the address that the card was sent to) is the default billing address. The card also comes with your name printed on the card.

It used to be possible to use the prepaid cards like PIN-enabled debit cards to buy money orders and the like, but this doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

Here are some tips for using up these prepaid cards:

Request a Check

Reader XP1 notes that you can request a check to cash out the prepaid Visa cards – at the cost of $2.50. After receiving the prepaid card, call customer service at 1-866-923-0052 to cancel the card, and you’ll get a mailed check with the card balance minus $2.50.

The fee will amount to a high fee for a $20 prepaid card (more than 10% of its value), and many will prefer other methods. But for a high-dollar prepaid Visa rebate card, this is a great, cheap way of liquidating. You may even be able to get away with one $2.50 fee for liquidating a bunch of prepaid rebate cards or they may not charge any fee at all.

If only all Visa gift cards had a check-liquidation option…

Drain them In-Store

The easiest way to use these up is to spend them down on regular in-store purchases. Many store registers are capable of detecting the balance of the prepaid card, draining it automatically, and leaving the balance to be paid with another payment method. For example, if you’re at a CVS store, and your shopping total amounts to $197.76, swipe the $20 prepaid Visa card first, and the system will use up the $20. The balance of $177.76 can then be paid with another card. You can even use up multiple small prepaid cards, drain them down, and pay the balance with your regular credit card.

The key here is to verify that the register is capable of automatically draining the card – not all registers can do that. Refer to DoC Payments Workshop for info on many stores, which registers auto-drain and which don’t.

Use on has a unique checkout system which allows the use of five Staples Visa prepaid cards as payment for a regular purchase.

(They also have an option to use up one regular Visa prepaid/gift card – not received from a Staples rebate – which means you can actually use up six prepaid cards in one order. Combined, you can use a total of twelve different cards in one checkout on five Staples gift cards, five Staple rebate Visa cards, one prepaid card, and one regular credit card.)

Some people won’t want to use this option since they prefer to use a credit card that gets bonus points at office supply stores.

Drain on Amazon

An old favorite is to drain small balances of prepaid Visa cards on Amazon. Amazon does not place a $1 hold on Visa cards when adding them into the system, and they allow you to buy an e-gift card or do a reload in any amount. So if the prepaid Visa card is $15, you can buy a $15 Amazon e-gift card or do a $15 Amazon reload; the $15 will then be combined with your Amazon balance.

Some people won’t want to use this option since they prefer to use a credit card that gets bonus points on Amazon.

Drain on Insurance or Utilities

Many people have success draining prepaid cards on their insurance or utility bills. Just add each card as a new payment method and enter the payment for the amount that’s on the card. Hopefully, they won’t put a $1 hold on the card, and they’ll just drain it down.

Some utilities earn bonus rewards on certain credit cards, like cell phone bill with INK, and it’s costly to give up those rewards. But health insurance, for example, won’t earn any bonus points on the credit card and is certainly an option to consider.

Any other important things to know about Staples Easy Rebates? We undoubtedly missed something – hit the comments!

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Lucy parsons

I returned some items And they gave me a card instead of my cash back because I lost my receipts, where I live there isn’t a Staples close so does anybody know if you can use it online? I appreciate any feedback.


Cracker Barrel wasn’t able to process the $7.57 balance on my $24.00 Staples easy rebate VISA debit card. The card paid my entire bill of $24.87. There is now a negative balance of -$17.30 on the rebate card. What will happen?


Anybodytry using square or paypal here to cash out the rebate cards? It used to work, but I’m having problem lately trying to cash out recently. Tried both swiping and manual key-in.


Don’t know about the rebate cards but regular visa gift cards can be used to buy money orders at Walmart .. 70 cents fee. All prepaid debit cards must have PIN enabled by law.


Thought all amex serve/bird accounts are closed down for gift card reload and that MO purchases at USPS or WM no longer working for VGCs, how come you are still reloading gift card to buy MOs? Am I missing something? Anyhow, there’s no WM nearby so am I stuck? Anywhere else I can liquidate?


I’m talking about non-reloadable cards.. might be different.


We can not find the link that explains why the current paper ream rebate takes 9-11 weeks. Anyone have it? Also, we asked their online chat what the limit was and never got an answer. We never saw a limit on any of the paperwork. We printed one of the so called coupons, but being PDF we could have printed more. How to find the limits? We’d like in the future to get multiple rebates to donate reams to church, etc. They themselves, their office does not have time or patience for rebates but we would. Thanks.


You can get bigger rebates on . Currently $50 Gift Card by email with a $375 toner order. The rebate doesn’t show on the invoice. You get an email after the order asking you where to send it.


Staples’s rebate plans are nuts. Every purchase I have made at Staples this past year has been fraught with complicated fine print GIMMICKS. Most recent is a Staples DEBIT VISA card with all kinds of fees if the card is not drained right away. I simply elected the Amazon Reload option and drained the card.

I am permanently no longer a Staples customer and will purchase all my future office supply and equipment needs via Amazon.


If I were to purchase one for someone can they get cash back from it on ATM?


Called to get a check for a $399 rebate card, and it never came, the card is frozen and I have called multiple times and chatted, I dont seem to be able to get someone with a quarter of a brain to help me. any ideas?


WHen they say, they can’t issue the check, try asking them politely that when you bought the product (sometimes Jan, which is pre-Feb 1), the T&C was different and that T&C should be honored.


Where exactly do you see whether or not checks are an option? Was it on the rebate offer? I have a $135 card right now that I was hoping to pay $2.50 and get a check for but it appears I’m almost a year late to the party here.