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Published on August 13th, 2017 | by William Charles


Staples Rebate Didn’t Post? This Might Help.

If you tried this before and got denied. Try it again as they seem to be approving people.

Last week we posted about a $20 Visa gift card rebate when you purchased $300 in Visa gift cards at Staples. Problem is that it wasn’t advertised anywhere, wasn’t showing up on the rebate website and was showing some incorrect dates. That being said, the rebate was still being printed on the receipt. Most people that have submitted their rebates have had their claims denied, according to customer service representatives this is because of the invalid dates and the fact it doesn’t register the sales data properly in the system.

That being said some people have had success by doing the following:

  • Calling in and explaining the situation & then
  • Sending an e-mail with a photo of your receipt

One reader was provided the following e-mail address to use: (Note originally we listed, that was missing the S).  the parago domain is owned by Blackhawk) so you should be able to just skip straight to sending that e-mail a photo of your receipt. Goodluck!  If anybody has any other strategies that work, please let us know.

Hat tip to reader AL

46 Responses to Staples Rebate Didn’t Post? This Might Help.

  1. Jerry M says:

    I sent scanned copies of my receipts at this email but then few days later got an email about denial. Not sure what else I should do, they did not provided their phone number.
    Anyone who had success, please shed some light.

  2. Zachary says:

    I also sent to this email, but failed.
    I got this notice:
    Recipient inbox full
    Your message couldn’t be delivered to Their inbox is full, or it’s getting too much mail right now.

    I guess it was so busy!

    • fiveoh says:

      Mine bounced back as well. The chat rep gave me a snail mail address as well. I may try that if the email doesn’t go thru after a few days.

  3. Ray says:

    You took advice from a leeching blog that’s what happens good luck 🙂

  4. nonimmigranth1b says:

    I have sent the receipts as well two days back. haven’t heard anything since then.

  5. quasi8 says:

    You can be sure he didn’t buy any just told his readers to, knowing that the rebate wasn’t valid

  6. JohnFromATL says:

    Anyone who went in on this deal had to recognize that it was at best a 50/50 shot. Right? There were warning signs upon warning signs that this was trouble.

    That said, If I were in this situation, I would no look to Parago to solve my problem. You are not a Parago customer, you are a Staples customer. Parago does not have a vested interest in your satisfaction. Unless Staples tells Paragp to pay you, they will not (Staples is the one who has to provide Parago with the funds to fulfill the rebate!). Staples is the one with the problem and you are a Staples customer so I would suggest you work more on that front, where you have the most leverage.

  7. Steven L says:

    Rebate is definitely not valid. Take it as a loss or redeem Ultimate Rewards for the amount of the fees paid as a statement credit. Example I’ve spent $2400 worth of visa gift cards and paid $83.40 worth of fees. Either redeem 8340 UR to get your money back or redeem 5600 UR via the Chase Portal to get $84 worth of travel only with Sapphire Reserve.

    • Steve says:

      You declare, “Rebate is definitely not valid.” Wow. The Voice of Authority has spoken! Two customer service reps at Staples told me yesterday that the rebate will be honored for anyone who submits a scan of their rebate receipt. But I guess you know better!

    • Alex F says:

      The staples where I purchased my gift cards had a sign on the gift card stand advertising the rebate, the rebate slip printed out, and mine has been submitted successfully. So sorry you’re wrong.

  8. Beechy says:

    FYI – The reason my rebate was not valid is because they processed them under the wrong campaign/rebate code. On the receipt it showed 17-99869 and it was auto processed with #14-13821.
    I called and it is being resubmitted. They gave me a new tracking number and I need to send photo of receipt. Hope this helps.

  9. captainsave says:

    Those who choose email receipt still have a chance! No where on the receipt shows the march date only 7/21/2017-7/28/2017. Just submitted my receipt and hope for the best.

  10. Darren says:

    I submitted a scan of my receipt to the email above and received a response saying Staples had fixed the issue and issued a new tracking number. However, the new tracking number gives an error when I look it up on the Staples Easy Rebate website so it seems the issue has not yet been addressed.

    • Jerry M says:

      I also received new tracking number but shows me error message when I track online. May be it will take some time to update.

  11. Steve says:

    William, a lot of your readers are getting their emails to Parago bounced because you are giving them the wrong address. When you cribbed my post on that other website, you misspelled the address, leaving off the “s” on “Rebates.” The correct address is

  12. calwatch says:

    Got this email on August 3:

    We could not process your rebate.
    Hello XXX,

    We received rebate information for the following product(s):

    Unfortunately, the requirement(s) for the promotion(s) were not met for the following reasons:

    All required products were not submitted

    For more information about your rebate, click here.

    If you believe your rebate was invalidated in error, please call us at 877-266-6483 and we will resubmit your details for you.

    Here is the information you provided with your original submission:

    Rebate offer number:14-13821

    Easy Rebates® ID number/order number: XXX

    Tracking Number: XXX

  13. Captainsave says:

    They wont honor it even sending in a copy of the receipt

  14. eclipsor says:

    got different replies from the same person with Staples saying there was no promotion even with the receipt printing. any suggestions?

  15. atsdump says:

    I received this response of email when I submitted the rebate receipt/

    I apologize for any difficulty this process may have caused you. After doing some research I have verified that the promotion 17-99869 was available on March 2017 and at the moment of your purchase there was not an open promotion for the product purchased. For this reason we are not able to process your rebate. If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us by phone at 1-877-266-6483.

  16. captainsave says:

    Finally got them to honor it after the 2nd time telling them the dates on the receipt clearly states 7/21/2017-7/28/2017. Thats only if you choose email receipt, paper receipt have the march date on it too.

    • T says:

      I’m always weary of email receipt because I have to put in the phone number and the store clerk tells me there’s no reward points associated with gc purchase. I just end up requesting paper receipt. Does email receipt work the same?

  17. eclipsor says:

    After the initial denial response I emailed them again and got them to approve the rebate and send me a check in the mail, got the same response on 3 different submissions so all 3 have been honored

  18. Matthew says:

    This worked for me!

    I am sorry the rebate has not been processed because it was created under the incorrect promotion. However, I am pleased to inform you that I have created a new record under the correct promotion and your rebate is now processing in the amount of $20.00. Please allow up to 15 days from today’s date for your rebate check to be mailed to the following address:


    Please be advised that your check will arrive in a form of a postcard. The check can be cashed at any local financial institution of your choice.

    You will be able to track the status of the rebate by visiting, click on “track a rebate” at the top then click on “mail-in rebates” using your tracking number listed above.

    Thank you for contacting the Staples Rebate Center. Have a great day!

  19. nonimmigranth1b says:

    worked for me too

  20. stacker says:

    I bought rebate copy paper and got a invalid UPC email. I had to chat to get it fixed. There have been problems with about 9 out of 10 rebates this year. Staples rebates used to be reliable and Parago has turned into a scam company unless you follow up.

  21. slomichael says:

    I got my $20 CHECK, not visa

  22. T says:

    2nd try:
    “After further research, your record was reflecting as invalid due to the SKU number not migrating properly from the order details into our records. However, I am pleased to inform you that your rebate has already been moved to the new tracking number listed above for the amount of $20. Please allow up to 15 days from Xx/xx/xxxx to receive your rebate at the following address.

    As the rebate was manually re-submitted, it will come as a check, number ###, and it will be in the form of a postcard. As well, you will need to contact us to track the ship date of your rebate. I do apologize for the inconvenience.”

    Good luck!

  23. Chris says:

    I got my $20 check yesterday.

  24. calwatch says:

    Got a check on August 30, so it is all good.

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