Posted by William Charles on May 23, 2018

Published on May 23rd, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] Subscribe To Wall Street Journal For Two Months For $1 & Get 700-1,000 Miles/$10

This deal has expired, view more Wall Street Journal offers here.

The Offer

The Fine Print

  • Valid until June 7th
  • The trial subscription purchase must remain active (i.e., may not be cancelled) for at least 45 days.
  • There are no refunds of the $1.00 trial subscription fee.
  • If the Member does not cancel the trial subscription by the end of the two or three month trial subscription period, Member’s subscription will automatically convert to a monthly subscription, and Member’s credit card will be charged based on the terms found on the WSJ offer page.
  • Offer is limited to one (1) trial subscription per loyalty account.

Our Verdict

Some things to keep in mind:

Please make sure you set up a reminder to cancel if you don’t actually want the membership. The rates are normal, but the real deal is that the $1 month trial subscription is eligible. This offer comes around on a semi frequent basis. If you don’t have an Acorns account, use Chuck’s link and let’s help him get enough referrals for $1,000.

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Last time I did this, it tracked in AA shopping portal but I never got credited. I went back and forth with them over many many many emails, long story short I received my 1000 points a few days short of a “year”. you read right, a year. now hurry up and sign up lol

whoa. posted in like two weeks for me when i did it last fall

Just a warning, if you use one of those temporary card numbers from Citi to pay the $1 they will call and email and endlessly harass you until you actually cancel with them.


Would you care to elaborate Alex. I am not sure I understand what you mean.


I was just wondering if this would be the easiest way to benefit. Thanks for the info

Hmm wonder if they would recognize a VGC?

Using an empty VGC worked last time with United 1000 for WSJ and Barron’s Southwest 900 points. Didn’t even have to pay $1.

Tried on two browsers – Delta skymiles site crashes when you attempt to click through to WSJ

Why choose DL miles? Least valuable miles and fewest offered

you can do them all

How do you do them all? Do you sign up with the same email address across all portals? Thanks

oh, of course not! different email addresses are required

Already done American

I was wondering if it would be possible to do each portal but then saw that it must be canceled via phone. A few hundred miles is not worth my $1 plus time spent trying to cancel over the phone.


Is this available for users who did this offer in the past(more than a year ago)

I have gotten the second miles bonus after 3 month’s subscription.
So I think it is churnable.

Rajarshi Roychowdhury
Rajarshi Roychowdhury

Will this work if i did it 2 months back for the 1000 United Miles?

same boat. same question

Introductory pricing is only available to households or customers at a business address who have not been subscribers to The Wall Street Journal within the last 180 days.

Hmm, not sure that’s enforced. I signed up for one using already in use info for a business address and it worked

Looks like a great (aka very cheap) way to keep my UA miles from expiring – hope they post in the next 8 weeks. thanks guys!

Using the shopping protall for your next online purchase may be worth considering since those tend to post sooner.

Has anyone tried (with a success) to sign up family members with the same billing address in the past?

I did 3 with the same billing address but different names/shipping address (it worked, got miles, and cancelled).

Thank you!

You must cancel by phone! I called twice and was put on hold more than 5 minutes each time. No way will I hold to cancel. I ended up sending about 10 emails escalating the issue because I was not going to call again. Finally I got a call from a manager that insisted I must call the number to cancel. Keep in mind we are talking on the phone! I argued and he finally cancelled my subscription which he was able to do on the spot. Very good paper with a ridiculous cancellation process in this day.

I’d like to note it’s possible to stretch a WSJ print subscription to last for a very long time to avoid being billed again while still maintaining online access. Simply login to your account online and set it to vacation mode for as long as possible- on vacation your print subscription stops and extends your end date, but you maintain online access.

The $1 deal is for the “all digital access.”

I don’t mind getting an acorns if there is some benefit to this deal, but I don’t see it. Did I miss Something

I did this a couple of months ago and never got credit for the signup either.

One of the best business (and general news) newspapers out there today. WSJ provides unbiased reporting that targets all the political parties. The cancellation process is the sign of the times in this digital age. With so much free news online (paid with advertising of course), the old school print news business is struggling to stay profitable.

WSJ does not give prorated refunds for the month. Thus the customer must call to cancel before the next monthly charge.

Barron’s subscription has a similar promotion currently too – $1 for 8-week trial and same number of miles earned.

are these two different things? can we do both with one airline?

update.. I decided to give it a go.. I’ll report back if I’m able to get both WSJ and Barron points.. worth a shot

Can you do this with a different points system if you’ve recently did this?

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