Stop&Shop to Limit Select Gift Card Purchases to $500/Txn (Best Buy, iTunes, Google, Gamestop)

Stop&Shop will introduce to their POS systems a $500 limit per transaction on select retailer gift cards beginning December 2, 2019. The following brands will be affected: Best Buy, iTunes, Google Play, GameStop.

A few notes:

  • The wording on top of the memo (not shown here) “All Stores” indicates these limits will affect all Stop&Shop locations.
  • I’m unsure if Giant and Martin’s will make these limitations as well.
  • Looks like even lower amounts may require manager override.
  • Sounds like each gift card brand gets its own $500 limit.

It’s still possible to check out $500 per transaction, and repeat multiple times, but the implication is that the cashiers are not supposed to allow this, so it’ll be the standard YMMV. Regardless, it’s obviously a pain.

Best Buy, especially, is interesting to a lot of resellers. Other retailers who sell Best Buy gift cards also have these $500 limits as well. Best Buy is worried about Victim Assisted Fraud, according to the memo.

Safeway just added the same $500 limit as well.

Thanks to my friend Jay for tipping me off to this

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Parts Unknown
Parts Unknown

This going to make it more difficult for me to pay the IRS.


It is also enforced in other grocery stores like Safeway. I found it is not per transaction. It is like a period of time per counter.


It’s not fraud if it’s victim assisted. It’s evolution.


I think they meant to say transactions of $200 or more require manager override. As long as I can remember, a manager has had to use a key to override when I buy a $500 Visa or MC gift card. Recently, I’ve been directed to CS to buy them. I was told anything over $200 requires this.